This place should be their base.


Looking out of the gap, you can see several floating flying metal balls, and some huge squares with a length of 70 meters are floating in them.
This is a huge forest called’ Black Metal Island’. The whole place is about tens of kilometers in diameter and looks like an island … an island made of metal.
Lin followed the escape box back to this place, and the small arms of the sticky box explored here … but it is difficult to explore such a huge place by relying on several arms of several millimeters.
And there are several reconnaissance balls floating here, which makes the exploration more difficult.
However, the structure inside is quite simple and easy to understand. There are many entrances around the black metal island, but the part is wide. There are a lot of cracks on the ground. Lin is sure that these cracks must be somewhere, but they have not been found yet.
But they have become hiding places for exploring miniature pompoms.
At the top, you can see many huge’ arms’. These arms are made of metal and have different sizes. There are many’ fingers’ at the end of each arm. They look like they are attached to the wall, but they can move at will. They are constantly moving … assembling things.
What they assemble is … cubes.
You can see clearly here that a small arm is holding a small piece, and it combines it with the surrounding arms into a relatively large piece, and then gives this piece to the larger arm, and then the larger arm continues to integrate the object from the small arm … and then gives it to the larger arm.
They have been combined from arms with a length of several meters to arms with a length of tens of meters, and the combined things have changed from small pieces to huge squares.
Every time a square is synthesized, it will fly out quickly. There are not a lot of squares here, but there are still some squares left. They transport a lot of small pieces from deeper and throw them to the arm for synthesis.
Generally speaking, this black metal island is a huge factory. They can mass-produce a large number of cubes and observe their assembly process. Lin also saw the concrete structure of the cubes, its engine, some weapons and so on.
These parts can’t be seen when fighting outside. If you capture a square, they will quickly dissolve their body keys …
But we need to get closer to decomposition to fully understand it.
But now it’s obviously unlikely that Lin thinks it’s better to blow them up
Thinking that Lin looked at another ball of fluff, some of them were black metal islands, while others were outside the island.
It’s cold outside, but the atmosphere here is not cold and cheerless.
Because you can see it in the field of vision outside … There is no such factory island.
Dozens of islands are floating in the field of vision, and there are still several squares flying around these islands, and there are some black metal warships with hundreds of meters or even kilometers.
At the same time, Lin also looked at the star next to her. Lin remembered that Lin had asked the creator about black metal. Many things the creator had painted some stars where they could see.
And this is one of the places.
Obviously, at first, the ball cube that escaped from the virtual citizen was sent to a place and picked up by a black metal island, and then the island was sent back to their base one or more times.
This is their base, with several black metal troops and these islands that have been making troops.
Lin can send her troops here if she wants to show her cubs what she saw here and during her trip, but there seems to be a little too many troops here.
Lin thinks it is difficult for troops to attack this place at present. There may be tens of thousands of squares here and hundreds of large warships. Although these islands are factories, I don’t know if they have the ability to fight. If so, they should have a strong ability to hurt.
If this army reaches the virtual people’s mother ball, it is estimated that it can easily burn the virtual people’s literature. Even the velvet ball troops are hard to resist, but the black metal has never made the force fight.
Lin thinks the reason may be that they don’t know Lin and how many troops Lin has here. There are other reasons, such as that they have a lot of situations in their dreams, and they are well-informed and connected with each warship in their dreams, which makes them unable to take care of real things
Or maybe they have other ideas … but it’s obvious that some species are like division of labor. When they are connected, their intelligence will increase, and when they are disconnected, they will become more’ stupid’.
So what should we do now? Do you observe slowly and then create a large number of troops at the same time?
This has always been the practice. This kind of practice feels more’ conservative’
But Lin also has new ideas this time. Why don’t you … turn them all into art?
If possible, Lin still wants to study all kinds of things here slowly, as well as their living conditions here and so on …
But with such a large army, I don’t know what they will do.
All you need to do is keep hurting them …
Lin has a study that started hundreds of years ago and has now reached the point where weapons can be made.
The types of weapons are relatively single, but they are very powerful. If such weapons are made, Lin can defeat them even if there is a big gap in quantity.
But you can’t just throw the weapon. You need some cooperation.
Dreams need to continue … fear of pollution makes them take care of real things and then … attack them directly at that time.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-two Devil’s Action
"We must build more troops!"
"Oh oh oh oh oh!"
This is a bright red world, and several creatures are gathering together. They are constantly building behemoths in front of them-also bright red warships.
This group of demons recently accepted new ones, and they want to create more warships to cope with new battles.
A large number of demons are constantly moving around, carrying all kinds of materials and assembling those materials to make new warships.
At the same time, they also set up large-scale’ factories’ to produce materials. Different from ordinary factories, these factories are a living demon, which will automatically dig the ground to take materials from the stratum for construction.
Warships need special materials. The red world has enough materials to enable them to constantly build new warships and new weapons …
And new demons.
"Now making a new kind of devil"
In the bright red world, it looks like a biological castle with a huge blade behind it. In front of it, there is a pot that is six meters high.
While that tank is fil with liquid, and something like a meat piece floats in the liquid.