Several foreign brothers have let things go, and things are coming from all sides.

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊品茶喝茶资源预约 Several foreign brothers have let things go, and things are coming from all sides.

The whole Taibai Town’s challenge to the Zangjiange law is definitely a big deal.
There are many geniuses in Taibai Town, but there are no more than five brothers who dare to break into the Tibetan Sword Pavilion a year.
Everyone is very good. Who broke into the Zang Jian Ge?
"Isn’t this the man who contradicted Elder Chen in the lecture hall?"
"What’s it called … Li Xuandao?"
"The other fat guy seems to be Du Feng in Diwu County, right?"
Through the big screen outside Zang Jian Ge, everyone can clearly see the three-story scene of Zang Jian Ge and recognize the identities of Li Xuandao and Du Feng.
What’s more, I laughed at it without fear.
"Hidden Jiange law even half a saint has to weigh these two small ones, a five-story Tongxuan territory and a five-story Tongxuan territory. How dare you break into the hidden Jiange law? Ha ha is really dead. "
"If you can’t get into the hidden Jiange array, you’ll die if you can’t get through it."
"Li Xuandao is a newcomer. He may not know the power of Zangjiange, but Du Feng stayed in Taibai Town for more than a year. How can he not even understand this common sense?"
Everyone looked at the two figures on the screen without shaking their heads and sighing.
It seems that both Li Xuandao and Du Feng have to be buried on the third floor of the Zangwuge.
Crowd ChuDonghe eyes bright looking at the big screen corners of the mouth outline a if if smile.
He could hear himself and said to himself, "I really didn’t expect to hide the blood shadow of Taibai Jianzong to be able to hide the Jiange without authorization. I must have an unusual identity. I have to ask Zhao Hanhai about the blood shadow of Taibai Jianzong planted by the Blood Lotus Sect. Who is it?"
Elder hide the sword, sitting at the entrance of Zang Jian Ge, didn’t intend to join in the fun.
But his eyes swept towards the screen, and his eyes flashed off, and he watched it with interest.
"It’s a bit interesting that this small just five layers of Tong Xuan territory also dare to rush into the law of Zang Jiange? Is really little … "
Elder hide the sword’s sigh came to an abrupt end.
Just now, a group of foreign brothers have also kept their mouths shut.
Seeing the screen, Li Xuandao’s hand was as angry as a finger and instantly defeated the mirror image of four men in black.
"This … how is that possible?"
"Every mirror can have the strength of Tong Xuan boundary layer."
"Is Li Xuandao really the fifth floor of Tong Xuanjing?"
The crowd exclaimed repeatedly.
Hidden crowd ChuDongHe look a stiff eyes but also with a looming pitfalls.
"Not the kui is a young enemy Li Xuandao really has something to do, but the hidden sword cabinet array is not so simple. I don’t know if your strength can break through the hidden sword cabinet array?"
Chudong river heart sneer at a way
At the same time, the third floor of Jiange is hidden
"Ah, ah, ah, we are finished!"
Fat frightened looking at colorful figure with despair.
He sat down on the ground and was stunned. He said with a trembling voice, "Smelly little, this colorful mirror has nine levels of strength and weapons. It’s not enough for the two of us to kill each other together. Otherwise, let’s give up. Maybe the law enforcer is joking with us. If we give up, he will let us go!"
After that, Fat actually knelt down and looked up and shouted, "Give up. We give up. Please stop the law and let us out."
"Look at your little promise!"
Li Xuandao turned to frown and looked at the colorful mirror with a kick of fat.
"Two mirror arrays?"
Li Xuandao contemptuous smile eyes flashing disdain said to himself, "hidden Jiange law is a few ability? If so, you can’t kill me, Li Xuandao! "
Seems to be angered by Li Xuandao colorful people roar loud step to kill.
His vigorous body changes like water spinning outside the body, and the sword light turns over and fades into a waterfall, and the river is surging with great momentum.
"water-breaking sword method"
Li Xuandao couldn’t help thinking of seeing Wushu on the first floor of Zangjiange.
"Bitch, hide quickly."
Fat Li Xuandao was scared silly while running and yelling.
"Ha ha, Li Xuandao, this is over."
"Being chopped by a colorful figure can’t save him."
"Tong xuan in five layers also dare to challenge Tibetan Jiange? It’ s simply looking for death! "
Several brothers outside Zangjiange held their shoulders and sneered.
They seem to have sighed at the sight of Li Xuandao being split in half by a sword.
"You little bastard, hurry up and hide."