The imam saw something special in the image before him.


This thing … is exactly the same as the obelisk seen by the former scholar Gu Yu. It is more than ten meters high and stands on the seabed, while a group of creatures gather near it.
The seabed in this area can be called’ ocean desert’, where a few small creatures live, but a large number of creatures gather near this obelisk.
They are almost all fish. Generally, fish don’t stay here, but they seem to be influenced by the obelisk and stop around.
"It seems that this thing’ gold controller’ should not be affected."
The imam thinks that the influence of the obelisk on creatures is similar to that of the aurora in the sky. The creature who looks directly at it through light has the same influence. The gold controller is a soft creature located in a machine that controls the detector. It doesn’t look directly at the obelisk, and the imam also finds that there is no problem in observing the sky through image methods.
The detector can be observed safely without being affected.
The detector slowly approached the obelisk surrounded by fish, carefully observed the imam, and also facilitated the detector surface detection function to detect the surface of the obelisk.
"This thing is really the same as the aurora borealis, but it’s a little different."
The imam discovered the characteristics of the obelisk, which can confuse the surrounding creatures, but it seems that the effect is not necessarily madness. Now these fish are all together and show no madness.
But their posture is very abnormal.
Terrestrial creatures rarely look at the sky on purpose, but the sea is different. Some strange objects in the sea always attract some curious creatures to watch.
If there are obelisks everywhere in the sea, it will have a great impact on the marine environment
Fortunately, these obelisks don’t seem to be everywhere
The imam put many detectors into the water, and so far, this one has found the obelisk, but other detectors have not yet found it.
And this obelisk seems to be able to run some other things besides its spiritual influence.
When the imam put the detector on the obelisk, he could hear a mechanical running sound coming from inside.
This running sound continues until the seabed seems to be buried in the ground.
Obviously, this is very suspicious, but the imam has long had the idea of digging these obelisks back to investigate, and it has also mobilized some troops
These troops are also controlled by the gold controller, and one of them is close to the position of the detector.
The shape of this force is mainly made by the imam according to the’ submarine’. They look like a long metal rod, and this submarine is mainly used for water excavation.
The Imam Institute has produced all kinds of mechanical units since its research. Now it seems that these units have finally got a place.
When a submarine more than ten meters long arrived at the obelisk and approached the target, the fish seemed to be hostile to the submarine in an instant and swam over.
Bang!’ And a moment later, all these fish swam away again.
Submarines can be stimulated to recover if they are put in the water. The mental confusion of these obelisks is easy to recover.
As the bottom of the submarine stretched out, the excavation’ limb’ obelisk was dug up at the bottom, and the imam watched it dig and looked at other places at the same time.
The detectors are all detected in different places. The imam noticed a sea of clouds for detection.
Recently, the scope of the sea of clouds has been increasing. It seems that microorganisms in the sea of clouds are quite active, and they constantly weave this special structure of the sea of clouds in combination with the special environment here.
And for such a huge place, the imam will not let those invaders go.
It is true that they have not spared this place, but it is not a sea of clouds, but a sea of clouds …
There is no aurora on the ground covered by the sea of clouds, so the creatures there should be completely unaffected. Make sure that they teach a detector to fly from the sea of clouds and come to the jungle.
The sea of clouds is full of succulent plants. This jungle depends on the sea of clouds to shine, so there is no aurora at all.
But I can see a strange plant.
When the probe flew into the jungle, it found a strange plant standing in the jungle. Although it looked like an ordinary tree, it looked strange because this woodland was made of succulent plants.
After approaching, the imam found that there were many cracks in the bark of this tree, which was very obvious …
Cut!’ The detector slammed into a tree, and the bark of the tree suddenly exploded to reveal the inner structure, which looked like stone and was exactly the same as the obelisk outside.
It seems that this tree is a camouflage obelisk, but when did they put this thing here?
This is the most puzzling place for the imam.
"It’s happening again …" Suddenly the imam noticed another direction, and another sea detection probe also met an obelisk.
Another island imam also found this obelisk.
It seems that although they are quite far apart, there are many kinds, but some imam found some anomalies in the obelisk at the bottom of the sea
Now the Imam submarine has dug the seabed at the bottom of the obelisk …
"This is …" The imam saw that the seabed has a huge and complex structure, which looks like a … huge machine.
This mechanical seabed moves slowly, and its top is connected with the obelisk of the seabed.
When on earth did they put such a big thing into the ground?
The machinery dug up by the imam is a small part of the land, and there is a large part of it …
We must dig it up and study it quickly!
The imam ordered the submarine’s head to slowly expose the drill-like structure inside, and then it plunged into the seabed next to the machinery and quickly dug up.
The submarine soon dug up the rocks around the machine and learned about the size of the machine. At the same time, it also found that the thing was working.
The whole machine is square and has a serrated’ mouth’ around it.
These mouths look like a mechanical shell extending out of the pipe, and the end of the pipe is serrated. The pipe will keep rotating and crush all the surrounding rocks and swallow them.
It is constantly eating the surrounding seabed stones, which may be to make something, and its action is very secret. Even if it keeps crushing the surrounding rocks, it does not cause any cracks in the ground.
These rocks should be used to make something, possibly … a manufacturing force, although the imam would like to study it in detail here …
But I’m afraid I’m not that free …
Every detector came back, and the imam saw many obelisks, which can be said to be everywhere, and a large number of creatures were attracted to them.
At the same time, the imam also found that some obelisks are not buried with this kind of machinery, but some are buried with the imam here. When observing, there may be many places in the world where machinery is constantly moving.
The imam needs to destroy them quickly, but …
Di!’ Suddenly, the imam found that the imaging device had received the information.
This message was sent by … Lin?
The imam typed the message and found that there was a lot of information in it, all of which were similar to the situation here.
"So these things invaded?" The imam looked at the information and said, "It seems … not easy to deal with, but if we want to get together …"
"Boom …"
Just when the imam thought about it, he heard the sound of the aircraft and immediately ran to the landing site on the alloy spider.