When Xia Qingyu is crisp, he drinks "Hill’s adult walks slowly. I have something to discuss with you."

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿洗浴会所 When Xia Qingyu is crisp, he drinks "Hill’s adult walks slowly. I have something to discuss with you."

Sun Haoqun shouted in the mountain, "Come here, I’ll wait for you in front."
At this time, german and Girlan also chased him from behind.
German looked at his sister and asked in a low voice, "Shall we go and have a look?"
Girlan muttered, "Brother, what you said is so abstruse. I can’t understand Ann, Ann and Andrew. This guy doesn’t know where to go. There’s no translator. Come on, brother, let’s wait here for a few days, and then we will completely wipe out the Auntie family …"
German looked back at the Terran team with high morale behind him and lowered its voice. "Laner, we will accept it as soon as we can see it. Once the Ayu clan is destroyed, our interests may be a little damaged."
Girlan’s face appeared ignorant. "I didn’t understand what you said."
Sun Hao’s body became smaller and smaller in the Woods. When he finished falling to the ground, he was already in a blue suit, just like his face rippled with a long-lost smile and opened his arms to Xia Qingyu.
Summer rain flies and flies into Sun Hao’s arms and hugs Sun Haohu’s body. A light shout in his mouth "Little Hao Ge Xiaoyu finally meets you …"
Sun Hao tightly hugged Xia Qingyu and whispered, "Xiaoyu didn’t expect that it was you that I first saw."
Chapter 1742 Fairy?
Looking at each other in front of the mountain, I don’t know each other.
Everyone knows what it’s like to be a fairy. Who knows?
Seeing Xia Qingyu embrace Iraqis, they can talk and communicate, and they can also feel their deep thoughts and concerns.
In my heart, I have a kind of joy after a long separation, as if I had endless words.
Sitting in a big tree and rock, hugging each other tightly, soft words and tender feelings
It’s a pity that both of them are mirror images, and Sun Hao can’t feel each other’s heartbeat, nor can he feel Xia Qingyu’s body elasticity and soft emotions. Although he feels it, he is much worse.
Xia Qingyu took off her veil and smiled, but she still looked very tired of watching it.
When Sun Hao kissed her softly, although she could not feel the temperature of her lips, she was slightly gasping for breath and refused to welcome her with shame and timidity, which still made Sun Hao’s heart full of joy.
Even the mirror image in the Woods still rustled.
No one came to disturb.
After releasing their long-lost passion, the two embraced and lay on the fallen leaves and began to exchange experiences lightly.
Most of Sun Hao’s deeds, Xia Qingyu, have been known, but those keys, those Sun Hao knew the critical moment. When Sun Hao told her story, she was still frightened, and her little hands often caught Sun Haosheng’s fear of an accident to Sun Hao.
Compared with Sun Hao’s difficult experience after her promotion, there is no doubt that she is much smoother and more relaxed.
Of course, Sun Hao has accumulated a lot of repairs after suffering, that is, she can’t catch up with flattery now.
Xia Qingyu’s soaring is simpler than Sun Hao’s. Without hitchhiking, she successfully soared to the virtual Terran territory and was vigorously cultivated by the Terran.
Xia Qingyu also brought many news to Sun Hao. The most gratifying thing for Sun Hao is that his nine eldest brothers killed the magic Lushan, and even after Xia Qingyu, he soared to the empty space and hitchhiked himself. Several monks are developing well at present.
Xuanyuan Xiaolong’s son in Tianling mainland is still the strongest, and he is accumulating repairs. Because he is young and has advanced, he can’t stay without thinking about soaring.
My brothers have also been promoted to Yuan Ying, and maybe they will soar one by one soon. Of course, there will be no accidents in the process of soaring.
Xia Qingyu deliberately missed some people’s news, but Sun Hao knew that those people she missed had fallen into the long river and became real memories.
When Sun Hao told Xia Qingyu that Sumeru Tower had not been able to open itself, he still didn’t know how Xiaohong and them were doing. Xia Qingyu smiled happily.
This is really interesting.
Xiaohong, that girl, deliberately followed Sun Hao to soar and rejected herself. As a result, she didn’t meet her side, and she actually saw this world first. What kind of possibilities are there?
