Chapter seven hundred and ninety-one throb legion strength big bang

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See the devil Chapter seven hundred and ninety-one throb legion strength big bang.
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Except for the thunder, the progress of others is also gratifying [n see? ? ? ? Let’s say that the biggest progress is Lei Hu’s three ghosts.
In the throb, these three people all enjoyed a lot of chaotic sources, and the resources were also open to the public. Although they often went out to sweep the virtual monster beast to accumulate resources, they also accumulated rich breakthrough experience in bloody battles.
First of all, Lei Hu has achieved the peak of the initial stage of the closing ceremony, and the distance from the closing ceremony is just one step away. Although it is directly related to the resources of throb, Lei Hu’s own hard work is also indispensable. In terms of pure strength, it is slightly better than the original Bai Mu.
And ghost thorn and ghost ghost have also advanced to the initial stage of the joint rest, and accumulated a lot of combat experience to become a real master of the scene.
In addition, Zhenyuan is also very lucky to find the long-sealed gold-level war puppet refining data in the memory of the gods because of thunder.
The ghost god has never been interested in mechanical puppets, but this does not prevent him from memorizing these materials. After all, Pluto’s research on puppet art also came from the ghost god.
It’s not unusual for this ghost god to remember this information. Reluctantly, after years of painstaking research on the basis of puppet art, he finally pieced together several gold puppets that had been broken at the beginning, repaired them, and posted many materials in them, and finally worked out two gold-level war puppets.
One statue was naturally relocated to the town, and the other one was transformed into a female puppet by willy in appearance and dyed lovely pink according to the requirements of Meixiangte custom.
It was only after the direct thunder involved the gold puppet that it became clear that the fighting capacity of the gold puppet was actually the same, and the difference in the strength it could exert was the result of its evolution in manipulating the intelligent spirit and fighting itself.
However, the concept of Jing Gu clan is very similar, and it can gradually grow and eventually become an alternative life and be destroyed. The goddess of Jing Gu clan seems to be an intelligent spirit, and it is very likely that she will survive the reincarnation of heaven and earth.
Otherwise, how could the ancient Jing clan explode with such potential and strength in a very short time?
This also makes willy feel that there is no wonder in the world, and at the same time dare not underestimate the spirit of the device. In fact, such spirits as Mei Xiang, Ming Ji and Zhen Ye all have life, so which one? Different from real life?
Although they don’t even have souls, they only have consciousness, but those who have reached the level of throbbing have already realized that consciousness is a life root and its essence.
Moreover, throb has been able to help the spiritual consciousness to take possession of her soul. Mei Xiang chose to be lured to kill the refined virtual level female shura Yuan God to take possession of her.
Yu Mingji means that she likes to stay in hades and likes herself. People who don’t rest and hang out now have their own aspirations and won’t force her.
When Yi Zhen Chang and Mei Xiang stayed in the golden puppet, they couldn’t even play their off-season strength. After repeatedly practicing and adapting and constantly participating in the battle, they gradually improved their puppet fighting capacity. Now they can normally take off the first world war of the strong in the early stage.
The strength of the rest of the Hidden Dragon Army and the Menggui Army has already reached the virtual level, and some of the stronger ones have reached the virtual "I am also Horri-bull" level, and there are many high-ranking ones.
The strongest leaders, Meng Gui Army, Red Ghost Hidden Dragon Army, Situhao and Li Jun, have repeatedly shared some resources with various exploits. Finally, they successfully advanced to the beginning of the closing ceremony. Li Jun was still a latecomer in the hidden dragon army. Finally, they made many feats with their bravery and more feats, and they can naturally practice and accelerate to the end. Li Jun has become the deputy commander of the hidden dragon army.
This is also a living example. Both the Ghost Army and the Hidden Dragon Army are very brave.
In addition, Cang Lan Xian and the Queen of Pain usually help Li Lei to deal with some messy resource takeout in exchange for chaotic crystallization activities. Almost all the rest of the time, they practice with Li Lei in the paradise. To say that resource consumption is high, these two and Li Lei are both consuming a lot.
After the qualifications have changed, the speed of cultivation has also increased with the explosion. After just tens of thousands of years of painstaking cultivation and several resources, they have all become high-level in the off-season. I am afraid that I will be able to break through the shackles and reach the peak if I give them so much.
Before this change, it was simply inconceivable, and thanks to willy, it brought them drastic changes and hopes. Although I knew that willy witchcraft was controlling them, I really did not reject willy from my heart, but I still supported it very much.
Fairy magic and two women are also the most powerful two genera now. These are all throbs directly under the team. Count one throb. I don’t count myself as a fit, and I have reached a full ten.
There are two non-lineal races: the ghost giant and the butterfly man.
Instead of giving them special care, they were asked to go out and plunder all kinds of resources themselves and then pay them into the paradise and paradise training center. The difference is that willy has deducted 70% of their resources.
But even so, it is grateful to the two ethnic groups, because at that time, the ghost god probably had a lot of races, and he liked to study and was not good at managing the holy area, which was a mess for him.
Moreover, barbarians lack chaotic crystals, but willy will give them some chaotic crystals after collecting some powerful souls, and some are more precious than chaotic sources
Chaos crystallization is better, and occasionally some of these resources can be obtained, but the source of chaos is definitely not the ghost giant and butterfly man who can get their hands on the ghost god, who values this resource more than his own life.
