Look at the Russian striker who has completely rushed into the minefield. The Russian army has also started to approach the two-wing submachine gun fire point and started to shoot wildly. More than 20 submachine guns have formed a fork fire to cover the minefield. When the Russian army was stunned, didn’t the commander say that there was no heavy machine gun fire? Where did this come from? It’s so fierce!

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿品茶嫩茶wx Look at the Russian striker who has completely rushed into the minefield. The Russian army has also started to approach the two-wing submachine gun fire point and started to shoot wildly. More than 20 submachine guns have formed a fork fire to cover the minefield. When the Russian army was stunned, didn’t the commander say that there was no heavy machine gun fire? Where did this come from? It’s so fierce!

Behind the position "Mongolia" talos was so anxious that he stamped his feet straight. Now the Russian army has just charged and met this fierce fire! Bad luck!
The bad luck of the Russian army has not passed yet. The reinforced battalion in front has entered the minefield and started to be bombed by mines. Mortars at the front of the position also began to rumble. One shell fell on the Russian army’s way forward, and the Russian army was blown to death and injury everywhere!
Meng talos roared, "Lie down on the spot and start fighting back!"
Thousands of Russian troops heard the order and fell to the ground one by one and began to "shoot" at the two-wing submachine gun shelters.
If this is the usual order, there will definitely be no problem. It is definitely a good officer.
Respond, but now all the narrow roads in the Russian military department are so dense that they attack and fight back against the revolutionary army on the two wings despite the threat of mortars!
Unfortunately, the Russian army forgot that as soon as the mortar was fired in front of it, the Russian army was constantly swept away from the charging crowd, so that the Russian rifle would not pose much threat to the revolutionary roots on the hillside on both wings!
Later, Rove Mengevich slammed his fist and growled, "Mengtalos, you bastard, let everyone lie there waiting for shells. It’s better to charge directly!"
At this time, "Meng" talos also reflected that this special shell was not deadly, and it won’t be long before everyone lost their "sex" lives!
Meng talos roared, "The warriors charged me and rushed through the minefield ahead!"
I have to say that the Russian army is more brave than the Japanese army. Thousands of Russian troops got up from the ground and rushed forward. At this time, the artillery of the allied artillery positions began to shoot wildly, and the bullets rained down on the revolutionary front in an attempt to suppress the mortar attack!
Zhang Yi shouted, "Give Jiang Chen an order to fire the artillery positions. If they want to fight against each other, they will become them! Aim at the firepower point of the allied artillery position and give me a good beating! "
The artillery of both sides began to fight fiercely. At the forefront of the position, the Russian army attacked the revolutionary army for four or five hundred meters, breaking through the entire minefield and strengthening the battalion. Now all the troops are not combined.
There are more than 100 people in excess, and the Russian troops in the back two battalions are also damaged!
Some new troops can’t help but take a breath when they see such a brave Russian army. It’s so fierce that they dare to charge like this!
Zhang Yi’s eyes narrowed instantly and shouted, "Heavy machine guns are attacking!"
Rearranged the heavy machine gun position and started a new round of sweeping’ shooting’. Now the Russian army is facing machine gun attacks in three directions, which makes the position not leave a dead angle. Even if it is brave, the Russian army can’t do anything so fierce that it has to throw hundreds of bodies and start to retreat in a hurry!
The rear love "Mongolia" has a stunned head and a dizzy head. When did China’s firepower become so powerful? This is already comparable to the powerful German army!
In less than a few years, the great Russian empire, the Far East, has added such a powerful opponent, the Tsar’s pursuit of yellow Russia’s strategy, and I am afraid it will go up in smoke …
One side Fujisawa Ichiro is a burst of schadenfreude. The Russian army planted this big fall, which is worse than the Japanese army. The Japanese army killed and injured 700 people. This time, the Russian army directly approached 1000 people! The sample makes you look down on us orientals, makes you look down on us, and the Japanese Empire must make you suffer enough for being late!
But this idea can appear is can’t show’ dew’ face fujisawa Ichiro sink a way "commander cabinet now? The firepower allocation of the revolutionary army is very reasonable and the fortifications are very strong, which is not something we can break in a short time! "
Love’ Meng’
Vicky said in a low voice, "Now it is also beneficial for our artillery to directly bomb the revolutionary army fortifications. There is no other way to make the artillery continue to attack. I don’t believe that their fortifications can stop our countless shells!"
