In the virtual, a purple ray flashed across a huge net and blocked the old turtle Amitabha. The ray constantly converged the shape of Long Jun in the East China Sea.

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿夜网 In the virtual, a purple ray flashed across a huge net and blocked the old turtle Amitabha. The ray constantly converged the shape of Long Jun in the East China Sea.

"The East China Sea is a good calculation, but I didn’t expect to be robbed of a point of life by you." Amitabha covered the sun, and the number of words in the palm of his hand was circulated. The horse Weili all converged to the extreme, and he was not afraid of the punishment. hay cutter induction
"Amitabha can’t afford to lose?" The Dragon King in the East China Sea chuckled and the mantra of the number of dragon balls also changed with the flow into a huge Zhang lei net, which held Amitabha’s palm.
"Can’t afford to lose? To kill this fellow, all the bad luck will be erased by the seat, and all the luck will turn to Lingshan again. Instead, you can’t afford to lose again and again to calculate "Amitabha’s eyes sneer."
The ghost master of the netherworld corners of the mouth with a sneer. "Hehe, I didn’t expect that Amitabha always boasted that he was a strong and overbearing figure. I didn’t expect that he finally got beaten today. I’m so glad that the Dragon King of the Four Seas can help a bunch of Buddhists to make a gap and can’t give up halfway."
While talking about the ghost’s main yin-yang channel, a pair of eyes looked at Amitabha’s big hand. "Amitabha loses, it will be so stubborn and not strong."
A little The six great divisions in the wheel of karma force in the palm of the ghost Lord’s hand flows and pulls away towards Amitabha’s big hand.
Amitabha was livid and didn’t say much. It was a pair of eyes that looked at the ghost master and others in the nether world. "How can the ghost master have you everywhere?"
"You Buddhists owe me too much nether world. Naturally, where there are Buddhists, there is nether world." The ghost’s face is smug.
In the wild, the snake god’s eyes move. "This is an opportunity to find allies. If you can take the opportunity of the ghost Lord to connect, you will be afraid to show the Buddhist calculation in the future."
I thought this way, but I saw the snake god appear in the distorted virtual field. "Amitabha should stop here. Maybe all the fate of the heavens and the earth will be attributed to Buddhism and we will be wiped out."
"Do you mean wild?" Amitabha looked down at the snake god.
"I represent myself." The snake god sneered and turned to the ghost master to salute him. "I have seen the ghost master and the Dragon King."
"It’s really good to be good." The golden hand in the virtual space converges to see the Buddha’s light shining, and the virtual Amitabha slowly walks out of the virtual space. His eyes are full of assassinations, and the golden Buddhist sutras are all around him. "It seems that my Buddhist tree is very attractive."
"It’s good that you know." The snake god made no secret of his hostility. The ghost Lord and Long Jun were on the same front.
Chapter 166 Enlightenment to prove that Buddha’s head is monkey.
Looking at Amitabha, the snake god, gave a little meaningful smile. "Snake god, you should think about it. You can turn back to the shore after suffering!"
"When we reached the state of waiting, it was a solid mind. Once we decided, we definitely didn’t change the truth." The snake god smiled coldly.
"All right," Amitabha nodded and looked at Long Jun in the East China Sea with a pair of eyes. "Even Taoist friends calculated in vain that someone else would make a wedding dress instead."
"What do you mean?" After listening to Amitabha’s words, a sense of uneasiness suddenly rose from the heart of the Dragon King in the East China Sea.
Amitabha took a look at the Dragon King, Ghost Lord and Snake God in the East China Sea and knew that he could stop if he didn’t want to make a big fight today.
Now that Tongtian Road has just walked through Amitabha and waited, it’s only after your own respect has completed your own goal that you will really play a real game.
Amitabha looked at several strong corners of the mouth and gave me a little sneer. His body shape had disappeared.
"There seems to be something wrong with Amitabha." The ghost master stopped.
"It is reasonable to say that Buddhism’s fate should not be affected in this way. Less should also make a scene. How can it be so calm?" Donghai Longjun frowned.
The snake god’s eyes pupil into six petals and slowly bloom in a green light. "Amitabha is unfathomable. Is there anything we don’t know about?"
Everyone heard that you looked at me and I saw that there was a flash of doubt in your eyes, but I didn’t think much about it. The ghost Lord turned and returned to the nether world, and the snake god returned to his own nest. The East China Sea Dragon King looked at the turtle prime minister, "Prime Minister, let’s turn to the East China Sea."
Prime Minister Turtle shook his head. "Thank you for your kindness. I have already felt the breakthrough. I am about to find a breakthrough. I am afraid that the Buddhist plan will be broken in the future. If I can’t break through early, my life will be worrying."
