However, since my father died four years ago, my mother has been missing her dead husband for a long time. At the age of ten, Li He became the only laborer in the family and took on the family’s livelihood.

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿夜网 However, since my father died four years ago, my mother has been missing her dead husband for a long time. At the age of ten, Li He became the only laborer in the family and took on the family’s livelihood.

Even if he can’t afford to go to school, Li He still doesn’t change his study every morning and afternoon, even when it rains in summer and snows in winter, it never breaks.
Today, the sun is particularly vicious, and Li He is sweating like rain with his hoe in his hand, and soon his clothes are stuck to his body.
In the past, in the summer, Lao Lihe had a calf nose in front of the metropolis except for his clothes. Today, he not only forgot that his clothes were stained, but also didn’t feel that he was single-handedly hoeing weeds again and again to vent his emotions.
At this moment, Ding Di, Li He’s double arms shook, and I don’t know what hard object the hoe hit, but it was bounced by the shock and almost hurt Li He.
It took a long time for Li He’s hands to regain some consciousness after he was narrowly shattered.
Li He, who had just recovered his ability to act, immediately picked up his hoe and examined it carefully. As expected, the front end of the wooden handle had already been ground to a thin layer, and the iron hoe was half left at this time.
Li He groaned when he saw that he couldn’t repair the hoe any more. Although the price of a blacksmith was fair, he never took credit. The rule was also notorious. If he didn’t have cash, he wanted to repair the hoe. Don’t even think about it. But if he couldn’t repair the hoe, the harvest this year would be affected, and there was not enough food to exchange for money. Sowing in one season was another problem.
At this time, Li He had already forgotten the words of the village dude. At the thought of a series of consequences caused by the damage of a hoe, Li He’s head was faintly painful and his eyes were full of images of gold pieces flying all over the sky.
Hoping to find the treasure with a glimmer of hope, Li He took the remaining half of the iron hoe to dig out the hard objects just dug up.
After seeing the hard object, Li He almost fainted and broke his hoe … It’s still a hoe. The size of this hoe is really small. It’s a hoe for picking herbs and can’t be used to hoe his own hoe. It’s a coincidence that he actually hoes this small medicine hoe, which is only an iron part the size of a child’s palm.
As soon as this medicine hoe was started, Li He was surprised, and his heart was "so heavy"
However, a small medicine hoe with a small arm length actually made Li He take a hoe, and his right arm fell. You know, Li He’s perennial field worker has lost the adult crops in the village, although he has fourteen years of strength. Compared with farming hoes, this pocket medicine hoe is like a three-year-old child’s toy in Li He’s hand.
Li He’s surprise was followed by a wild jump in his heart, and he secretly guessed, "Is this hoe made of gold?"
Hurriedly cleaned up the broken hoe and hid the medicine hoe close to the skin. Li He hurried home to cover the courtyard gate and released the warning door of rhubarb dog, which he had raised since childhood. This took out the medicine hoe hidden in his waist and sharpened the medicine hoe at home.
Half a day later, Li He finally showed golden light in front of his eyes, but it wasn’t the medicine hoe. Li He didn’t finish half a day of water and rice, and he looked up. At the same time, the little golden star appeared.
Li He heard people say that real gold is heavy, but he didn’t touch the real gold. He didn’t know that his hand was heavy at this time, even if the hoe handle was made of gold, it didn’t have this weight.
But Li He, a golden soft common sense, still knows that when he looks at the polished stone for half a day, the surface is clean and there are no traces of wear, and he dies. Picking up the golden heart is to hoe the medicine in the stone for a while.
"Brother Wo!" Just when Li He was in a daze, a red face suddenly appeared on the wall next door. "Why didn’t you come to my house for lunch today? Yesterday was an agreement."
"Regret sister" Li He turned to look at the wall and showed a good-looking white tooth. "Did you secretly eat yourself before I came?"
"No," said the blushing little face on the wall. "But you caught the frog and baked it so delicious that I tasted it first."
"Haha, I also said that I didn’t steal food?" Li He laughed before his depression was swept away.
"Brother Wo!" A red face stamped on the other side of the wall to show his protest
"Ha ha!" Li He laughed and looked at the little girl lying on the wall with a face of spoil, and her heart felt warm.
"ouch!" Is stamped to protest against the girl next door stepping on the stepping stone head suddenly tilted the whole body and fell behind.
"Look out!" Li He reached the wall with a robot, but he was still too late to hear the plop next door and then a painful shout.
"Regret!" Li He climbed over the earth wall with his arm propped on the wall, and he looked at his heart and said, "Where did you fall?"
"My feet hurt!" The girl pointed to her right foot, and her big eyes were filled with water vapor.
"Don’t be afraid to rub it!" Li He took the girl’s right foot and gently kneaded it with a face of love.
Li He’s natural disposition is studious, and he once asked the experienced Lao shifu for advice. After a few pinches, the girl frowned because of the pain.
The girl quietly looked at Li He holding her little feet and kneading them intently. It seemed that it was because of the heat coming from the soles of her feet. Her cheeks flew up with a beautiful hongxia look, and it seemed as if the breeze had swept through the deep black pool, and it was a little inconspicuous.
