"It seems that I haven’t found it yet," said the Imam’s own research institute, looking at the picture in front of me. "Then I should …"
"You stay here so that you can always roll forward a little!"
The imam looked at the entrance of the institute and saw a creature that looked like it.
"What are you doing here?" The imam asked, "haven’t you started yet?" Maya? "
"I’ve decided that I want to roll in that world myself," Maya said. "Would you like to go with me? You pathetic object that can’t roll. "
"I’ll do it here," the dean said. "At the same time, I don’t think you should go there in person."
"I know fear is holding back your body that can’t roll," Maya said. "But I’m different. I’ve decided to find another door myself."
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Method to stop
War … War has never changed.
My species, every living thing I know, has been constantly engaged in war and fighting since birth. Occasionally, we will face heterogeneous creatures, but usually it is the same kind of fighting.
Our race has formed many different groups, and then these groups will fight with each other to solve one group … and then solve another and grow stronger.
When the group is too large, it will split into several small groups and continue to fight each other.
What’s the point of this kind of fighting? I’m not white … My group is a small group, which may be soon … and may be destroyed after this battle.
How many times have I been on the battlefield? Before each battle, I will record it a little, and then put on the equipment that comes out of nowhere, which may be the last battle …
I want to know … what is the meaning of all this?
"Their records are actually like this …"
Connecting scholars and brave people in the dense and weird jungle of the world, and their partners, gnomes and puffers, are staring at an area in front of them at the same time.
This area is more than 100 meters in diameter, which is very different from the jungle floor covered with various colors like moss or other plants.
There is nothing long in the whole area, which looks like ordinary rock and there are a lot of rubble.
Therefore, this area is also like a huge woodland. This area is full of creatures. They are usually half a centimeter to one centimeter in size. It looks like a virtual people is a six-legged creature.
They move on all fours, leaving only two limbs to grasp things. This creature seems to be the first time that scholars have encountered a … creature that can interpret language.
This kind of creature is characterized by … war.
They will not leave this area with a diameter of 100 meters, perhaps because the edge of this area is a’ cliff’ as high as more than one meter.
It’s really a cliff for them, and then these creatures have been living in this place and fighting constantly
They usually occupy some gravel bases by hundreds of groups and then attack similar groups nearby.
They will wear some equipment and make weapons similar to firearms, and many of them will be equipped with close-range weapons to fight. They will continue to fight like this. After they have been defeated, they will eat the bodies and then absorb them into surrendering to the enemy to expand the group and then attack other groups.
Generally, after a group wins several times, they will snowball and get bigger and bigger, which can easily destroy all the nearby groups, but when they get to a certain extent, they will split into several small groups and continue to fight each other.
What’s the point of this battle that won’t end?
This is even the biological body out of the question … But they didn’t end the battle.
This is discovered by scholars in the course of research … These creatures are quite individual, and scholars find that they often have some diary lines.
Scholars found this line and tried to interpret their diaries. The way they kept diaries was to make some … dye stones or the ground write’ words’.
Compared with all kinds of creatures encountered before, these biological characters are obviously the best for scholars to understand.
So the scholar tried to understand their words, and it was unexpected that they were really easy to understand.
Then scholars and wheezers translated some of these biological words and recently translated some complete diaries.
Obviously, these creatures have a lot of doubts about their own situation …
What are they fighting for?
That’s definitely not themselves.
Although they make all kinds of equipment in battle, they can’t build equipment. All these equipment just … suddenly appear.
Don’t mention this in some diaries. All equipment and weapons are like this. They will be replenished continuously and those damages will disappear.
It’s amazing that they didn’t study the idea of manufacturing equipment themselves, but kept making these equipment fight.
Scholars have found that many creatures have doubts about this constant fighting, but these individuals who have doubts are all on the edge of the group.
The group commander doesn’t seem to have any doubts, but constantly directs the group battle … If any member has the idea of not fighting, kill him directly.
Scholars have also found another thing: if alien creatures invade their place, no matter how fierce they are fighting, they will immediately stop and attack them together.
At the same time, exotic creatures are also their main food source. Although they will eat each other’s corpses, it is obvious that this method … is impossible to maintain the whole race all the time.
Scholars still try to communicate with them, but they regard all communication completely … Even if scholars describe their words in front of them, they don’t care but attack them directly.
However, scholars have not noticed that some individuals express doubts and try to contact scholars. Of course, they soon give up this behavior because they are marginal individuals.
Therefore, scholars have not stopped them from fighting, but brave people want to try to stop them by force and see what will happen.
But …
"Well, we have confirmed a destination." The scholar got up and pointed to the distance. "Now I have detected sending equipment and weapons to these war creatures … another creature is from that direction. Maybe they control the creatures here."
"Then before we go there …" The brave man bowed his head and it can enter the area one step further, where two groups of creatures are constantly fighting.
They are fighting fiercely. The brave man picked up his sword and slowly reached these two groups of creatures …
Suddenly, they all changed their targets and attacked the sword of the brave. At the same time, many creatures climbed along the sword.
They know that this is the attack object that the brave sword wants to climb, but the brave needs to shake the sword a little, and all these creatures have fallen off.
They look weak, but they can actually drive away most of the creatures near here, making the whole area almost theirs.
Bang!’ The brave man raised his sword and hit the ground hard. Suddenly there was a crack in the ground where he was hit.
This crack also separated the creatures who were fighting, and the brave came out with their swords. These creatures suddenly continued to fight as if nothing had happened before.