This time, Li Yun gave KaKaili a martial arts method called "Magic in the Mysterious Heaven of Kowloon", which is a secret book that Li Yun got from the floating palace of swords in recent days. Although it is not as powerful as Li Yun’s "Absolute Forbidden", it is also a magical skill to cultivate the mind and nourish the nature.
One thing is that it is most suitable for emperors to practice. There are nine heavens. I believe it will be very powerful and awesome after practice. Unfortunately, Nan Huan did not intend to give him the Nine Heavenly Wonders, but he intended to give him the first to the fourth day.
KaKaili was so happy that he almost jumped up when he heard Li Yun talk about this art. Of course, he would ask how the power of "The Magic of the Nine Dragons" compares with that of the soldiers in the Sky. Li Yun smiled and replied that everyone has his own advantages. If a person with deep strength has so many good magic skills for a super magical newcomer, he is not his opponent.
Hearing Li Yun’s explanation of KaKaili, he asked Li Yun how strong he was. Li Yun, he doesn’t know that if he is only twenty-five or six years old according to his age, he keeps pointing his fingers in front of KaKaili and then shows them to KaKaili.
"Nine years?" Kacarey asked
After Li Yun shook his head, KaKaili said 90 years, but Li Yun still shook his head 900 years. Li Yun still shook his head three times, so KaKaili won’t make wild guesses, thinking that Li Yun didn’t appear too long ago, and he was in his twenties, and he didn’t have a relationship with 90 and 900.
"Is it nine months?" Kacarey guessed back
"No, but nine thousand years!" Li Yun answered him very solemnly.
"What is the year of Jia?" KaKaili is not from the earth, and he doesn’t know anything about the term A. Ask Li Yun.
"A year is equal to 60 years and 9,000 years, which is about 540,000 years. This time you are white!" Li Yun explained to him
Li Yun is talking about the strength in his abdomen. He didn’t intend to tell him about his heart. Otherwise, maybe this father-in-law might treat him as a monster. You think a normal human heart is made of stone. What is this theory?
540 thousand years? What is this concept? Li Yun seems to be in his twenties. Did he really live for 540,000 years? It’s not true that he has white hair and eyebrows, is it? Well, it must be. It must be an old monster! Kacarey thought
Chapter two hundred and nineteen Blackmail
Chapter two hundred and nineteen Blackmail
Later, Li Yun slowly explained to him that people don’t have to live to 5,400 years to have such deep strength, but strength equals year, not year. When I heard this, KaKaili finally turned white, which means that Li Yun’s strength is quite as deep as 5,400 years.
I don’t know how he practiced it, but Li Xun didn’t tell him about fixing the truth. Generally, the person who fixes the truth is that there are some fairy powers in the same theory of heaven and earth, which are not counted in thousands of years, but in thousands of years. Li Xun is just a drop in the ocean in this universe.
Later, Li Yun explained to KaKaili that there was a point in "The Magic of Nine Dragons" that Li Yun solemnly told him that if he closed his practice, he had to choose a secret place to practice. Finally, Li Yun’s hands showed white light and gave the father-in-law a trick to imprint his memory into his brain.
Finally, Li Juan’s Qi help helped him to get through the strange meridians and the governor’s second meridians on the spot, so that KaKaili entered Dacheng’s congenital realm. Although it was a little bit painful and painful, it was a piece of cake for this war king. After Li Juan helped him get through the meridians, he put a little Qi into his body and started his meridians.
"Well, you should wash your dirt first and then throw it every day. You will achieve something in less than half a month when you practice the route I just taught you!" Li Yun said to the father-in-law
"You are really my good son-in-law, and I don’t know what to thank you for. I’m taking a shower now. Somebody please give me water!" Kacarey felt that there was a force in his body, and it was wonderful.
