There was a burst of applause and flattery in the living room. "The magician is so great!" "This is magic power." "The mayor said this is primary magic and advanced magic, which is even more powerful."

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿夜网 There was a burst of applause and flattery in the living room. "The magician is so great!" "This is magic power." "The mayor said this is primary magic and advanced magic, which is even more powerful."

However, Mark, the captain of the garrison squad, secretly sneered at everyone. It seems to him that the power of a primary fireball is nothing. This magic is really difficult. It takes precise magic control skills to release the fireball immediately when Justo goes to the yard, compared with gathering magic elements. However, he also saw that when he recited the spell, the red light of Juss’ index finger ring flashed. Mark was sure that the magic circle of the ring was set up. It is said that the mayor was awarded the wizard’s identity by the Magician’s Guild, and only by releasing the magician with the help of the magic circle can he get the approval of the Magician’
Judith walked back to the living room and said seriously, "Ladies and gentlemen, magic is not for performance. As you can see, it will always be destroyed if it appears."
There was another round of applause in the living room, and all the ladies attending the banquet were full of philosophical remarks and showed admiration.
At this time, Kent, a big grain merchant, said, "I heard that Captain Mark is a bronze armorer. Why don’t you give a performance to help the party?"
As soon as Kent’s voice fell, many female guests agreed. Compared with weak body, he likes to sit still and meditate. Magicians are strong and sunshine armor is more popular with ladies.
Mark shook his head and said, "I won’t come out to embarrass myself with the wonderful performance of the mayor."
When Xia Yu and all the ladies were disappointed, Joyce laughed. "Our captain has performed. Didn’t you see it?" Look at Captain Mark’s knife and fork. "
Everyone turned their eyes to the table and found that the copper knife and fork in front of Mark turned into a metal ball when they didn’t know it. But when they saw that Mark Ma turned the metal ball into a knife and fork, the palm of his hand rang again in the living room. Elter said, "It’s really worthwhile to see two adults perform this banquet. I heard that the mayor is also good at studying complex magic circles. I don’t know if it’s true."
Just as magic is Qiusi’s pride and the magic circle is Qiusi’s secret pain, he remembered his usual words and couldn’t help saying to everyone, "Many people think that I am a magician and say that I can only release intermediate magic by relying on the magic circle." Here, Qiusi glanced at his guard captain Mark, and obviously Mark’s usual words came to his ears. Mark quickly bowed his head and drank and pretended not to know anything.
"This is simply a slander that Mayor Joes is the pride of Blackstone!"
"Yes! Only in the last ten years has there been a magician in Blackstone Town! "
"As long as you can release magic, who cares about the magic circle or the magic wand? Doesn’t the great care giver also have a magic wand?"
In the sitting room, several people were indignant at once, defending Mayor Joes.
Juss waved his hand. "Actually, this is a prejudice. Magic array is a kind of ability and skill that is more difficult than magic. Because magic array is a combination of magic power and mathematics, there is no strong drawing ability and mathematical knowledge to complete a complex and precise magic array, such as a hexagonal array in magic. Who can draw a circle that intersects with every side and touches every corner outside? And whether this graphic painting is accurate or not depends on the success or failure of the magic circle. These are still simple. It is even more complicated to exchange all kinds of graphics equally. It is also difficult for the wizard to do it. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a painter’s painting. Once it fails, it will be attacked by magic, and it will explode. There are many wizards who die in the magic circle every year. This is also the reason why the magic circle is gradually declining. "
After Joes complained angrily, everyone talked about it. "Really! Really? It turns out that the magic circle and mathematics and ""This is too complicated for me to draw a hexagon. ""Mayor Joes is so learned. "
Xia Yu was surprised when he listened, because Qiusi said that these things were too simple, and any high school student on earth could solve these problems. He couldn’t help but ask Elter next to him in a low voice, "Is it really difficult for Elter?"
Elter was surprised. "Of course, does Master Xia Yu also know mathematics?"
Xia Yuxin said, if all these questions can become profound questions, then I, a doctor of biology, can become a mathematician in this world. He nodded and said, "Know a little."
When a person is good at something, he is often deified and recognized as good at everything. Altma asked, "Can you draw a circle like that with a six-pointed star?"
Xia Yu smiled. Isn’t that the hexagon tangent circle and circumscribed circle? What’s the difficulty? Just find the center of the circle. He nodded and said "can"
As soon as Elter got up, he said, "We have always been a master of brewing, but we are all wrong. Master Xia Yu is also a master of mathematics. He just told me that he can draw those figures that the mayor said."
Brothers, the seedling needs your support, recommendation and collection, which is its nutrient.
Chapter 7 "Mathematical Genius"
There was an uproar in the living room, and all eyes were focused on Xia Yu, who was suspicious, admired, excited and jealous. All kinds of eyes were shocked and turned to Xia Yu and said, "Master Xia Yu, can you really draw such a figure?"
Although Xia Yu is a doctor of biology and does not specialize in mathematics, such a problem is not difficult for Xia Yushi. He said "yes" without any hesitation.
Juma asked the servant to bring parchment and quill pens to draw a six-pointed star and handed it to Xia Yu. Xia Yu calmly found the center of the regular hexagon circumscribed circle, and then asked for a thin thread and a nail. One end of the thread was tied with a quill pen to nail the center of the nail, and it was easy to draw a tangent circle and an circumscribed circle.
"wow! Too powerful! "
"There is such a way!"
"God! The master is indeed a master. "
Juss also froze. He grabbed Xia Yu excitedly and said, "Master, how did you come up with this method? Are you a magician?"
Are you so excited? It’s too childish for me to do it as a doctor. It’s a bit humiliating. Xia Yu thought, "Mayor, I’m not a magician, but I’ve done a lot of math problems like this."
Do a lot? The guests in the living room were dumbfounded again. Joes let go of Xia Yu’s hand and asked nervously, "Master, can you transform a circle into a figure of the same size as it?"
Xia Yu looked at Qiusi and then at the parchment graphic heart. Isn’t that the three mathematical problems in ancient Greece? This is also a problem? The knowledge of mathematics in this world is too poor. I’m afraid even high school students are not as good as Xia Yu and I shook my head.
Qiusi also said that Xia Yu couldn’t understand, "This is a difficult mathematical problem. Even the great portela wizard, the Lord of Sunset City, can’t handle it well. His magic wand is much more convenient than the magic circle. Now few people study these problems."