He clenched mark broken arrow directly stepped on the road without looking back.

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊品茶上课论坛 He clenched mark broken arrow directly stepped on the road without looking back.

"Let’s go home!"
Chapter 56 Return to Lin ‘an City
When Li Xuandao and Li Duanqi returned to Lin ‘an City, it was already bright.
Chatting at the gate of the city, several guards gathered around to greet Li Xuandao warmly.
"Master Li came back so early?"
"How about having fun in Muzhou this time?"
"Have you seen Master Chixiao?"
Several guards are full of respect.
Since Li Xuandao became Lord Li Shaozhu, his status has been prominent immediately, and no one dares to disrespect him any more.
Li Xuandao took out some Xuanlong coins from his arms and gave them to these guards. Then he smiled and seemingly asked casually, "What happened to Lin’ an City when I left this section?"
Several guards look a transient brilliant laugh.
"No, no, Lin ‘an City is quiet."
"What big things can happen in Lin ‘an City with a bigger fart?"
"Sun Luzhen, the master of Sun Jia’s family, married another concubine. I wonder if it is a big deal?"
Although these guards hide it well, they have a little panic on their brow, but they can’t hide from Li Xuandao’s great spirit.
However, he didn’t ask, chatted casually and left side by side with Li Duanqi.
It was not until Li Xuandao and Li Duanqi disappeared that several guards at the end of the street stopped laughing and their faces grew gloomy.
"I didn’t expect Li Xuandao to come back!"
"What if Li Xuandao came back late?"
"Cut the gossip and let’s go and report to the master."
Said several guards have scattered ran in different directions.
Li Xuandao body suddenly a hundred meters away.
Counting hundreds of meters away, he will still hear several guards clearly.
"Lin’ an City really had an accident!"
Li Xuandao suddenly clenched his fist and his eyes flashed a tree.
Then he looked as fast as usual and didn’t even notice Li Duanqi around him.
No matter what happened in Lin ‘an City, he has come back.
But his heart still hopes that the Li family will not go too far.
After all, they are brothers of the same family, and Li Xuandao doesn’t want to clash with the Li family unless it is necessary.
But if the lees are unappreciative, he will never be polite to crack the dome sword emperor.
"Seven elder brother seems a bit wrong."
Walking down the street, Li Duanqi suddenly stopped.
He looked around doubtfully and whispered, "Why do people around look at us with such strange expressions?"
Li Xuandao eyes swept away indeed as expected to see the people around you don’t point fingers.
When his eyes swept, those who were talking behind his back turned pale and dispersed one after another.
"Maybe we are too handsome?"
Li Xuandao half jokingly said
Li Duanqi shook his head and his expression was very serious. "Even if we are handsome again, it is not for men, women and children to stare at us." And you and Wan Zhiqiu are not ignorant. "
"Me and Wan Zhiqiu?"
Li Xuandao slightly stunned and said, "You are a little talkative. Wan Zhiqiu and I just know each other. If you dare to talk nonsense again, I will pull out your tongue!"
"Brother Qi is your sophistry. How can I count my mouth poor?"
Li Duanqi Weng smiled, "You and Wan Zhiqiu have personally admitted that even if you want to deny it, no one will believe you."