It’s more like that simple hair organs of some fish creatures send out the feeling of coming and going.

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Leviathan’s brain waves interfered with it, and this reaction made it possible for it to detect external objects and react, and then exploded. This thing really looked like it was made into a shape, and now Lin was going to hit it to see what was inside …
The star surveyor slammed the front limb of the explosive shell, and a large number of cracks suddenly appeared on the white surface of the shell. Some smaller fragments drifted with the impact, but even in this case, it did not explode.
The star surveyor’s joint pierces the crack and peels its shell. The shell is quite fragile, but inside it is … something Lin has never seen before.
To be precise, some tubes are close to three meters in length and ten centimeters in diameter. These tubes are placed neatly, and there is a silver thing in them, which has some wires connecting the surrounding tubes and it constantly releases some weak waves.
This thing … looks very strange. The star surveyor picked up a tube inside and broke the wire connecting it …’ Bang!’
The tube blew it up in an instant, and the impact made the stargazer feel a dull sound, but the explosion power was too weak for the stargazer to be affected.
It seems that we can’t do that. In that case, Lin asked the star surveyor to pick up another tube, and the ends of the second pair of limbs pierced into the line connecting it.
Sure enough, there is a flow in the line, and cutting off the flow or any stimulus will cause an explosion, but at this time it is necessary to introduce brain waves to interfere.
At this time, cut off the line and keep the brain wave transmission to make it mistakenly an uninterrupted state, and then the star surveyor eats the tube, which bites the tube and devours all the substances in it.
Sure enough, there are explosive ingredients mixed in it.
The whole tube is mixed with an explosive component, and there is an east-west flow which can be called a’ trigger’ in it to stimulate the explosives inside to explode. The structure feels simple, but no cells are found in Lin …
This thing doesn’t seem to be a creature? How did it piece together these explosives? Moreover, Lin is very familiar with the composition of the explosive, and the composition inside is very simple. You can find enough materials in the fluff soil to piece it together, which is one of the weaker ones.
But what here will have familiar explosives? Moreover, Lin found a fungus in the tube shell.
This kind of fungus and tube seems to be stuck without them, and this extremely low temperature environment still maintains a certain vitality.
This is a species that Lin hasn’t seen before … but they show that something has grabbed this tube, and the skin of that creature is covered with fungi.
These fungi have lived here for quite a long time, and they have been in a half-dead sleep state and have not propagated. According to their status, they may have been released more than ten years ago.
More than ten years … It seems that those explosive structures in it can’t last that long, but they were recently started.
Thinking about Lin, looking around … looking at all kinds of meteorites floating around, is it possible to find those creatures with explosive bombs here? If they were here, where would they hide? Some big rocks?
It’s a pity that the imaginary method pursues the smell, but the smell body is the olfactory organ, analyzing the surrounding debris and judging the target position
Although there is no air here, there are many debris floating in the virtual space. Lin can judge the target position by collecting the debris in the virtual space, and can also send brain waves to detect the position of these explosives
Lin asked the star surveyors to record all the debris on the surface of the explosion box with a large number of tubes, and they also recorded all the debris such as fungi on the surface of those tubes inside.
Then the star spotter immediately scattered their meteorites and quickly jumped and continued to fly in the meteorite group. Their shells had retractable scales, and the star spotter kept opening and closing these scales to collect the debris in the void to find the target position.
Leviathan, on the other hand, flew to another place. It used brain waves to detect the surrounding stones, and soon Lynn found the location of dozens of bomb sites nearby.
I wish I’d found it this way.
Leviathan flew to the nearest bomb hiding place, then the tentacles dug it out and then completely decomposed it.
If this kind of thing is everywhere here, it must be very bad for the future radish life.
However, there are still many problems in radish. If we can find those creatures that put explosive bombs, will they live in this void? If so, we may find a way to make radish live from them.
Although it is unlikely because there are no creatures here, Lin thinks those creatures are probably hiding somewhere …
I don’t know why they put the explosive bombs, but it may be because they got some ingredients in a rock or …
found it
Lin, a star surveyor suddenly found some familiar debris, which is the same as the shell of an explosive bomb. They scattered a stone and the star surveyor could follow these debris to find the target position.
Thinking of Lynn, let Leviathan turn around and fly to the location where these star surveyors are going.
At the same time, Leviathan released a lot of small warheads. When these warheads appeared, they were ejected at a very fast speed and aimed at dozens of explosives around them. They could directly penetrate the rocks and detonate the explosives inside, but only if there was no obstacle with the target.
Leviathan continued to shoot a large number of warheads in the process of advancing. These warheads constantly detonated the surrounding explosive bombs, and a large number of stone fragments scattered around. These flying stones looked dangerous, but in fact, only a few solid stones could fall into meteorites.
The debris in the virtual space is intermittent because there is no air here, and the debris is not caused by friction but by vibration, which is much less.
But relying on these pieces of information, Lin can still find the target position.
It’s a huge stone … with a diameter of 20 kilometers, Lynn thinks it looks like a small roller.
Leviathan could feel some strange reactions when he watched this boulder floating among the rocks release brain waves.
There seems to be something inside …
Leviathan came close to this huge rock and landed in a relatively flat position. Star surveyors also jumped over from other rocks and looked for the entrance to the floor here.
These creatures don’t live outside, they must be hidden inside this stone.
This is the entrance.
A star surveyor found a crack on the edge of a rock, which was a fixed surface.
But the star surveyor hit the rock and soon broke into pieces, and a cave appeared in front of Lin.
This cave is very narrow, with a diameter of about one meter, but the star surveyor can just get in.
In the process of drilling in, the stargazer didn’t find anything particularly like an ordinary cave … but the stargazer saw something in the deepest part of the cave.
This thing looks like an ice star tester trying to knock on it to respond to the vibration. Lin can feel that it is not ice but something else.
There is no explosive reaction here. Thinking of Lin, let the star surveyor knock on this ice-like thing vigorously. At this moment, a huge amount of gas suddenly burst out. As soon as the star surveyor was blown out, it immediately grasped the cave wall to stabilize the body …
Is there gas in here? When the gas is exhausted, the star surveyor’s head emits light and goes into the cave.
Here is a broad forest. I saw a thick frost on the ground here, and so did the surrounding cave walls.
It seems that this means that there is a lot of water here, and the whole cave is very spacious, about 30 meters long and wide, and the top of the cave is 10 meters high
But I don’t see any creatures here … Thinking of Lin, I asked the star surveyor to dig up some frost and eat it.
There are many microorganisms in this ice, but they have been frozen.