"If you are grateful to me, give me the wealth in the national treasury!" Li Yun smiled and said
"son-in-law, you can’t be too greedy. I’ll give you those when I give you a big official. If I give them all to you, the treasury will come out. I don’t know where to find money. There are a lot of dog officials and soldiers to support. It’s not that I don’t give them to you, but that I should know how to support them reasonably.
Forget it, I don’t understand those things very well. It’s no use telling you that it’s not you after you take over the empire that day. I won’t tell you that it will be dawn soon. Go back and I’ll take a shower! "Cary said to Li Yun simply.
"Well, I’ll take a break and remember to give me those uninvited concubines in the harem, okay?" Li Luanli said to KaKaili
"All right, I’ll arrange for you to wait for you at the palace after the shower and dawn!" Kacarey said to Li Yun, who was far away
In this way, Kacarey called his eunuch in charge and ordered him to go to the harem. He told those uninvited princesses to pack their things and wait for their men to go to the palace at dawn. So Kacarey’s side manager Ma Ling was ordered to take a small group of eunuchs to the harem to knock on the door.
They were soon knocked on the door by the Grand Duke to pee. When they just slept and closed their eyes, there was another knock on the door outside to pity the eunuchs. But when they heard what the eunuchs said, they were happy and unwilling to hate themselves. They hated themselves for being sent around all the time, but they hoped that the young king would treat them well.
Since the king ordered them to pack up, there is nothing to say. Pack up those dowry and valuables.
Of the 5,000 concubines, 3,000 still remain virgins. Their life experiences are all from other empires, princesses, nobles, senior officials, daughters, and a few are women sent by the people. They are all beautiful women from all over the world, each of whom is beautiful, so slim, mature, charming, plump, sexy, charming, gentle, pure and noble …
The next day!
In the early imperial palace, there were not 100 officials, but 3,000 ladies in bright and beautiful clothes. There was no official here except the king and Li Juan, including Tang Yueer, Tang Qinger, and Lu Yin. They didn’t sleep in their rooms, but Li Juan meditated and then ran here to wait for news.
3,000 people are very cultured. The beautiful eyes in the palace are quietly looking at this white-haired and bridled man with three-dimensional facial features. The whole person gives off a megatron king’s evil and beautiful face. At this time, he is wearing a slutty and informal smile. The Grand Duke is this little guy who knocked on the door everywhere last night and called on him to pee. These princesses all have their own thoughts in their hearts.
"Please go to the left over thirty-five!" Li Yun looked at those who were as beautiful as princesses and beautiful women from various empires.
Li Xun said that 100 of the more than 3,000 concubines went to the left, that is, 100 were over 35 years old. When I saw the more than 100 concubines on the left, Li Xun ran to them from the face and observed that although they were over 35 years old, they were as beautiful as they were in their twenties, and their skin was smooth and white, and no wrinkles were seen in their faces.
"Good maintenance is very good, especially the pair of things on the chest are much fuller than usual! All right, you all go back to the team! " Li Yun looked at these beautiful women who are ten years older than him and said
Later, Li Yun told the 3,000 concubines to go to the right when they were under ten years old. There were more than 200 under ten years old and over thirty-five, but they were almost as tall as their twenties, but their faces were a little childish and innocent.
Seeing these 200 little girls, Li Juan, about fifteen years old, looking at KaKaili, KaKaili smiled shyly. Maybe KaKaili knew that Li Juan called him an old cow eating young grass or a broken hand eating green buds. Of course, Li Juan despised him so much that he even ate underage girls.
Underage girl? No, in this new moon continent, every girl who is fifteen years old will come of age. Do you still have children? Maybe it’s Li Cong, a civilized man from the 21st century on earth. He can’t come of age until he is ten years old in his mind.
Although these 200 little girls are underage, they are really fucking beautiful. It will be another year or two before they will mature, otherwise sometimes it will taste good to eat them raw.
"I have all these 3,000 women. Do you have anything to say to them?" Li Yun looked at all the beauties and said
Facing the woman in this palace hall, Kacarey didn’t expect that she had so many concubines, but she should have given them to Li Xun. Now it’s hard to go back on our word, so she told those beautiful concubines that she asked them to wait on Li Xun’s harem life in the future.
