At this time, Yang Guang stayed in Taishan Jack nife Sect.


It is a little different from the holy land of Jack nife in Qinling Mountains, but strictly speaking, the difference is not particularly great.
It’s not this day that Daozong is Yang Guang’s private trial site, which is also called Jack nife’s trial site. Many Tianjiao from all over the world are eligible to enter the trial site to improve themselves.
Of course, it passed the so-called audit before.
Once there is infidelity, it is impossible for people who are still rubbish to pass.
This is Yang Guang only has the means in recent days.
The holy land in Jack nife is actually the whole China, or the whole warrior world. The holy land is composed of many martial artists in China and some so-called martial arts schools.
However, the patriarch of Jack nife is Yang Guangtian, the holy Lord of Dao and Yang Guang.
The difference is that the little white dragon is now the holy land of Jack nife.
And Yang Guang usually stays in Jack nife.
It is also higher than the so-called Guardian Mountain Array. Most of the time, it will not open.
Not only that, but also a giant long knife towering into the sky appeared on the top of Mount Tai.
Moreover, the general practitioners in this so-called giant long Dao may think it is too powerful, but some Dao Dao practitioners, especially some Wu Zongjing, can understand the so-called Dao Dao artistic conception.
Of course, it has no effect to realize the so-called artistic conception of Dao Dao before reaching the advanced state of Wu Zong.
Charging is to observe this giant long Dao to improve your swordsmanship.
But at present, these things are not very important.
Chapter one hundred and forty-one Amazing secret
Jack nife Sect
Mount Tai is at the top of the pavilion.
So far, it is regarded as an inspector of the whole fighters’ world, making Liu Qingshan sit opposite Yang Guang, and then he hesitated for a while and then said, "The Lord has recently had another problem in Sam."
What will hesitate?
Because it happened before, but it didn’t pay too much attention. After all, at this time, both the blood clan and other races can still come to the world of fighters
So Liu Qingshan is so lightly.
The so-called inspector has only recently taken up his post to prevent some hidden creatures from doing things.
From the east fantasy world to the west fantasy world, if the strength is too strong, it will be detected by Yang Guang and the source will be extinct.
then what
Now, it is not a so-called minor problem that the Sam State has a problem again, because this time it is accompanied by a strange and evil atmosphere instead of ordinary aura being integrated into the world of fighters.
What’s more, once again, the people of Sam, who used to be good, have a big problem.
Many of them are like zombies in the "Resident Evil"
Obviously, this time the problem will never be small.
What’s more important is that those so-called zombies are not weak. Once they are infected by those evil smells, their bodies are invulnerable and there is nothing they can do about it.
The head is still the so-called weakness
But it’s always impossible for Sam people to be turned into biochemical people and then killed, right?
This is not possible
In the transfer of the so-called military commanders in the past?
At the end of the day, the number of military commanders in the whole world is limited, and once this so-called evil breath spreads to the whole Sam dialect, it will be hundreds of millions of "zombies"!
Not only that, but if this matter is not solved, who can guarantee that there will be no maple leaf countries and some western European countries?
Won’t there be places outside China?
China may also appear then.
"What about the specific situation?" Does Yang Guang know about it?
He is now the strongest in the world and naturally knows.
However, he felt that with his patrol, the so-called evil smell did not threaten him much, and he did not have much meaning
Didn’t happen. Is there a big problem now?
Lu Qingshan is responsible this time. He also made the so-called experience mistake. There is no problem in recognizing his own thoughts. What he called "recognizing" is the catastrophe level in the eyes of many ordinary people.
It’s not enough to say genocide.
"Well, I’ve observed that the so-called evil breath is not what we know at all. The aura of heaven and earth in the western fantasy world is different from that in the eastern fantasy world, but they are all the same."
After he paused to see Yang Guang listen to his words carefully, he said, "The aura of another world is much purer than our fighters’ world in terms of quality. After all, their world has some spiritual liquid."