Like a steel body, coupled with the rapid specific speed, this black dragon horse is simply a rapidly moving mountain. Anyone who hits someone will burst into blood and spill it all over the place.

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊品茶喝茶资源预约 Like a steel body, coupled with the rapid specific speed, this black dragon horse is simply a rapidly moving mountain. Anyone who hits someone will burst into blood and spill it all over the place.

Some bandits tried to stop this crazy Long Lin horse with their own strength, but everything was in vain. A monk who tried to stop it was hit by this black dragon horse. I don’t know if he was alive or dead. Instead, Li Yan was very relaxed on horseback. He took a mysterious machete from the robber who had just been hit and flew, and kept chopping down the surrounding bandits. Anyone who passed by was not separated and broke off.
The more people kill, the more intense Li Yan’s blood will be. He will absorb these blood as soon as possible and practice lotus flower instantaneous killing. With the constant killing, his magical power can be said to have made rapid progress for a while.
It wasn’t long before they killed a rogue in the realm of refining the gods, and then these people quickly retreated, which can be said to be fierce and rapid.
"It’s a pity that a little less I lotus flower instantaneous killing can reach the point of becoming more proficient, and then I can also play this magical power. I didn’t expect that these people would retreat before playing for a long time." Li Yan breathed a sigh of relief and jerked his mouth twitched. He held his chest and his intuition was as painful as a few blades.
"It seems that I was badly injured in the previous blow. I am so strong and my bones have been injured like this. If I were an ordinary monk who refined the gods, I would not be able to get one." After Li Yan took a pill to restore the injury, she silently transported her divine power to move her blood to suppress the injury.
Since smearing dumpling blood, Li Yan’s resilience has also been strengthened. Although it is not more than ten times, it is possible to turn it over three or four times.
Is it so badly hurt that it won’t heal for a while?
"Gee, I didn’t expect you to come alive with the two monks’ big Yin and Yang soul-crushing knives. It’s unbelievable that the blow was hard for me to resist even if it was you." I couldn’t help saying a word when I passed by Li Yan on the way back to the duke of Shanchuan City.
Li Yan said lightly, "It’s nothing but a trick of combo." For these people, he thinks everything is still hidden, because all the castellans except Mu Baifei are likely to disclose their situation to those bandits.
The thief is not dead. He’s been hanging around.
Li Taixiao smiled, "Nothing is good, nothing is good. Brother’s strength is high. I’m not as good as it is. I just saw that the two fighters who are good at converging attack died in an instant. I hope that after you, you will also make more efforts to slay more refined gods. I, the people of Datang, contribute a little bit."
Li Yan replied, "Don’t worry, I will slay those rogue fighters in the refining environment. We can have a deep hatred and never die." Even so, his heart scoffed at these, but if they were not stared at by two masters in refining the environment, they would fight hard and everything would be in Nai.
Make up your mind that Li Yan won’t go to confront those monks who are refining the gods before the injury is healed. He is not an official sergeant of the Tang Dynasty, but a humble monk. It’s not worthwhile for them to work hard. Besides, there are thieves around here who have leaked out and lost three points before they hit them. If you try hard again, it’s a death wish.
After listening to Li Tai, no matter whether Li Yan said it was true or not, he laughed. "It’s good for outsiders to have such a great sense of honor, or it’s the first one that really makes the official good. If he doesn’t drink on the battlefield, he will invite you to have a few drinks today. If you have something to do, you will go first and then you will have a drink with him."
Listen to this tone as if he and Li Yan are familiar with each other.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-five treading water is not heavy
With the rapid retreat of the bandits, the short-term riots stopped, and the army returned to order in an orderly way, without saying a word, as if nothing had happened just now. This kind of will to fight is really strong enough
Li Yan looked at the ground and found that there were few casualties in the army, and more than 20 bodies were broken and the enemy and the enemy were mixed
"A sneak attack actually killed more than ten foot soldiers. This enemy bandit is not too capable. Judging from the situation just now, this rogue should be a special sneak attack on the Godsworn. It seems that a duke died this time." Looking at the body of the duke, Li Yan was not impressed by this person. I remember that the duke has been silent and rarely talked.
"It’s really bad luck. I almost can’t come back. Just now, three refined gods surrounded me and almost lost my life."
Mu Baifei was in a mess and flew up from the battlefield not far away to see him. His white Confucian shirt was stained with blood and his hair was quite messy. Obviously, he had a life-and-death struggle.
"But it’s a good thing that I used my divine power to slay two rogue gods in succession, and the remaining one was defeated and fled by me."
Then he laughed again. He really laughed and said that life and death were heroic.
Li Yan replied, "I didn’t expect Brother Mu to almost encounter an accident. Just now, I was also surrounded by two refined gods, and the two refined gods were proficient in converging attack. If it weren’t for the black dragon horse at that time, a hoof would kill a refined god’s rogue and break their converging attack. I may be seriously injured or dead now."
Mu Baifei looked at Li Yanshen, the black dragon horse with red blood, with a surprised look in his eyes. "Oh? Really? This black dragon horse is so miraculous that even the Godsworn can kill. "
Li Yan nodded. "But I saw it with my own eyes. It is estimated that it has merged with dumpling blood and produced incredible changes. The strength has been enhanced enough to compete with the cultivation of God."
Sure enough, Mu Baifei approached a few steps and felt that the black dragon horse contained powerful power as if it were a dragon that could break free from the shackles of heaven and earth. He nodded, "If it has already blended dumpling blood, the horsepower of this black dragon is stronger than the horsepower of the third-class black dragon combined, and the body has been pregnant with divine power. With this powerful flesh and that divine power, it is definitely not a problem to kill the Godsworn in the refining environment. It takes a long time for this hoof to fall, but it will be difficult to kill the Godsworn in the refining environment without sneak attack."
It’s true that the Godsworn has cultivated the spirit, and all the movements in the whole body can’t escape from the spirit. The black dragon horse, a behemoth, ran over and absolutely felt it for the first time and then quickly escaped.
"Brother Mu is right. Before that, the two fighters who were refining the gods were performing converging attack, but they were only succeeded by this black dragon horse. But even so, the speed of this black dragon horse plus its strength on the rampage will definitely avoid it. If this is the battlefield, it will be the so-called war horse, which is not suitable for the battlefield. What is the name of the war horse?" Li Yan laughed.
Mu Baifei laughed. "Li Xiong said that it is right to foster strengths and avoid weaknesses. It is the right method. But Li Xiong, should you wash this black dragon horse with blood?"
Li Yan looked at a large area where blood was dyed red, and the black dragon and horse were even more unbearable. A pungent smell of blood came to my face. This blood was all in the front row. The blood was solidified, smelly and dirty, and he couldn’t stand it. He didn’t even know that he was sitting there just now.
"It’s time to wash."
Li Yan frowned, riding a black dragon horse without saying anything, and ran to a mountain range. He came to a waterfall where the water rushed straight and washed away, but after a while, his blood was washed away. When he came out, he found that the black dragon horse was in a hurry.
"treading water is not heavy? Is it because of dumpling blood that this black dragon horse has been able to awaken the magical power of the dragon? It’s all the characteristics of the dragon to tread on water without sinking, having sex, swallowing thunder, spitting and making waves. "
Li Yan’s face changed, and he could feel that the black dragon Matanshui didn’t bring up divine power.