Nuo Nuo, the patriarch who was passive in everything, suddenly spoke car-scrapping today, which surprised them and made them laugh.

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"I admit that your brother has some talent, but I’m afraid it’s not that easy to surpass the heavenly king!"
"It’s good that Yan Xuzong can advance. Don’t expect too much!" The patriarchs have been aside sarcastically.
This statement completely annoyed the patriarch Yan Xu, and his knife-shaped eyebrows were folded. "I won’t bother you about covering up the imaginary things, but I’d better be more concerned about my own affairs!"
Yan Xu patriarch ignored them as soon as he cut them.
Little by little, all the major cousins gradually came out.
Everyone has different facial expressions, including excitement, depression and pain. You can see their specific achievements in this assessment from their expressions.
Even some people’s armies are wiped out, just like covering up the imaginary Sect.
Yan Xu patriarch waited for half a day and didn’t find Jiang Feng figure without a slight wrinkle. What happened inside?
"I said mask virtual patriarch of all major cousins are out of your brother! ? Haha! " Tianwangzong sharp-eyed see behind Yan Xu patriarch, such as it must be Jiang Feng, they didn’t come back.
I don’t think much about it. I know it must be dead inside.
Sun Rushi not far from the tower looked at Yan Xu’s face and showed a little pride.
"How terrible that is, it was chased by four spiritual sea fighters and fled!"
The killer he sent has returned and replied to him.
Even more, Jiang Feng searched for a valuable bag 3.
Sun Rushi is in a very good mood.
Let the four men go to kill Jiang Feng, which means that he wants to delay and wait until he comes out later, so he will be disqualified from the other party!
I didn’t expect the effect to be much better than I expected. I just killed Jiang Feng and lost my armor.
It seems that guy is so much.
Chapter 41 Shocked everyone
Sun Ru-shi was secretly pleased. It seems that this time, Yan Xuzong was promoted.
He walked up to everyone and slowly announced that "it’s almost time. Let’s stop this assessment!"
Concealing the emptiness of the patriarch, he hurriedly prayed to Sun Rushi when he heard the big worry in his heart.
"My brother hasn’t come out yet, can you wait! ?”
Sun Rushi squinted at his face full of disdain and hit his mouth and said, "What is your place in front of you?" ? Don’t just let a third-rate clan give up this promotion assessment! ? Even if I want to promise, I am afraid that Yu Zongmen will not agree! "
"They will come out after a while!"
"For a while! ?” Sun Rushi sneered at Jiang Feng in his heart. It would be strange if he could come out. He asserted that "you third-rate clan can’t bear the monster beast attack in the monster beast area. Even if they wait for one day, they will definitely not come back. If they come back, I will twist this head and kick it for you!"
Sun Rushi’s words immediately caused everyone to burst into laughter.
There are many people in the dead monster beast area, and they all see whether it is strange or not. The field is run.
"Hey hey! Sun Rushi said all this, and I said that you will die if you cover up the virtual patriarch! " The face of the heavenly king patriarch was full of ridicule.
However, he just finished this monster beast area and walked out of a line of people.
"Wait a minute! Here they come! Here they come! " Yan Xu patriarch suddenly rebuked all eyes are attracted to the past.
Even Sun Confucian scholars are andao. It is impossible to look at the past in the same way.
A line of more than 20 people came out from the monster beast area. When they saw the leader clearly, Sun Rushi’s pupil suddenly contracted and the tunnel was impossible!
Not that Jiang Feng was seriously injured! ?
Now Jiang Feng’s clothes are neat and tidy, and there are no traces of fighting, not even dust. Where is the serious injury?
Even the younger brother behind Yan Xu is smiling and talking and laughing.
What the hell is going on here! ? He was puzzled, but his face showed no expression.
"Jiang Feng! You are back! " Conceal the virtual patriarch hurriedly to face smile method to hide.
Jiang Feng tried him inside, but he was really scared outside.
"See the patriarch!" A group of Yan Xu’s younger brothers immediately rebuked him with their fuels.
Yan Xu’s patriarch nodded and saw that a younger brother was killed, which was completely reassuring.
"hey! ?”
Soon he found that everyone’s face was red, which was slightly different three days ago.
Repair! Everyone’s training has increased even more than before! Yan Xu patriarch suddenly react what surprised method to hide in the eyes.
He didn’t look at Jiang Feng silently. They got the message and didn’t say much about it.
Conceal the empty patriarch’s doubts in his heart, but he is not stupid. If you think about it carefully, you will be white.
Maybe I found some chance from it to come back so late.
Think through everything. The patriarch is open-minded
"Ha ha ha! Just come back! Just come back! I want to see who said our brother would kick his head like a ball when he came back! ?”
Yan Xuzong’s first drink made Sun Rushi livid, which meant hitting himself in the face.
How dare you answer if you can pretend not to hear?
"Look at their dress without any signs of fighting. Should they hide as soon as they enter the monster beast area? Wait for three days before coming out! "
King patriarch heart not eyes Jiang Feng line of people looked at suddenly said
All the patriarchs also had an epiphany.
It’s not without hiding in secret for three days to participate in the assessment! In the end, the department failed to advance!
Look at Jiang Feng and his party, and their eyes are not in awe. Obviously, all of them classify Jiang Feng into this kind of people.
"The ostrich! I’ll deliver the skylight beads later. I’ll see what you do! " King patriarch blunt mask virtual patriarch cold rebuke.
"Sun Rushi when to check the skylight bead! ?”
Sun Rushi was also very upset. It was obvious that he sent a killer to deceive him!
"The second round of assessment is officially over. You follow me to the front hall to check this assessment and get Tianguangzhu!"
Sun Rushi turned away with a wave of his robe.
A line of people soon came to the side hall of Tianbang League.
All the major brothers waited for Sun Rushi’s inspection and assessment results in line through their own clan hierarchy department.
"First of all, from the second-rate clan!"
Sun Rushi walked up to a younger brother and asked him to present the skylight beads. My brother respectfully handed the bag containing the skylight beads to the other party.