And Duan Qingyun looked at old Mao Joklin, who was sitting in his seat not far away. He was whispering to Zamusi and Jielinke. Although Duan Qingyun couldn’t understand their bird language, he could feel from their eyes that these three old Mao were making crooked ideas!

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊品茶上课论坛 And Duan Qingyun looked at old Mao Joklin, who was sitting in his seat not far away. He was whispering to Zamusi and Jielinke. Although Duan Qingyun couldn’t understand their bird language, he could feel from their eyes that these three old Mao were making crooked ideas!

At this time, I heard a male voice of Hong Hou in the boxing ring. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s 19: 00 sharp in Beijing, and our boxing match is official tonight! Please welcome the first contestant, Cheung Nam.
As soon as the male voice finished, the referee rang the bell.
Then the palm rings.
See wearing a dark red shorts vest, wearing dark red boxing gloves, striding forward in the boxing ring, while the stage is about the same height. Zheng Nan Zheng Nan is wearing a light blue shorts vest and wearing the same light blue boxing gloves.
Duan Qingyun saw that although Cheung Nam was about the same height as Diao, he was stronger than Diao. Cheung Nam’s thick arms were almost twice as big as Diao’s arms. Cheung Nam’s chest muscles were tall and bulging with fluffy black chest hair, which made people depressed, but his ambitious chest was skinny.
The audience in Taiwan looked at the two boxers with wide contrasts and said that Cheung Nam would win and lose. It is said that Cheung Nam’s ambition to lose is that a wise head makes a close mouth; Yes, simply yelling at Taiwan to stop grinding and let Li Hu come out quickly …
Sitting beside Duan Qingyun, Zhang Changlin, two directors, are holding the staff with great ambition at the same time.
Tree-lined put your mouth to Zhang, director of the ear, "Zhang Xiong’s ambition is a loser. What does he have to take Cheung Nam? Ah … "
Director Zhang also has a face of worry. "Yes, this child is very good at being a man. I hope he can stick to it. Let’s not expect too much from him! He can try his best to also can … "
Tree-lined still with worry color way "Cheung Nam won the two hundred and fifty times in the competition and our boxing team since the formation of the overall level has been very high, Li Hu action last night is the best to say! I really hope that ambition can also play the level of Li Hu! "
Director Zhang said with a smile, "I am very optimistic about Xiao Diao, a tree-lined boy. He is really good and trains very hard. I have been to the boxing team several times. He has always been diligent in training and is very kind …"
Duan Qingyun, who was sitting next to Director Zhang, listened to the conversation between the two directors. He was worried about winning or losing his ambition. He didn’t think highly of his ambition, but Director Zhang said well about his ambition.
Duan Qingyun immediately understood that director Zhang’s ambition had given him a thousand-year-old deer king whip because of his ambition! No matter how much money such a lecherous official has, he is not rare, but that Millennium deer king whip is his favorite! What if he doesn’t speak with ambition?
Zhang, director of this guy Duan Qingyun nature very don’t appreciate but this guy can bring Duan Qingyun the apprentice! But Director Zhang is not in one place. Although he is lustful and always thinks about aphrodisiac, he is not tempted by his friends and his wife and lover. This is what Duan Qingyun appreciates!
At the same time, Duan Qingyun also pondered whether his ambition could surpass Cheung Nam’s opponent! He believes that although he can get excited by dispensing drugs for Diao Zhi-zhi, the drugs he got are far from those of Li Hu and Ye Fei!
At this time, Cheung Nam has already taken the lead in punching towards ambition.
The audience has long known that the ambitious Li Hu belongs to the same boxing team. Li Hu is so awesome that his teammates seem to be no worse!
However, the audience’s expectations for the performance of ambition are huge. When Cheung Nam attacked him, he could raise his arm to dodge, but Cheung Nam was too fast. The first punch was declared effective and hit the nose of ambition.
Suddenly, the mind was dizzy and the body was violently shaken. One or two nostrils were instantly flooded with two bright red blood rivers.
Zheng Na succeeded with one punch, and the audience exclaimed that they would attack the ambition again in the palm of their hands. This time, they were prepared to raise their right arms to block, and at the same time, they quickly attacked Cheung Nam with their left arms. Sure enough, Cheung Nam was punched by the ambition in the shoulder, but the ambition to fight back was so weak that it was simply a threat to Cheung Nam and Cheung Nam. Cheung Nam took advantage of the opportunity to take back his left arms and once again punched the ambition in the face. At the same time, his other fist was not idle to punch the ambition in the abdomen.
Aspiring this time can’t stand it. Quickly put your arms around Cheung Nam.
As the referee called to stop, the first round of the two men was over.
In the eyes of nearly 10,000 spectators, they squatted down, took off their boxing gloves, wiped their nostrils, and the bleeding river reached Qingyun Zhang and Erh Lin. All the audience saw that their ambitious faces overflowed with pain and timidity.
Duan Qingyun andao, isn’t his ambition just like Li Hu’s last night, and his aphrodisiac hasn’t been exerted yet? If that’s the case, be careful if you are ambitious! After all, it’s a bad thing that Zheng Na’s attack speed is too fast and he doesn’t fight back when he is ambitious! Last night, Li Hu and Zheng Binglong saved themselves from being injured in Li Hu’s predicament, so that when the aphrodisiac was won, they greatly countered the powerful Zheng Binglong and prepared the conditions! And ambitious doesn’t seem to have such winning conditions …
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Chapter 19 aphrodisiac PK hard qigong
As Duan Qingyun expected, the ambitious Zheng Na failed to withstand a series of rapid attacks by Cheung Nam in the second round.
When the referee bell rang, everyone was worried that their eyes were still not up.
Finally, the game was over, and the bell rang loudly.
Looking at the limp limbs, the stubborn ambition was laboriously carried by the workers to the square boxing ring. Duan Qingyun suddenly turned white and had no aphrodisiac! If he takes the medicine, his eyes will definitely be different, his roar will definitely be different, and his movement will naturally be different!