"You have kept them here for many years. Have you kept them for more than ten years? Do you compensate them for the loss of youth?" Li Yun asked KaKaili.
It’s not bad that KaKaili gave Li Yun a woman. How dare Li Yun ask him to pay for it? God, why does this son-in-law always bite out and not bite in? KaKaili endured Li Yun’s words, but that doesn’t mean KaKaili will take the money out.
And kakari asked the concubines opposite.
"Do any of you want any loss of youth?"
Kakaili is a very scheming king. He knew that Li Yun was playing his abacus and asked them about the loss of youth. None of the concubines dared to answer his words, but they turned their eyes to Li Yun and hoped that Li Yun could help them pay attention.
Li Xun read their meaning in their eyes. They wanted to lose, but they were afraid to tell the king. Li Xun looked at everyone and didn’t want to say anything more about what they meant to say to this great imperial country. Give more or less.
One million gold coins, one million gold coins, and three thousand princesses, although one million is not a lot, it is not very small, but one million is a big pool with two months’ income. That’s it. Li Yi doesn’t have to be difficult for him anymore. Tell him to practice more and not do too much late.
Chapter two hundred and ninety Home feeling is freedom
Chapter two hundred and ninety Home feeling is freedom
Li Yun led the 3,000 princesses to the palace tournament field, where Li Yun gently lifted Zhang Xiangtian’s hands and there was a crack in the sky. Tens of thousands of weapons flew out from the inside. First, the 10,000 Yuan Shen Dao each appeared with its own color.
There are gold, white, silver, red, blue, cyan, yellow and black … Every magic soldier buzzes, as if seeing the protagonist Li Yun, and then more than 100,000 swords fly out of it, and they also scream, but they just don’t give off divine light.
Many of the 3,000 concubines around Li Yun have also heard about Li Yun’s power, especially the display of power against the light empire. I didn’t expect Li Yun to release these divine powers this morning. The Kakaili Empire around Li Yun had already heard about this matter. I didn’t expect to appear before him today and see the number of weapons flying around with my own eyes.
In my heart, I am very scared and dismayed. If Li Yun points these spiritual weapons at him, then the Senao Empire Field will be just like the Light Empire, and so will Kakaili, the guard in the palace, who is staring at the magic of heaven for fear that they will fly to him.
Li Yun, the weapon in the Frisbee, realized that the swords and swords were slowly combined to form a huge spaceship with a length of 1,000 meters and a width of 150 meters. The whole palace was less than 100 meters, which made people feel that it was a night story.
After Li Lian summoned these ancient magic weapons, his hands were waving huge swords, and those weapons kept moving one after another. By the way, a sword ladder was formed from the face-to-face extension of Li Lian’s consciousness, and Li Lian slowly appeared in front of Li Lian, raising his feet and stepping slowly to the face.
Then, the 3,000 princesses followed Li Lian’s back to step on this giant sword face like Cambridge. Because of the large number of people, Li Lian controlled three sword ladders to let them climb the sword one by one like landing on a plane.
"KaKaili, do you want to go to Sky City to have a look?" Li Yun said to him
"I want to go, but there are too many things in the palace to spare. Who will take me back after I go?" Kacarey thought that the whole empire was waiting for him to do it, and that the Sky City was thousands of miles away from the palace, and it would take a few days to walk back.
"Ha ha, you can ask your daughter to send you back then. Leave the palace to the Prime Minister. Are you going or not? I’m leaving if I don’t go! " Li Yun opposite KaKaili said
"Well, when I went there for a day or two, I heard that you have the most prosperous city in the mainland of Senrdas, especially the floating palace and Jianshan. I’m really sorry for myself!" Kacarey’s great empire said that, and then he said a few words to the guards and eunuchs around him, and then he flew to the huge blade surface through those sword ladders.
"Let’s go!"