If the retreat plan is successful, there will be no threat to the Daxi people in such a short time.

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿夜网 If the retreat plan is successful, there will be no threat to the Daxi people in such a short time.

"get ready!"
At the same time, not far from the sun’s high-temperature fire curtain, there is an asteroid with a very harsh natural environment. The remaining 19 nine-satellite stars of the Daxi family protect this quark-particle transition center in a ring-shaped three-dimensional manner except for some energy rhomboids that are constantly put into the nine-satellite.
This kind of protection can last for a minute or two even if there are twenty or thirty nine-satellite stars.
The quark-particle transition device is about to start successfully.
Commander Jin Dingding watched all this and looked at the sky from time to time.
Seeing the situation with thousands of eyes, the Emperor Xu retreated his eyes and suddenly moved.
It’s different.
This Jin Ding is also the commander of the Nine Guards Expeditionary Force of Daxi nationality, which is different from Daxi nationality.
Its ten Daxi people are the standard Daxi silver-blue matte body flow linear body refinement ratio.
However, this Jin Ding has a powerful spirit, a more magnificent and burly figure, a dark gold armor and a unique domineering attitude.
Previously, Xu tui, including the Tianmen City battlefield in the western part of the celestial universe, had never seen such a special Daxi clan as Jin Ding.
And Xu tui’s note is because this Jin Ding looks a bit like the guards in heaven.
Especially that unique and domineering dark gold armor, although decorated in many places, has a very strong ancient celestial characteristics.
Xu back my heart suddenly moved.
"Wei Shuai, the commander, looks like a high-definition restoration. Let Dongyu Jiajiu and others look familiar?" Xu back ordered
While waiting for Xu to retreat, I quietly observed the energy brightness of the transition center of the Daxi quark particle.
At present, it is lit up by 90%
After lighting up 100%, you can make a guide coordinate to make a transition.
According to the previous observation, every 500 energy crystals can light up a heavy light, so as to maximize the benefits.
I want to wait for the Daxi clan to invest hundreds of energy crystals before destroying them.
Before retiring, observe the nine satellite stars of Daxi nationality. Everyone carries about 300 to 500 energy crystals.
At most, one person dropped 400 energy crystals.
I’m sure there’s still residue in my hand to restore myself. I won’t burn the energy.
According to this calculation, the energy crystal carried by the 19-bit Daxie nine-satellite star is enough to start the quark-particle transition twice.
But if Xu retired and killed several Daxi Jiuwei, it would not be enough.
Xu back quietly waiting for the opportunity suddenly Weibin sound com rang.
"Head of the high-definition portrait of the commander, we have taken a look at all the leaders of the four heavenly gates in the east, south, south and north of the small universe in heaven at the same time.
They don’t know each other!
Or that feature obtained at present are not distinguish by explicit method.
But all the leaders can be sure of one thing, "said Weibin.
"What is it?"
"The commander hundred percent ancient heaven unification has.
Or maybe he has a seal of refining the ancient heaven commander, or maybe he is an ancient heaven commander.
Because the golden helmet and golden armor of the Grand Commander in Ancient Heaven is no longer the standard, but the golden helmet and golden armor of each Grand Commander in personal tailor are locked by the seal of the corresponding Grand Commander.
Non-grand marshal or seal owner wears it. "
After that, Wei Bin added, "They said that although the commander’s golden helmet and golden armor have slightly changed in appearance, the main styles and lines of the ancient heavenly armor are all."
Xu retreat look instantly awe-inspiring.
In most cases, the so-called personal tailor of the Ministry of Military Affairs adds a little personality change, which is the same as modifying the main body.
After all, this grand marshal’s golden helmet and golden body is identity and symbol.
If the appearance changes too much, it loses its correspondence.
Which means …