However, it seems that this incident will not happen once. When Lin returns to her dream, the small nuclear protectors will have the same reaction again.

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"there are things that can’t be guarded to be close!" "Right there! There! " "Ah … can’t be guarded!"
When the little nuclear protector made this reaction, another moving stone appeared in the picture, which was a little bigger than the previous one. The previous one was 50 meters in diameter, and this one was 100 meters. It appeared 10 thousand kilometers away from the previous one.
But it also flies in the same direction as the one just now … Is this a coincidence? Or …
When the stone flew, the nearby gel creatures also reacted. This time, a large number of small pieces of meat with a size of less than 10 meters gathered and they threw a part of their bodies at the stone.
The continuous explosion soon blew the stone into powder, but Lin had detected the general situation before the explosion
Because there is an arm near it, it sends a’ probe’ to the stone, which is similar to a needle and can quickly penetrate the rock shell to detect the situation inside.
After preliminary testing, Lin believes that this rock is also a micro-mechanical base … but it was in a’ not started’ state before.
That is to say, there are a group of micromechanics that are not infected with fear energy, but they will not move.
And just a moment, that is, the moment when the small nuclear protector recognized that it became’ unguarded’, it suddenly became infected with the energy of fear, and then the micro-machinery inside moved … to control the movement of this stone.
That means that in the distance … there is fear energy outside the floating rock to come here … and the small nuclear protector will say that the guardian can’t approach.
This method is quite effective, so that when they are not started, the small nuclear protectors will not find them, and they can wait until the start time to act.
Then start the micromechanics and move quickly instead of hiding. Even if they are destroyed by gel creatures, they should know, but they are not good.
Does this mean that they are going to do something? And … How many micro-mechanical bases are there in the state of not being started?
"hurry up, there are many things that can’t be guarded!" When I came back to my dream, Lin found that the small nuclear protectors seemed to be very nervous, and their words Lin also saw the picture flashing continuously.
It seems that … it is quite diverse.
This time, there were 100 unguarded stones, all of which were thousands of kilometers away from each other, but they flew in the same direction immediately when they started.
Sure enough, there is something in that direction.
Although there are a lot of them, there are more gel creatures, and they also react quickly. Every stone is attacked by a large number of troops or warships like meat, and the number soon dissipates.
"Where did those unguarded things come from?" Lin questioned the small nuclear protectors.
"That’s the place! There is a place that can’t be guarded! It is very close to here! "
Although they say so, it seems that the law gives the exact location, but Lin still knows where it is, so Lin also acted quickly. Lin asked some troops to fly in the direction of those starting stones, while others flew out of the floating rock in the direction that might be the fear energy sent.
At the same time, the small nuclear protectors once again said … there are many things that can’t be guarded close.
It seems that the micromechanics are going to do something big, and Lin thinks they may transfer the troops located in the imaginary place here.
On the whole … just protect this place.
Chapter one thousand and three Fear of the waves
Lin, a fluffy ball is flying on the edge of the floating rock, looking at the darkness. There seems to be nothing here, but you can find it if you feel it a little …
A lot of things can be directly seen coming here, just like a tsunami storm.
This storm is mixed with a huge … fear pompon, which can definitely feel that it doesn’t need a small nuclear protector to wake up.
Micro-machinery … or the sea of fear seems to be going to act.
Lynn really wants to know … what will they decide to attack at this time? What attack is so sudden without warning?
Their connection to the world has failed. What else can this place do? I can feel some …’ answer’ in the fear of the fluffy ball surging.
They … want to go back.
This sea of fear was brought here unexpectedly by water polo. This is the answer that Lin knew before. It seems that this sea of fear has its own thoughts …
It doesn’t mean that it has complicated thoughts like ordinary creatures, but it has a very simple and strong idea, that is, to return to unpredictable fear. Lin can feel that it wants to express this idea, and it is quite eager to … go back from here.
But why does it have to go back? This is a question. Is it possible to simply miss your hometown? Lynn thinks … this should be impossible.
However, the fear energy method does something directly, so it needs the help of micromechanics to reach the idea of returning
Lin also found out at the same time … it seems that what happened when it attacked the gravitational ball has some’ intelligence’ in this fear.
But I can’t finish confirming what the specific situation is … Lin feels that it needs to be closer to the fear energy emission site to understand, but … Lin also has to note another thing.
Because of fear, the energy approaches the floating rock … This fear tsunami instantly submerges the floating stones on the edge of the rock and rushes to the department.
Most of the stones that have been flooded by fear energy don’t seem to have changed, but some stones … move.
Although there is a small number, it is relatively more than before. Just now, Lin recognized that there were thousands of stones and they flew in the same direction.
Micro-mechanical bases … are really many.
No matter how many gel creatures there are in these stones, they will react immediately. Several gel creatures appear around the rocks, and they fly to the moving stones and attack them.
The explosion sparkled continuously.
Lin didn’t do anything to make’ eyes’ all over the floating rocks watch them fight …
The rapid action of gel creatures made many stones destroyed without flying far. After more than ten seconds, thousands of stones were blown to pieces by gel biological forces.
But … some stones stayed.
Lin noticed three stones, which have one thing in common, that is, they are all giants with a height of 500 meters.
Other stone gel biological forces will not fight back when they approach, but they will fly forward all the time. But these three stones are different. These stones have the ability to fight back.
A light came out from the surface of a 600-meter stone, and several rocks shuttled by and hit the gel battleship at a distance of 3 thousand kilometers.
The warship suddenly exploded like a piece of shredded meat, and the number of minced meat was scattered around.
The stone that hit the battleship continued to accelerate, and Lin found that its surface changed rapidly. The original rock shell broke away rapidly, showing a structure like metal, and the metal was covered with several holes. It seemed that the stone had become a metal flying object.
It has a big hole in its head, which is more than one meter in diameter than when it gets up. This is much bigger, and the diameter reaches 30 meters. It feels like … the main gun.