Naturally, these barbarians are gradually returning to throb, and they are more and more loyal and respectful to throb, not just because of the wishes ordered by the great ancestor God.
Willy is stingy and skimpy, but the ghost god is even smaller. It is not accurate to say that the ghost god is too poor.
The strength of the ghost giants is not bad. Besides the strength of Yasheng, there are still seven off-season strengths, which are nearly 100 refined virtual levels, while the number of butterfly people is large, with tens of thousands of refined virtual levels, but the refined virtual levels are similar to those of the ghost giants.
However, Butterfly Man is an extreme race, and even during the mating period, its lethality is not strong. However, if it cooperates with the powerful ghost giant, its strength will increase greatly, and even the three-clan Coalition forces are extremely headache. These two races cooperate with each other.
It is this that makes these two races cling to each other. Up to now, they have not been wiped out by the allied forces, and in recent thousands of years, the three big traitors, the Queen of Pain, have been there because of the thunder.
Three-clan alliance has suffered a lot from barbarians in wars.
After the consumption of hand resources, willy can’t come out again, but this time his ambition is a little big, aiming at the whole three-clan Coalition
With the increase of strength, the horizon of throb has naturally changed a lot, especially now that Ma Zhuang himself is a super strong man with a rest period. Naturally, he will no longer be afraid of destroying the magic emperor, but he has faintly regarded them as prey
In the past few years, throb once killed a high-ranking person in the fitting period. With that high-ranking yuan god throb, thousands of chaotic crystals and a chaotic source were directly refined, and his tens of thousands of fortune made throb’s purse really full for a long time.
Time waits for no man. It has been less than 5,000 years since Ji Ziyan gave the deadline, and Leidong must once again acquire a large number of resources enough to support Zhou to practice in the small world for tens of thousands of years in a short time.
His strength to deal with Ji Ziyan should not be a big problem now, but Ji Ziyan is not the only one in the whole demon spirit world, and the finches are not the only ones.
Regardless of other miscellaneous races, many of them are not weak, so I don’t know how many old monsters are alive. That is definitely not something I can deal with now.
Although its own strength has soared, it is still far from the counterattack in the three realms. "I am also Horri-bull." On the contrary, the three-clan Coalition forces have been fighting for barbarians for so many years, and they have a lot of money at hand, especially the three-clan Coalition forces, whose respective bosses are at the peak in the off-season, have gained all kinds of benefits in this long-lasting war.
Willy naturally won’t let go of this piece of fat, but I don’t want to fight a decisive battle with all the troops of the three-clan Coalition, which is purely a way to die.
This is the only way to continue to implement the pre-fishing tactics. The ruins of the ancient clan will seduce those greedy guys a little bit and then ambush them.
This routine has been done very skillfully in recent thousands of years, and a dozen strong people have died in this trap during the off-season.
Sure enough, whether people are evil spirits or demons, they are all greedy. The strong should have enough things to cause them to be greedy. It is only a small display of a baby and an image from the sacred place of Jinggu clan.
Willy and others are easily hooked up with a sum of more than a dozen off-season strong people entering the holy land of the ancient clan of Jing, and then they show their ferocious mouths and trap them in a small room to exterminate them one by one.
A huge amount of resources just fell into the pocket, but this more than a dozen off-season strong Yuan Shen throb did not absorb it, but gave it to Huan Tian Xi Diming Ji.
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Chapter seven hundred and ninety-two san huang
See the devil Chapter seven hundred and ninety-two san huang.
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Although willy is eager for chaotic crystallization and source now, it is still necessary to strengthen its strength in the short term [n look! ! ? Moreover, the ghost king class is also a soul body, which can also be swallowed up and refined into crystals or sources
This willy is also a refined virtual level yuan god in advance, so that ghost Ji tried to refine a strength comparable to that of refined virtual level ghosts. After swallowing it, willy really won no less than that of a refined virtual level strong yuan god.
It is also this that you can rest assured that you will give all the Yuan gods to Ghost Ji for training and offering sacrifices.
Half a year later, throb’s black hand extended to the joint expeditionary force of the three realms again, and it was time to hook more than a dozen strong people in the fit period to extinguish them.
But there are some problems.
At this time, in the holy land of Jinggu clan, throb was just about to rush in with the dense cracks in the hands of more than ten "fat sheep".
The first is the three peaks, the strong, the high inferno, the destruction of the magic emperor Adelo, the white tiger clan, the peak, the strong tiger emperor, and the white one. The last one is the eldest of the three palaces in the celestial world, the celestial palace, the Tianque sword emperor, and the clock from the green.
Behind the bosses, there are many kings who follow one or twenty fit periods, and then there are two or three thousand refined virtual level wars. Such a huge array makes Zagu throb turn into a breath of air conditioning and dark call is not good.
"Zagu Canglan Yinfeidi" Destroyed the Magic Emperor Adelo and roared first "What are you three bastards doing? Why rob so many of our own? Are you crazy? "
"Adelo, I told you that your inferno was raped." Tiger Huang Bai Li was also very angry in his eyes. "Over the past few thousand years, people have been missing or ambushed by barbarians, and our losses are too great."
"Canglan" Tianque Jian Huang Zhong Liqing dressed in floating purple Washington, DC, the whole portrait is like a drawn sword with some regrets and angry eyes staring at Canglan Xian. "Can you tell the emperor what this is all about? To do such a thing? "