At this moment, Lin felt that the ground shook for more than ten seconds and then stopped.

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿夜网 At this moment, Lin felt that the ground shook for more than ten seconds and then stopped.

This should be …
Thinking of Lynn leaving the control room and walking quickly towards the exit.
Walking through the process, Lin can see many deboned dolls killed by weapons.
When Lin walked to the exit position, Lin found that … sure enough, the outside environment changed.
It seems that Lin just pressed the last button, which led to the "jump" start.
The environment outside looks … not bad.
It is mainly composed of a vast plain with a meadow half a meter high and a blue sky at the horizon … a group of Ershi people.
These people, dressed in gold and silver, looked at Lin strangely.
At this time, a Kirshman asked, "Are you … back? Did you find enough meat? "
"No, it’s not a player," said another Kershmin. "What may have happened …"
Chapter 30 Finally
"This is the last hope, the last … light."
Lin Veronica stepped on this vast grassland.
And follow that people who wear wonderful ornaments here to their home.
A town that built the Golden Plain …
It is indeed the golden plain. Lin came all the way and saw that the grass was green, but the grass around their town was golden
It’s not withered. The golden color seems to have grown into a golden color specially, which is quite interesting.
However, most of their urban houses are ten meters high and few to one hundred meters high, and their shapes are quite strange.
There are pyramid-shaped, snail-shell-shaped, and two squares with sharp corners stacked together.
They are all white and look like plastic structures from the outside.
"this is where we live"
After several people took Lin Ershi into the town and came to the street of the town, Lin saw that the residents coming and going here were usually walking back and forth in silver or gold clothes.
They looked at Veronica curiously, perhaps because Veronica was wearing clothes like fluff.
After taking Lin into the town, almost all the people dispersed, leaving a tallest one here. It said to Lin, "Come on, I’ll take you to check in …"
"So easy to check in?" Lin asked doubtfully.
In fact, when they first met Lin, they said something suspicious, but they soon decided to bring Lin here.
"We welcome all similar people from other worlds." The tall Kirshman took Lin to a building in the center of the town.
This building looks like a … the entrance to Ershimin’s head is its mouth.
Lin thinks that ordinary people will have a disgusting feeling when they enter here, but this people seem to be fine.
After following it into the building, Lin found that there was no furniture in it, just a swinging hall and a … big people.
Here, the people of Ershi are generally relatively tall, and they are generally close to two meters.
And this general high school is also very large, while the people of Ershi are nearly three meters in size, which is a monster in the eyes of ordinary people of Ershi.
But it is actually the main consciousness here.
"Welcome to your distant visitors", a huge Kirshman, looks very old, too. It is almost as long as Hu … and dragged to the ground.
It is also like a character in various fairy tales of the people of Ershi.
"So do you want to live here?" Great Ershi people slowly walked to the front of Lin Veronica and squatted down and asked.
It squatted much bigger than Veronica, and Veronica asked it, "What is this called’ finally’?"
"I have a story," said the giant Kirshmin. "Do you want to hear it? It was a long time ago … "
It didn’t wait for Lin to say if she wanted to hear it, so she said it herself.
But what’s more interesting is its story … that Lynn knows or the first half knows.
It told Lin that they lived before, and a tumbling man named’ Ershi’ simply said a history of development.
Then it also said that Walsh was alive and the world was conscious.
At some point, Walsh took them away from the familiar star and made a virtual journey.
The purpose of this trip is to live in a safe place.
Many things happened in the journey, many dangers were encountered, and many times they were almost destroyed by successive disasters.
But in the end it succeeded.
Walsh arrived in Andi.
The people of Ershi lived happily ever after.
Because of this crisis and disaster in the journey, they are United in comparison. After arriving at the destination, all the people work together to create a new home.
No criminals, no pain, and everyone is full of laughter.
However, this did not last long, and with their development, selfish people and criminals increased.
Ershi civil literature has once again "fallen" back to its original state, and wars of various sizes have continued one after another
Walsh did not intervene in their development at that time.
There is a group of people who miss the original time very much, that is, they just arrived in the security zone, and all the people worked together without disputes.
That era was full of beauty and hope, and they were more eager than that era to reappear.
So this group of people got together and made some way to make their strong hopes vain.