After all, there is no compulsion to look at the complex eyes of the turtle prime minister Donghai Longjun. "Let’s just say that you choose your own seat and don’t force it."
After that, the dragon king in the East China Sea disappeared in an instant.
Looking at the Dragon King in the East China Sea, the Prime Minister of Turtle stretched out his head and looked around. The corners of his mouth showed a sneer. "I am stupid to want me to go back."
Talking, Prime Minister Turtle sneaked into the earth and disappeared.
In the wild, it is said that the dharma protector Jia Lan drove the divine wind to send the master and the apprentice all the way, but it was only a few days before he came to the Great State of Chen, and then he turned around and the Great State of Chen immediately attracted the Great Emperor Chen to meet him personally, and then the Buddhist scriptures in the Western Heaven spread widely, and the Buddhism was once again popular in Daxing.
It took a full month and seven days to get this westward journey and spread it out, and the Tongtian Road finally ended.
"Now that the holy monk has finished the journey to Tongtian, please ask the holy monk to go to the Da Lei Yin Temple to hear the seal." Then the dharma keeper Yoga Landao said.
Jade Duxiu nodded and said goodbye to the Great Chen Emperor Wu and others who turned to Lingshan, only to find that all the Bodhisattvas, Lohan and Jialan had arrived at this time.
Amitabha Dharma arrival sitting in the field, a pair of eyes looked at the four people who came from the Buddhist scriptures. Na Amitabha said, "After 49 years of hard work and success, my Buddhist Dafa has taken root in the field. Today, I should reward my merits."
Hearing Amitabha’s words, everyone was be in heaven. A pair of eyes looked at Amitabha, but they saw that the golden-winged Dapeng around Amitabha was sitting there with a small hat and his eyes were full of gloom.
Then Amitabha said, "Sanzang now gives you a wonderful Buddha."
"Brother, thank you, Buddha." Jade Duxiu took his time to salute and then retired.
Then Amitabha saw the enlightenment.
"Listen to the seal before Sun Wu"
"I’m here again, here again" Wu said before smiling.
"Today, the merits of learning from the scriptures are complete, and now your great post is sealed, which is the result of your fight against the Buddha."
This discourse is regarded as the perfection of learning from the merits, and the instantaneous idea of enlightenment is clear. The horse suddenly falls down the crimson palace, and the ape immediately rides the Italian horse. In an instant, the dragon and tiger have intercourse, and the yin and yang are complete. An inexplicable fluctuation is instantaneous, and the since the enlightenment body escapes and a strong fluctuation soars into the sky, sweeping towards the world in all directions, and the golden lotus is surging everywhere.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha."
Enlightenment laughter spread all over the heavens and the world, and suddenly the heavens and the world looked at the Lingshan boundary with great power.
In the wild, the demon gods looked up with a smile on their faces. "It’s really gratifying to see that the monkey has returned from reincarnation. This monkey is not a law-abiding master who makes trouble all day. Now, the law of proof is not weaker than those who are detached from the strong. Now, in my wild, two detached strong people have crushed the Terran."
The fox god’s face is full of laughter, and the reincarnation is the key force to determine the future race war for the wilderness.
At this time, the ancestors of Terran were ugly, and it was too easy for them to fiddle with their destiny. "It’s enough to explode the ape certificate, but it’s not good for our Terran to return from reincarnation. If there is a race war, our Terran will be in a losing battle, but now it’s trouble."
"The general trend has become now, but it is too late to move." The ancestor of Taiping Sect said.
Ten grandmothers in the soup valley of the East China Sea are practicing, but they see that the old ten grandmothers are holding a yellow-skinned gourd in their arms. At this time, the yellow-skinned gourd is out of the arms of the ten grandmothers, but they see a white light flying out of the fairy flying knife and wandering around in the virtual space. A pair of eyes look at the direction of the Da Lei Yin Temple. "Good means expert Duan Miaoxiu, this fellow is really a good means. If you talk about planning, this little one is the real behind-the-scenes hand man of the heavens and the earth. Whether it is too easy or the fox god, it is played by this little one. This little
After that, I saw that the white light of the explosive ape turned to cut the fairy flying knife. "But no matter what, I have finally found a way to get rid of it. If I get rid of it one day, I can return from the shackles of this fairy flying knife."
With the immortal flying knife returning to the soup valley, the calm was instantly restored.
"Ha, ha, ha, congratulations on the return of the brother of the explosion ape from robbery." In the wild, the figure of the tiger god slowly rose to cover the sun, and the sound shook the world and thousands of stars trembled.
Strange to say, it is impossible to see the vitality of heaven and earth, but it is obvious that the mystery of this force law is beyond everyone’s imagination