I hope the shallow imperial concubine will get better soon.
Into the temple, Jun Moying casually found a place to sit, just as Dongyang had previously ordered people to cook blood-enriching soup, so it was served.
Dongyang came to feed but was picked up by Jun Moying. "You go."
When the two of them were left in the temple, he picked up Feng Shao and put his legs around her as usual, holding a bowl in the other hand and a spoon in the other, stirring up a few scoops and blowing them to cool before sending them to her mouth.
"Children have been born now should restore appetite? I remember that when I first met you, your favorite thing was to eat, so I saw something delicious … "He paused as if to think and finally said," It’s like seeing silver. "At this point, he suddenly smiled lightly and dyed his brow with a gentle smile because of memories.
"At that time, you loved these two things the most."
When he came to his senses and his eyes were focused again, his eyes were trembling slightly.
Your ink shadow heart a tight.
"What’s the matter?"
He hurriedly put the bowl aside and picked up her little face, only to find that her eyes were red again and the crystal tears just fell down because he moved them.
"Shallow what would happen …"
He doesn’t even know what it is, what makes him cry or what makes him stupid. Chapter 671 You are sure to like them.
Jun Mo Ying held her face, closed her eyes and kissed her eyes to get wet.
Similarly, because of his shallow movements, he can close his eyes as long as butterfly wings, and his eyelashes keep trembling and his tears keep slipping. It seems that no matter how hard he tries, he can’t clean the tears on her face.
"What’s wrong with shallowness?"
Jun Mo reasoned that she didn’t scream or cover her head, saying that the pain shouldn’t be very serious. Maybe she just had a baby and felt a little uncomfortable.
Guessing that she was suffering from backache, he gently moved her waist and pinched it twice and watched her face carefully.
But I don’t want to laugh at Feng Shao through tears. His arms are shaking and he looks up and stares at him in shame.
Jun Moying was in a trance for a moment and returned to the time when she was still normal and intact.
He paused to remember that little things are ticklish, and every time he pinched her waist, it was like killing her.
"Stupid thing turned out to have lost his memory habit again." He smiled and put his big dry palm on her face, and the corners of his eyes were soft and tender.
Although compared with her original appearance, she is no different from a newborn child, but she is still used to it
So can he be her habit?
For example, when she hears thunder outside, she will run out to see if it is because she subconsciously remembers that there is such a person who doesn’t want to hear thunder in this weather and needs her company.
Jun Moying hugged her with a deep voice and twisted a few wires solemnly, "Don’t be afraid that I will never let you go no matter what you become."
The angular jaw pressed against her, and his voice kept hovering over her head.
"It’s my fault that I didn’t protect you and hurt you twice. You don’t say I know you’re blaming me for knowing what they will do to you and keeping them …"
"I’ve never told you that if I can have you in this palace, there are some things that the emperor can’t follow one’s inclinations … my father gave me Jiangshan and I can’t ruin it because of selfish desires …"
"Don’t tell you because I’m afraid that what you can’t imagine will collapse and I’m not so powerful …"
"Give me a little shallow until the day when the court is stable, I will …"
Will what?
He didn’t say anything more.
Jun Moying gathered his eyes and turned around. "You should have a good rest and keep fit these days. I want you to wait for the day and let the nurse bring our child. What do you think?"
Without her answer, he still talks to her without giving up.
"You will like them. They are cuter than me."
Early the next morning, I asked Zhang Jin about the review results yesterday.
Liu Ai couldn’t bear to be tortured and confessed that everything was instigated by Li Fei-although Liu Ai was the only one who finally brought rouge to Fengyang Palace.
And all this has also been admitted by Mrs. Li Fei that everything was her idea, and today’s oxytocin revenge came about because she hated Feng Xiao and killed her good sister Hua Fei.
Jun Moying frowned. "She didn’t arrive at the Queen?"
Zhang Jin shook his head and asked seriously, "Does the emperor think this has anything to do with the queen?"
Jun Moying sneered, "Yesterday, the queen and Li Fei in Fengyi Palace reacted differently!"
He picked up the steps "Walk to torture room!"