Artillery positions and artillery have started a new round of roaring. Most of the time, the Western military strategy relies on superior firepower to attack the opponent’s defense line, and strong artillery directly shreds the opponent’s defense to form a powerful deterrent! This is the only way’ door’!
Ichiro Fujisawa replied, "We still have more than 20,000 reinforcements to the Commander’s Cabinet. They have carried a lot of ammunition behind them, which is enough for us to support this war. However, the Chinese tigers across the street have come from a long distance and experienced several wars. They can’t play medicine so abundantly. Just play a war of attrition with them and run out of ammunition to see what they can rely on!"
Love’ Mongolia’ Vicky nodded and said, "The reinforcements behind us are not far from us, only 20 or 30 miles away. We have been fighting for most of the day, and they should have arrived when we calculate."
According to rove "Mongolia" has calculated that reinforcements should have arrived in more than 20 miles. For soldiers, it is only three hours’ journey. Even the four or five hours of large army materials are dead, but now I haven’t even seen the reinforcements!
Reinforcements At this time, the reinforcements have also fallen into big trouble! The actual strength of more than 20 thousand reinforcements
Many are enough for an integrated infantry division and an infantry brigade, but faced with the attack of two cavalry divisions, even such a strong force is absolutely not cheap. The Coalition forces behind them are obviously in trouble!
Chapter seven hundred and eleven Cavalry strangulation
If Shijun Wu Wu Shixiong’s two brothers are too far from Zhang Yi in terms of strategic control and sensitivity to the war situation, the cavalry tactics, Yun Ge’s two brothers, have never fallen behind, and even Zhang Yi is not as good as it is. After all, Zhang Yi’s cavalry has withdrawn from the historical stage and has not a deep understanding of cavalry tactics-
Wu Shixiong, Shijun Wu, made a division of labor after being ordered by two men, and moved two cavalry divisions from submachine gun division to Shijun Wu cavalry division. The cavalry division led by Shijun Wu launched a charge raid on the allied reinforcements, cutting the allied forces into pieces, and the cavalry division with submachine guns and sabers could do it easily.
For Wu Shixiong, it is the second encirclement of the allied reinforcements by the periphery, and the whirlwind tactics will kill the allied forces layer by layer like peeling jade!
Two people have been contemplating properly. Shijun Wu led the second cavalry division to take the lead in rushing.
Shijun Wu divided the three brigades into three teams, and each team temporarily formed a submachine gun company to open the way and hit the middle of the Coalition forces.
Now it’s midsummer, the wheat has been harvested, and the jade rice has just grown to knee height. The whole Langfang area is plain, and only a few low hills are the most suitable terrain for the cavalry to launch a charge.
The long procession of more than 20,000 allied forces from all over the world has stretched for four or five miles, and it is slowly moving forward because of carrying a lot of materials.
Just at this time, there are waves of horseshoes coming from the east. If there is a big tide on the beach, it will roar like a shock.
Come here.
The commander-in-chief of reinforcements is Major-General Pierre Pierre of the French Army, who is now marching in the ranks. Hearing such a battle, the horseshoe was taken aback and looked into the distance to see three cavalry coming from the distance towards the Coalition forces!
Horsemen! At least ten thousand cavalry!
Pierre’s face changed color and shouted, "The army will stop advancing immediately and defend on the spot! Cavalry raid! "
These allied forces are armed by troops from various countries, but I don’t want the Japanese-Russian allied forces in front to win 6,000 British-Australian legions, 2,000 Italian legions, 2,000 Austro-Hungarian regiments, 2,000 allied forces from Qiaolan, Spain and Belgium, and 4,000 British troops from Yantai to recruit Japanese mercenaries. It’s hard to imagine that the command can be accurately reached in wartime!
At this time, some French people set out quickly and should be prepared to meet the enemy. His army saw the cavalry rushing in the distance and didn’t respond. The cavalry had already hit 300 meters!
No sooner had three cavalry brigade submachine guns opened the way than they began to fire. The cavalry turned their fire to the maximum and fired at the Coalition forces.
When the allied troops were just ready to fight, several bullets had already come head-on to submachine guns, and the speed of firing hundreds of bullets per minute was not comparable to that of the rifles in the hands of the allied troops. They had not come yet, and they had been shot in a pool of blood.
