Chapter one thousand three hundred and sixty The passage of fate

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Before the continuous camp, Ji Fa took a deep breath and secretly encouraged himself. The big deal was to die. Of course, this was the worst result.
He finally chose to be ordered to come, and more importantly, he bet on Boyi to test his temperament.
People don’t know that Boyi Kao Ren Xiao’s name is not false. What about his Ji Fa Boyi Kao brother? I don’t know what his elder brother’s temperament is.
Ji Fa, it seems that Boyi Kao Renxiao is not good for Xiqi. Now Xiqi needs a tough monarch instead of a Renxiao monarch.
Nai Boyi’s fame, position and influence are beyond his control. He can gnash his teeth no matter what his thoughts are.
Take a step into the camp
It may be an unknown fate to meet yourself, but I never thought that I would meet with a group of civil and military officials just after I entered the camp.
Slightly one leng Ji Fa to react with a hanging heart.
Since Boyikao brought people to meet him, let’s say that Boyikao was never malicious to him, otherwise so many people wouldn’t have come to see him.
Before a brisk walk, Ji Fa rushed to the Boyi exam, which was a ritual: "My brother has seen my brother."
Boyi grabbed Ji Fa’s hand before the exam and said, "Second brother doesn’t have to stand on ceremony, so my brother is so welcome."
Holding Ji Fa’s hand, Ji Fa walked into the tent quite puzzled.
Ji Fa keenly felt that a few eyes fell on him. Looking down those eyes, one person had a white eyebrow and beard and a sage-like appearance. When he thought of the news he had received, Ji Fa immediately came to this person for nothing. Nineteen is ginger teeth.
Yu said that the other eyes were owned by Ji Shi and Nangong Shi.
Both of them are supporters of Boyi test, which makes Ji Fa wonder why they look at him so strangely.
A tight heart Ji Fa can’t help but worry a little. Maybe he guessed wrong. Is it really bad for him to call him to Bayi?
As far as Ji Fa’s mind is concerned, the look of Boyi exam is sweeping the floor, and all the civil and military officials represent almost half of Xiqiao’s side. If they can be recognized by these people, it is equivalent to being recognized by Xiqiao.
Boyi took a deep breath and looked around the crowd slowly. "You want to know that Hou has decided to use the nail head seven arrows to kill Zhao Gong with a surname. If everything goes well, then if things go wrong, then this Xibo waiting position will be inherited by the second brother Ji Fa …"
Ji Fa suddenly looked up at the Boyi exam as if it were a dream. He couldn’t believe it. Looking at Boyi exam seemed to want to see what Boyi exam really wanted to do. Could it be that he was testing himself?
However, Boyi Kao’s eyes with him are full of sincerity.
"Brother, you …"
Ji Fa some don’t understand what’s going on here, and what’s the nail head seven arrows? What? Boyi will make such a bad plan when he uses the nail head seven arrows, and even recruit him from Xiqiao to guard against one thousand.
Boyi Kao shook his head at Ji Fa and motioned for Ji Fa not to ask Ji Fa to shut up.
At this moment, Boyi Kao looked at a group of people and said, "Have you ever remembered?"
In the face of Boyi test, everyone was silent for a while and there was no movement. Boyi test snorted, "How come you haven’t died yet? Doesn’t it count?"
"I dare not wait. I will obey the duke’s orders."
The civil and military hurriedly agreed to come.
With the wave, a crowd receded and Ji Fa, Ji Shi, Nangong Shi and Jiang Ya were left in the tent.
At the moment, Boyi took an examination of Ji Fa and said, "Second brother must have a lot of puzzles in his heart. Brother, I’ll explain it to you."
With some explanation, the Boyi exam is finally white. What the hell is going on?
Knowing that the Boyi exam is going to try very hard to kill the Duke of Zhao and Yunxiao, such a strong immortal doesn’t know what Ji Fa’s heart was faintly excited
However, Ji Fa hurriedly looked at Boyi’s face with worry. "Brother, can such dangerous things be done by his brother? If not, if not, let me do it."
At Ji Fa, Boyi exam slowly shook his head, saying, "I have bad luck in Xibohou, but you can’t do it."
Previously, Road flyover Lu Ya said that the first seven arrows of the nail must be put to good use by a mighty man, so this candidate almost locked him and Jiang Ya.
If someone else can replace him, he will never hesitate, and no one can replace him.
Patted Ji Fa on the shoulder, Boyi said, "Second brother, if anything happens to me, Xiqi will please you."
Said the ignore JiFa such as reaction eyes staring at Ji Shi and the nangongshan two humanitarian "you two and remember my orders shall not be violated".
The nangongshan, Ji Shi glances a slight sigh respectfully brought life.
At the moment, the Boyi exam smiled at Jiangya. "But it made a surname laugh."
Ginger tooth smoothed her beard and smiled slightly. "The duke joked that this person is natural and more human."
Looking at Boyi, Jiang Ya said, "If the duke has made up his mind, we will go to see Road flyover Lu Ya."
Boyi nodded his head and said, "That’s all right."
I didn’t pay any attention to Ji Fa, Ji Shi, the nangongshan Shi and others. Boyi took an exam with a free and easy face, and Jiang Ya went straight to the landing road flyover.
In the tent, Ji Fa looked at Boyi’s distant figure and couldn’t help but sigh.
All along, he always thinks that Boyi exam is too benevolent and filial, and lacks decisive and ruthless heart. Now it seems that he really underestimates his eldest brother.
Ji Fa, his eldest brother, is far beyond his imagination. He can’t help but wonder if he can do the Boyi exam if he changes his position.
I don’t know what Ji Fa suddenly found himself somewhat ignorant of his eldest brother.
It was not until the figure of Boyi Kao disappeared that Ji Fa recovered. At this moment, Ji Shi snorted at Ji Fa, "Ji Fa hopes that you will not forget your brother’s ardent expectations for your letter."
Here, Boyi Kao and Jiang Ya went out of the tent and rushed to land and pressed the Taoist priest. When they came, whether it was the Taoist priest who lit the lamp or the Taoist priest who pressed the road, they all sensed their actions.
In the big tent, all the lecturers can’t help showing admiration. It’s beyond their expectation that Boyi has such determination to tell the truth.
Even ginger teeth, who have been looking at waste, have now changed their previous impression of ginger teeth, which is much better.
After all, thanks to Shen Gongbao, it’s really not so good to explain the name of Jiang Ya. These people’s congresses have no respect for Jiang Ya, even if Jiang Ya is responsible for dispatching military forces and horses, the theory has certain constraints on them, but no one will rest assured Jiang Ya.
However, nowadays, it is different from Jiang Ya’s own actions that have won the recognition of everyone.
Road flyover Lu in the big account of Lu Ya Institute suddenly said, "Come in now that you’re here."
As the road flyover Lu Ya’s voice fell to Boyi, Jiang Ya and his wife lifted the curtain cloth and walked into the tent.
Jiang Ya gave a ceremony to the road flyover Lu Ya, saying, "Jiang Shang, the road flyover Lu Ya, and the Duke have decided to cast a spell to kill Zhao Gong Yunxiao, and they also asked the road flyover to help us."
Looking at Jiangya Boyi’s road flyover Lu Ya’s exam, I see a right path. "But have you really decided? You know, once you fail, the two of you will not be able to carry yourself back and there will be a dead end."
Boyi Kao smiled and said, "Taoist priest, just decorate the altar."