Hearing Gustav’s refusal, Yun Nie directly looked at him and turned to Isar and said.

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿洗浴会所 Hearing Gustav’s refusal, Yun Nie directly looked at him and turned to Isar and said.

"well! Ok, then feast! " Isar smiled at NieYun nicely and also looked at the awkward Gustav ordered the banquet.
All kinds of rare food and running water are generally served, including roasted golden animals, all kinds of refined cakes, glazed wine and wine, which fully embodies a rich product with profound interstellar culture!
Next to it, the chef personally introduced how many dishes are there or Karavin specialties. Listening to Yun Nie is an eye-opener. Of course, the surface is still indifferent.
Anyway, it’s a second generation. This is a small scene. Yun Nie tries to keep an Alsatian smile
"oh! Pain pain … "
Yun Nie tried to pick up the tableware on the table, but it seemed that he forgot that he was now a "wounded man" and habitually wanted his right hand. As a result, he immediately twisted his teeth in pain …
Everyone stared at Yun Nie in unison … The right hand included the chef and waiter beside the stand.
"You …" Gustav looked at it with fiery eyes as if he was afraid that others would not know that the "Zongzi" held high was definitely intentional!
"Sorry, it’s rude to bring an injury to dinner!" Yun Nie smiled awkwardly and apologized, and then his left hand was awkward and picked up the spoon to enjoy the food.
No process … His right hand will be held high like a flying flag and become the focus of attention in the restaurant …
The news has long been that the waiters have looked at this speaker who is said to have escaped from the sun only after a narrow escape.
I escaped from the sun by the sea clan’s three transgressions and two assassinations, and I was stabbed by the commander’s black hand! In this way, people can still keep their manners and smile for dinner! Look at this kind of tolerance, it’s really heartbreaking!
Look at Gustav, the black hand on the other side, and everyone secretly shakes their heads … It’s not authentic!
The eyes of people around you make Gustav’s face hot, not ashamed but angry!
Then the strange atmosphere of the banquet continued. Yun Nie was distracted from the food and talked with Isar from time to time
Hogg Star Bonfire Festival Bird Star Bullfighter Black Rock Star Millennium Castle … Yun Nie, a character custom around the double star, almost casually interspersed with jokes from time to time, which made Isar laugh.
Thanks to the binary people from all over the world, Yun Nie can get a lot of binary information from their daily conversations and become a "talk about information" for him to learn and memorize!
Chat. This is a qualified undercover. You must have basic skills!
And with the deepening of the conversation, Isabel was unconsciously dominated by Yun Nie from a casual chat and slowly immersed in it!
There is no temptation and no front in Yun Nie’s words, which seems to be just chatting without a trace of politics.
Ahem! Of course, this has nothing to do with his focus on eating.
Yun Nie’s talk is not elegant but very casual, and that kind of affinity that seems to be born makes Isabel’s eyes brighter and brighter.
Isabelle has a lot of experience and has seen all kinds of people, different races, different planets and different languages …
She could feel Nie Yunshen’s indescribable temperament, a temperament that no matter who she faced, she could never be forced!
But what on earth gave him such unyielding confidence? Isar is very curious.
Isabel seems that although Yun Nie acted irrationally, it was his bohemian ridicule that made Isabel feel the arrogance hidden in the other side’s eyes even if the world enemies were afraid …
He may not have a trace of majesty, but he is inviolable, just like a … a lost emperor?
Isabel’s mind flashed such a strange idea.
In a way, Isabel’s intuition is very accurate. There are hundreds of millions of robot hands, and Yun Nie can definitely be called a king!
What if all the people in the world are enemies? Big deal turned against proxima centauri to kill a seven-in seven-out directly back to the sun! This is his greatest confidence.
There is a feeling of brief encounter between the two people here. The more we talk, the more speculative it is. The fiery atmosphere highlights the loneliness of another commander’s cabinet …
Gustav seems to be completely forgotten, and the two of them didn’t even look here.
"intentionally! These two guys deliberately! " Gustav looks very ugly.
He knew that what he had just done had completely angered Isabel. Before she made an apology, Isabel would definitely go to Alsace. He backed him up and snubbed him, but it was just an attitude.
Gustav has the heart to recognize the plant, but he can’t bear to part with himself. He’s quite a treasure. Sea storm mecha …
Alas! The big deal is to pay back some weapons and equipment and make an apology gesture. I believe this matter will be over. Gustav made up his mind to be muddy.
Looked up at the opposite eye to eye, two people heart dark scold a dog men and women end up in front of the glass to stew off the depressed gas in the heart, this just a little slow.
"Didi!" Just then Gustav’s personal terminal rang and he couldn’t help but look happy.
Eager to get rid of this embarrassing situation, Gustav Ma put through the secret passage in his heart and just found a way to leave directly from the beginning.
I shouldn’t have come to dinner today. Every time I see that soul, it’s absolutely not good!
"Gustav Pavilion! Well, the soldiers of the Ranger somehow heard that Captain Alsace was injured, and now the crowd is excited and clamoring to rush to protect their captain! " There’s an anxious sound from the communication
NieYun and Isabelle finally stopped talking for the first time after the banquet and looked at Gustav’s side. I don’t know if it was his illusion. I always felt that their eyes were surprisingly consistent at the moment. They were all so … gloating!