Feng is relieved to laugh at the night, and her son is clever and not deficient in their chicken children.

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿洗浴会所 Feng is relieved to laugh at the night, and her son is clever and not deficient in their chicken children.

In addition to phoenix leaving the night, Xiao Huang is also a face of pride and a cold face. Yu Ge said, "Ye Ladies are so smart."
Yu Ge’s grin hurts. His body is black and blue.
But he dare not say, I kicked him out of the tree.
Yu Ge tried to squeeze out a smiling face and nodded his head. "Is that if you don’t listen to me, will you look at her?"
"nonsense, she is not her cleverness, but her whole person, whether it is good or bad."
"Yes, yes"
Yu Ge, who was humiliated, never dared to publish anything bad again and nodded again.
But when I think about it, I still don’t forget to wake up my master
"But I’m listening to that phoenix. I’m going to choose a husband who hurts her for Qingling County tonight. It seems that he didn’t count you in."
"He dares"
Xiao Huang finally thought of the former phoenix leaving the night talk, and the whole body was covered with frost, and the eyes were gloomy than the murderous look. "If he really dares to do this, the world doesn’t mind killing him."
Xiao Huang mercilessly said, raise my hand and touch Yuge to one side. Yuge moved quickly and moved away.
Then Xiao Huang’s hand fell, and he turned around and looked at Yu Ge’s face and looked scared. He couldn’t help wondering, "What are you doing so far away?"
"Master Shi, I’m tired. Find a place to sit."
Yu Ge sat down with a butt, but because of too much strength, he split a thick branch with one arm and broke two bodies and went to plant trees.
After listening to the bamboo porch, the phoenix leaves the night in the back garden and Su Wan heard the sound. Their faces changed, and the phoenix leaves the night and sinks. "Look at who?"
Flowering white body vivid disease shot, but Xiao Huang took Yu Ge to flicker and scurried in the blink of an eye, then went out of Anguo Houfu and fell to the street until Xiao Huang looked at Yu Ge with a gloomy face and said; "Your ability to handle affairs is getting worse and worse recently. Think about whether to transfer you."
Yu Ge is almost crying. "I must work hard to make progress. Don’t transfer my family."
It’s a pity that Xiao Huang has ignored him and turned around and walked all the way to Jing Wangfu.
Tonight, Gong Yanfeng left the night and said that she would find a man who loves her. He will be interesting to see who dares to touch his woman in other places.
Xiao Huang pupil eyes a bloody rage all the way back to jing wangfu.
Palace banquet
Every time there is a banquet in the palace, something will happen, which has almost become a nightmare for the ladies in Kyoto, the place of Xi Chu.
Although there are many dragons and phoenixes at the palace banquet tonight, such as Taiqingxiao Guofeng Taitai in the East China Sea, Jingwangshi in the West Chu State, Ningwangdian and so on.
Each of these tianjiao is more dazzling than any one you marry, which will make all women envy and envy.
But even so, many precious women still have shadows in their hearts, and they are all cautious.
Because of this, the palace banquet seems a little depressing.