It’s when I take a shower after dinner that I can’t help biting my nails for seven nights

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"Should you really bring the maid out with you?"
Take a shower. What …
Although children in the ninja world, especially those who want to be ninjas, seem to be precocious.
But a three or four-year-old girl who still needs someone to take care of her is always helped by the maid.
Without the maid, Miss Hyuuga Hanabi said she didn’t understand.
On seven nights …
Someone did bathe for seven nights, but he never bathed anyone himself.
After a long struggle, I still grit my teeth and make up my mind
There’s a first time for everything.
"Come on, let’s have a little spark. I’ll give it to you the first time."
"What first time?"
"Take a bath for the first time."
"Oh, then I gave it to Brother Seven Nights for the first time."
"… what?"
"It wasn’t Axia who helped me take a bath for the first time!"
A Xia Ming ri Xia, that is, the maid.
I used to take care of Hinata Hyuga, but now I take care of Hyuuga Hanabi, because Hinata Hyuga has grown up.
But the first time what …
It’s really a fantasy!
No matter how two people walk on the journey.
Everywhere you go, you will stop to play for a day or a few days.
There were also Konoha ninjas on the way, perhaps entrusted by Hyuga Hiashi to help keep an eye on the whereabouts of Seven Nights and Hyuuga Hanabi.
However, every time I find seven nights, I will take Hyuuga Hanabi away by moving and let the method locate.
On this day and seven nights, I took Hyuuga Hanabi to Shayin Village in Fengguo.
No one can find it by moving into Shayin Village.
Shayin village houses are quite distinctive, and it is refreshing to see them for the first time.
But it’s too monotonous
In order to prevent sandstorm, the foundations of buildings here are all the same style, but the details are a little different.
Compared with konoha, it seems a little too desolate.
Shops don’t have that much power and resources, but civilians should not give them to some important units
It’s windy here, but there’s no problem getting a few wind turbines if it comes for seven nights.
"Brother Seven Nights is not fun here."
Hyuuga Hanabi lost interest after less than an hour of shopping.
At this time, she was wearing seven nights to make Cosmetic Contact Lenses, but she was not worried that her eyes would be found.
Seven nights is still the original image.
"I know"
He replied like this.
Actually, he doesn’t intend to stay here, because he feels that he has come to this world, and it can’t be said in the past if he can’t see it in every big village.
So he came.
Although it is one of the five forbearing villages, the prosperity of Shayin Village really disappoints him.
There are not many shops, and many people just wander around.
The economy can’t develop
Speaking of which, it also has something to do with seven nights.
If it weren’t for seven nights, maybe Shayin Village wouldn’t fail, but beat Konoha with several other forbearing villages to claim a large number of reparations and food materials, so Shayin Village would be much better.
Of course, strictly speaking, this can’t be blamed for seven nights, even without seven nights of konoha, they can beat them.
But that’s what hasn’t happened yet, and people in Shayin Village won’t know the original development track of this world.
So they blamed the fault on seven nights, and now they probably hate seven nights more than Konoha.
Besides, before leaving Konoha for seven nights, we have to forcibly sell a large number of them every month to make them reduce their budget because of defeat, which is an unnecessary expense.
Because of the defeat, it is difficult to train the new generation ninja on a large scale, so we have to take the elite route and allocate the limited resources to those children with more potential.
He can also be shoddy.
But who has the potential and who doesn’t?
This is hard to say.
It is difficult to be taken seriously when a child has no outstanding performance.
Generally speaking, children in families are okay, but some orphans are not taken seriously and have no parents to take care of them, so life is a little difficult.
Although I only visited for less than an hour and seven nights, I saw many young children helping to do some heavy manual work, just to have a mouth to eat.
Hyuuga Hanabi estimates that it is also the first time to see this situation. Even Konoha is an orphan, except Naruto Uzumaki, who is still worried about food and clothing.
Actually, Naruto Uzumaki should have been worried about food and clothing, but the villagers are hostile to him. Even if he has money, he will not necessarily sell something to him. Even if he sells it, it will be overdue, and maybe he will need to add some money.
Are those villagers all bad people?
They are also happy to treat ordinary people and get along well with their neighbors
However, on the one hand, treating Naruto Uzumaki’s "evil" in human nature seems to be exposed.
Good and evil are also relative.
"Seven nights brother, what do those little brothers and sisters want to be big talents to work?"
"I gave birth."
"What about their father and mother?"
"I guess he died in the world war, or it was because of him."
Those children may be martyrs and orphans, or they may have been brought back from the outside.
All forbearing villages are almost the same. Of course, martyrs and orphans should be raised, otherwise people’s hearts will be chilled. If they do their best in this respect, there will be konoha.
Besides the martyrs’ orphans, some orphans are found outside, and most of them will be taken back to food, clothing, housing and transportation, and they will be sent to ninja schools to study and so on.