He walked quickly, like a gust of wind coming in and leaving, but he still didn’t forget to help the singer bring the ward door.

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿夜网 He walked quickly, like a gust of wind coming in and leaving, but he still didn’t forget to help the singer bring the ward door.

The crack in the door is getting smaller and smaller, and finally the younger brother disappears completely and disappears completely before the strike.
Take back your sight and listen to the creak of the sanitation door. A man walks out of it.
Dressed in black, his head was injured, and his face was stained with blood, which made the original delicate face a little more sinister.
Xia Shengge tried to calm himself down, but after all, he was too young to show a little timidity, and he was clutching the sheets tightly. "I didn’t tell anyone that those who are looking for you here have left, so go!"
The man gave her a look. "So nervous to drive your brother away lest I kill him!" "
Xia Shengge’s face was frightened and replaced by anger. "You can’t do this. I saved you!"
The man hooked his lips and smiled with evil spirits. "Don’t worry, I will repay you for saving me!"
The little girl has a lovely expression, and she is afraid to die and has to protect others. It’s really … interesting to stare at him like this again.
"I don’t need you to repay me. Leave quickly!" She saved him with her heart.
The man ignored her expression, stretched out his hand and tore off the sickbed tag and looked down at her eyes. "I remember you for Xia Shengge!"
"Give it back to me!" It’s not a good thing that Xia Shengge wants to come back and be remembered by such gangsters, but the man ignores her and rushes out of the ward.
The more I think about Ji Nanfeng, the more wrong my sister’s expression just now is too wrong. It’s not hot, but she is sweating and so pale. He said he would call a doctor and wouldn’t let him go again and again.
Sister must have a bad wound and didn’t want him to know, so she didn’t call the doctor and drove him away.
It must be so!
No, he’s going back!
Ji Nanfeng turned to hurry back and came out of Xia Shengge ward, and Xiao Su passed by.
Maybe it’s each other’s aura, or maybe it’s a long-term enemy who is destined to meet each other in a narrow way.
Both of them actually looked up at each other and then hurried by.
The ward door was pushed again. wait for a while looked at him for a few seconds before he said, "Little brother!"
Before Ji Nanfeng walked three or two steps, "Do you have a bad wound!"
Xia Shengge was about to shake his head when Ji Nanfeng said, "Don’t say it doesn’t hurt. I’ll call the doctor!" JiNa wind competitors pressed the pager.
"If it hurts, cry out. If it hurts, it won’t hurt!"
"Little brother, I was just …" Anyway, I won’t see you again after the man has left. It’s ok to tell little brother.
"The little brother knows that you just had a painful wound and didn’t want the little brother to see you crying before kicking me out, right? My sister and brother swear that they will protect you well. If they do something that hurts you later, they will punish my brother for never seeing you again! " Ji Nanfeng raised his hand and swore solemnly.
Xia Shengge is also worried that the younger brother will misunderstand her and how to explain it after thinking. It seems that she is narrow-minded
Forget it, don’t tell him about it. I have to worry at home
"It’s my fault, too. I shouldn’t have run out late to worry everyone!" Xia Shengge also regrets that she shouldn’t have run out by herself that night. If she dies, she will never see her brother again!
"What’s wrong with you is the little brother’s fault, sister? After you rest assured, the little brother is your bodyguard. Like Mo Yungui, wherever you go, the little brother will accompany you!" JiNa wind patting his chest to ensure.
Xia Shengge was amused by him and couldn’t help laughing. "After you spend money, I will tell Ji Bobo or you can keep it yourself!" She usually doesn’t have any friends or money, and she can’t think of these places. I’d better keep them myself!
Chapter 41 Who exactly is who come out?
"How can I do that? After my sister comes to take care of it, I must tell my sister before I ask for money!" Ji Nanfeng shook his head. When he saw the money now, he thought of his sister’s two thousand pieces of blood, and he was afraid.
"Little brother, what happened to your face?" Xia Shengge discovered that the little brother’s cheek was blue and a large corner of his mouth was hurt.
Just now, I was so nervous because that man was hiding here that I didn’t find my brother injured.
Ji Nanfeng simply forgot that his face was hurt, and he consciously stopped "If nothing happens, he will accidentally knock!"
His cover-up made the strike feel more and more sad because he was hit by Ji Bobo.
"Little brother, you’d better hurry back to school, or it will be bad if your aunt comes to find out that you didn’t learn!" According to Ji Bobo’s temper, it was another beating.
"Wait until the doctor comes to see my horse!" The doctor came in as soon as the south wind fell.
Ji Nanfeng saw the doctor in a hurry and said, "Doctor, you can count on it. Help my sister to see if her wound hurts badly!" "
"It doesn’t hurt that much!" Xia Shengge smiled apologetically at the doctor. Brother is always so surprised.
"What is it that it doesn’t hurt to sweat in such a cold day?" Ji Nanfeng was anxious to describe her sister’s symptoms to the doctor.
The doctor examined Xia Shengge, and the wound has healed well. New granulation has grown. In a few days, he can be discharged from the hospital and go home to raise slowly.
"Well, the doctor said it’s okay. You should go quickly or you won’t be able to come to the first class!" Xia shengge worry way
"Take care of my horse and leave. Then I’ll see you after school. Don’t be annoyed with my sister!"
Xia Shengge wanted to think and nodded, but she couldn’t stop her temper.
JiNanFeng a Torre JiQingShan enlarged face appeared at the door of the ward, his consciousness, of course, is to escape.
Being caught by dad is worse than being caught by the teacher.