"Better?" Li He looked up and saw the girl watching her trance. Not from one leng, she immediately seemed to think of something. Her eyes dodged and she still held her soft feet in her hands. There seemed to be some other feelings that made Li He feel overwhelmed.
The girl who was disturbed by Li He’s question seemed to realize something. Hip-hop madness turned out to be a little coy and bowed her head to fiddle with her skirts.
At last, the girl broke the silence and sang a nursery rhyme "A frog has four legs". While singing, she took out a lotus leaf bag from her pocket and handed it to Li He. "Two frogs have two legs, one of us is half." The girl ran back to her house with epilepsy and hurt her feet.
Li He hit the lotus leaf bag in his hand and saw four thighs of roasted oilfield chickens.
"One frog has four legs, two frog legs, two of us … one person is half" repeating the girl’s lyrics just now. Looking at the thigh specially reserved for her frog, Li He’s eyes couldn’t help but flash into the room and shout, "It’s not fair to say that one person is half, but I am the thigh and you are the calf!"
"Hee hee!" There was a burst of laughter in the room as if I had got a bargain.
Li He is also laughing more than heart, tears streaming down her face.
Chapter II Disputes
"What?" The girl in the room exclaimed, "Are you going to collect medicine in the mountains?"
"My mother will ask you to take care of her these days!" Li He nodded and tightened his belt with a medicine hoe and turned around and walked.
"Empress …" The girl cried out in a hurry, limping with her right foot, and grabbed Li He and wouldn’t give up. "Brother He is going to collect herbs in the mountains. Come and persuade him!"
Li He, the "regretful sister", was hugged by a girl from behind, and he felt that he had never felt a strange feeling behind him, which made his head dizzy. It was like the strange feeling of stepping on cotton after stealing half a pot of old wine from his father at the age of nine.
"Brother Wo is here?"
Suddenly, a woman rang at the door, which made Li He conscious and immediately leaned over and said, "Auntie, it’s me!"
It was the girl’s mother who came.
"Niang, you are quick to persuade Brother Wo. He said that the hoe was broken and he needed money to repair it. Niang’s second brother just broke his leg in the first two days of collecting herbs. I heard that it was good and he would become lame." The girl was so anxious that her face turned red that she hugged Li He more tightly.
"Wo Gang, I still have something here, though it’s not worth much, but it’s worth a few taels of silver." Li He said that aunt middle-aged belle pulled out a white hairpin from her head. "God, I let Regret accompany you to the city when you got a few taels of silver. You can also help Regret buy new clothes in the city. See if you can ask a number of doctors to treat your mother and make up for a hoe. A blacksmith can’t get two taels of silver." He said that, and stuffed the jade hairpin into Li He’s hand.
The Regret family moved to Wolong Village ten years ago. At that time, there were two people in the village, the mother and daughter. People knew that the beautiful mother from other places called Du nine niang, but her daughter was called Du Regret after her mother’s surname.
It happened that at that time, there was a small courtyard left idle after Li He’s grandfather died in the village, and Du’s mother and daughter settled here and became Li He’s neighbors.
When Li’s father was alive, he often helped the Du family’s mother and daughter, who were short of labor. After Li’s death, the two families, orphans and widows, became more and more close.
In the last two years, Li He has taken over the hoe of two families. However, there is nothing wrong with the two families’ rice bowls being repaired by Du Jia.
If the two families had helped each other before their father died, Li He would not have refused so fiercely.
But the thought that when my father died, my mother often pulled out the hairpin that my father gave her when she first married, and Li He secretly cried, it was a stabbing pain in her heart. The aunt was also a poor man without her husband. This Hosta naturally cannot be taken as a pawn.
"auntie!" The two men rejected Li He’s stubbornness in his bones and said that they would put the hairpin in their hands back to Du nine niang.
Du regret at a side advised along while to see Li He refused to accept Hosta, so he joined the mother camp and pushed Hosta back to Li He desperately, but forgot his new ankle injury, but it was a great pain in his feet.
"I regret my sister!" At first glance, Li He reached out and helped, but forgot that Du nine niang was refusing.
"ah!" This time, it was Li He who shouted and held out his hand and was stabbed in the back of the hand by Du nine niang’s hand. The thorn turned out to be bleeding like a note.
"Brother Wo!" Du nine niang’s face was pulled up by Li He’s injured hand and finger, and he held the wound mouth and cried out for repentance to take medicine to stop bleeding. Even the Hosta in his hand slipped to the ground without being aware of it.
At this moment, Li He suddenly felt dizzy in his mind, which turned out to be unstable. If it were not for Du nine niang’s pulling, he would have had a big fall.
The mother and daughter were even more flustered, but people noticed that Li He suddenly became dizzy and a drop of blood happened to drop on the waist medicine hoe.
The dull medicine hoe turned out to be a golden light when the blood dripped, and then it returned to normal. It was that a drop of blood that fell on the hoe surface seemed to be swallowed by the medicine hoe and became a trace.
Li He suddenly felt dizzy. Obviously, this medicine hoe is eccentric and can’t get rid of it.