This skill is weaker than his fourth-order skill.


Even if Hangyu can launch this sword to stab the dragon king, it is impossible to pose a threat to the dragon king.
So that one sword by one can combine his skills.
In this way, that defect of insufficient injury can be largely compensate.
The effect of this sword is so horrible that it is the effect of blessing the madman’s funeral.
This sword is not called "a sword by light" but "a funeral by light"!
How can Qin Mu have a chance to live when two fourth-order skills are superimposed to produce power? It’s still thanks to the fact that there is no one else around Qin Mu, or a blow will hit the department hard and kill one or two more!
After the sword stabbed Qin Mu.
The biggest trouble has been solved.
Then you can play with others.
"Shadow sword array by light!"
"Mad fury!"
Hang Yu quickly launched two fourth-order skills.
It takes a long time for the sword array to condense and is easily disturbed by external forces, but once condensed successfully, the power of the sword array is still very overbearing, with both control effect and strong output.
Yu kuangmo nu
In a sense.
This skill sword array has similarities.
After Hangyu launched the "Manic Wrath", the bloody fog kept coming out and wrapped around the body, which accumulated more and more with time.
Blood fog is "anger"
This skill will turn all the lost vitality into anger at a certain time, and eventually all the anger will be condensed into a violent force, which will cause amazing destructive power with the outbreak of the attack!
The more vitality is lost from Hangyu.
The more these vitality turn into anger.
Once accumulated, the more anger, the stronger the power of "Crazy Wrath"!
Hang Yu started to wake up with magic blood, and he lost his vitality every second, which is why he constantly released blood fog and condensed in vitro at this moment.
After Qin Mu was stabbed to death by a sword.
Others are still in a state of shock
Suddenly there was a vision in the arena.
"Hey, look."
"What’s that!"