Near the cavalry submachine gun has hung up the sabre in his hand, raised it high and panicked, and the Russian army cut it down. In a flash, the blood of the Coalition team screamed.
In particular, Ayla Zhang led the cavalry brigade, and his impact was that the artillery of the allied artillery unit was rushed into the array by cavalry before the artillery clothes were opened, and the sabre was cut at everyone to kill more than 3,000 people. In just a few minutes, the casualties of the artillery unit had reached more than 1,000 people, and the roads were covered with blood and flesh of the allied artillery units, and the dead bodies kept groaning and groaning.
Pierre looked at the scattered allied forces, and his heart ached and his blood bled. The other regiments remained the most intact, but they were still caught off guard by submachine guns in front of the cavalry. Other national cavalry were carrying carbines and sabres. Why did they carry such a big killer?
But it’s too late to say anything now. Three cavalry brigades killed through the tight encirclement, and when they left, they also scattered many grenades. The huge explosion caused the allied forces to cry like wolves in a battle to damage the cavalry division, and even less than 100 people were killed by the allied forces. At least more than 3,000 people were killed. This is the gap between cavalry and infantry!
Pierre roared, "The game quickly forms a circular array! All heavy machine guns are mounted to the peripheral defense! "
The mixed and chaotic allied forces began to change their formations. Often, the team was too thin, and it was easy for the cavalry to hit a circular array that depended on the crowd advantage to block the cavalry’s impact, so it was possible to retreat.
But the cavalry didn’t give them such a chance
The cavalry brigade has just left the front of the allied troops, and the cavalry brigade striker has turned back and killed it. It is still the submachine gun that opens the way, so the fierce submachine gun fire will not be added to the defense of the allied troops. This is the sewing of the sky clothes. Just a blink of an eye, the cavalry once again’ holes’ the allied troops, and this time it is not a straight charge, but a roundabout that divides the allied troops into three parts and begins the blood’ sex’ slaughter!
Pierre was always afraid that you would be desperate if you kept pounding back and forth. We can’t even defend ourselves now. If you want to stop and fight a war of attrition with us, you will still be afraid of you. Aren’t you just over 10 thousand people? But there are 20 thousand people!
Pierre quickly ordered the allied forces to take up the battle. At this time, the gun fight has become a piece of artillery superiority. The allied forces can help the rifle bayonet cavalry to "excite" the fierce "cross" front!
Pierre was wrong. A cavalry division tried to clear its eyes. Twenty thousand troops were powerless, but there was another cavalry division eyeing it. Both sides had just paid a few regiments to fight hard.
In the distance, Wu Shixiong is riding a war horse telescope and watching. It’s about time. Wu Shixiong roared, "Make the first brigade go south and the second brigade go north. Give me a reverse charge. We will give them layers of meat!
The two brigades flew away, but the third brigade did not move. Ge Qing, the brigade commander of the third brigade, said urgently, "Teacher, what about me! Why don’t you shoot us third?
Brigade charge? "Wu Shixiong glanced at Ge Qing lightly and said," There are already more than 20,000 people in the cavalry. Is there any suspense in killing 20,000 infantry at close range? " Ge Qing said indignantly, "I knew you were partial. Why did they all rob the military and let me stay here forever!"
Chapter seven hundred and twelve Such as broken
Wu Shixiong scold a way: "Mom, you don’t know anything, but you always let all of you go. What if the President is in trouble?"? You stay put and don’t go anywhere! Spit out all the riding agents for me. Make sure there is no trouble on our president’s side. Otherwise, we will eat all the 60,000 allied troops and it will be useless to go back to Fengtian. We will all lose our heads! "
Ge Qing was scolded by Wu Shixiong, and his head drooped. Bear with it. If you don’t want to, you have to bear with it. It’s not like there’s a lot of post-war battles!
Two cavalry divisions, five cavalry brigades, and more than 20,000 allied troops fought a great battle, which lasted until the evening when they were tired and both sides broke free from the battlefield.
The cavalry division roared back to their respective positions. At this time, the Coalition forces were miserable and killed more than one third in just one day. The most important thing is that all the heavy weapons’ medicine’ trench was detonated by cavalry grenades. The Ayla Zhang hand cavalry brigade just circled around their heavy firepower positions, not only heavy artillery and medicine suffered heavy losses, but also the artillery unit with 3,000 regiment members was almost slaughtered.
Pierre looked at the cavalry and shouted, "Fire!"