Although it feels interesting, Xia Qingyu’s heart is also filled with a touch of sadness. The whole world is fond of immortals. Who knows that immortals practice hard? Little Hao Ge’s name is full of emptiness, admired by Terran’s younger generation, and praised by Terran as a powerful and extremely rising star.
However, how many people know that Xiao Hao’s head has been separated for thousands of years, and his relatives have been separated for thousands of years.
How is the fairy?
Perhaps the world has seen immortals fly high and shine brilliantly, but how many people know what struggles and vicissitudes are behind these things?
How is the fairy?
Sun Haoxian still can’t go back. Once the Terran goes back, it will definitely attract Jordan to kill him. He can still incarnate the witch clan hiding in the hill and keep going.
This time may not be short.
Sun Haocai may appear fair and square only after he can have a fighting force with Jordan or escape from Jordan during the integration period.
See the sun Hao summer rain finally white Terran forces in mainland Teoman can soar.
With Sun Haochang, the Terran can’t remember it. It’s estimated that Sun Hao’s powerful blessing to Terran warriors is enough to make the people invincible in the mainland. Plus Sun Hao’s strong ability to wipe out the virtual flying Terran’s strength. Can there be an opponent in the fighting world?
And Sun Hao’s strategic suspicion is also the most suitable direction for Terran.
Dwarves and semi-elves are both areas where forest races are active, and there is no conflict with Terrans. The inherent strength of Teoman mainland is not very strong, and Terrans can make friends with each other. With the help of witches, the flying people will gradually consolidate the dominant position of Teoman mainland and gradually build this huge fighting world into a powerful reserve base for adults.
Sun Hao finally knew who saved his body from Xia Qingyu’s mouth and brought himself a rare opportunity of Xingtian Wupo.
But thank you. Finally, Sun Hao carefully warned Xia Qingyu not to tell anyone the news of sending herself to the witch clan.
There are endless means of being empty and powerful, and maybe if you are not careful, you will let yourself forbear and give up all your efforts.
Xia Qingyu knows the importance and nods to show that he knows it.
However, in the end, she still insisted that she would go to Cherman Longyu, a witch clan, on behalf of the Terran after returning to Zhongxue, and completely complete the contract of Teoman mainland.
Sun Hao knew in his heart that Xia Qingyu missed himself, and that she was eager to see herself, and he was moved to acquiesce.
Talking about the current situation in mainland Teoman, Xia Qingyu thinks that if the Terran continues to enter the territory of the Aryi nationality, it will probably force the orcs and the Aryi nationality to form an alliance to jointly deal with the Terran.
Sun Hao smiled and said, "No, from now on, the Ortiz is too busy to help the Ayu family. Before going back to light rain in the future, you can tell a Gailing ridge to let him cede territory to help the Ortiz quell the undead disaster in the region. By then, the Terran territory will really expand to four states in Teoman and gradually extend to the ocean …"
Xia Qingyu smell speech is not shine at the moment.
There is a tacit understanding that Xia Qingyu didn’t ask the wise men about this question. Since Sun Hao said so, he will naturally know what is going on. Since he met Sun Hao for fairy fate, he was buried in the Tianxu market, and then he was buried in the ice and snow palace, and the mainland magic disaster came step by step. Sun Hao’s legacy made her admire very much. Obviously, he arranged the cause for the orc Sun Haoan.
That’s exactly what happened. When Sun Hao and Xia Qingyu got together, the Ayu people sent a dialogue request to the orcs, trying to say that the orcs put pressure on the orcs to barely maintain the three-thirds pattern in mainland Teoman.
Unfortunately, at this moment, the immortal remnants of the orc territory broke out on a large scale, especially the undead hero who was so tough that he couldn’t stay where he had been, and the orcs suffered heavy losses.
The undead hero is actually the guy who once made the orcs restless in Lei Gesi. He has been beheaded back or returned to the undead world by himself. Who knows this guy thinks the orcs are easy to bully or how he actually entered the orc camp and led the undead remnants to set fire everywhere?
For half a month, the orcs have been busy with their own affairs, so they can’t spare the troops to stir up the conflict between the Terran and the Ayu.
At present, the orc intelligence hasn’t come yet, and Xia Qingyu still doesn’t know the situation.
Two days later, Xia Qingyu reluctantly said goodbye to Sun Hao. Even if this is a mirror image, his eyes are full of tears.
As you can imagine, in reality, the summer rain is now afraid of tears.