"Give up fencing. We want the master of the stone sword to recognize that I have been completely destroyed."

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊品茶上课论坛 "Give up fencing. We want the master of the stone sword to recognize that I have been completely destroyed."

"Are you sure?" Asked the highest sequence
"OK" Gu Qingshan Road
Indicator immediately jump out.
"Note that the causal law information has been changed"
"From now on, the miracle deck owner will recognize that you have been erased."
After the two lines of scarlet fine print appear, they gradually disappear into the void.
Gu Qingshan slowly squatted to reach out and held out his hand.
He put his hand on the body.
-the body of the king of pain
In an instant, lines of new indicators appeared again.
"You started the ultimate harmony of all beings."
"You have become a miracle card king of pain."
Chapter two hundred and seven Enter
A tall, burly man with a beard stood there.
His face is a little gloomy, angry and arrogant, even if he does nothing, just standing still gives people a sense of majesty and untouchability
The man stared at Xu.
Lines of scarlet fine print stay there.
"You launched the ultimate harmony of all beings and completely became the miracle card pain king."
"Do you want to acquire his memory and all his skills?"
Men debut "of course, otherwise I can control the situation very well."
The indicator once again shows the imaginary "Remember that the highest sequence will benefit you, the six gods of death, and the merits will drive chaotic forces to raise you to the level of the king of pain to fill the secondary consumption"
"What will happen?" The man asked
"The sequence of your becoming a king of pain will always make you six merits, and you will use the method to make the merits and strengths" is the highest sequence.
Men release their thoughts and sweep across the vast world of gods.
The belief in the earth god is constantly spreading.
Four pillars to divine power is also growing steadily.
The man frowned and said, "I still have the power of the earth god."
A line of scarlet fine print suddenly jumped out.
"Pay attention to losing memory skills"
The man was suddenly wrapped in a layer of golden waterfall.
This is a very wonderful experience, like suddenly transforming another person and mastering everything about him.
-like a special possession.
All the golden waterfalls disappear
The man closed his eyes and realized it in situ.
"So … I don’t know anything," he murmured.
Los ice glass sound from heavenly sword sounded "what all don’t know? Does this person have no memory? "
The man said, "He has his original memory, but the man behind him-he doesn’t know at all."
Delimitation Excalibur debut "Don’t think about this card. Like the gods of the world, they are driven by their mission and don’t know that they have turned into a card."
"Maybe he is doing things by himself, which is his original intention" to kendo.
"But Gong jumped out of this situation and saw the truth!" Shannvdao
A move by a man’s hand
See a fly out of the arms of the corpse and fall into his hand.
-King of Pain Card Book
Gu Qingshan leafed through the card book and recalled various card methods.
For a while
He took the card book looked down at the body murmured
"This almost means … demarcation!"
Bound Excalibur, he has the same heart and naturally knows what he means.
However, I saw the sword flash from the virtual, and several flying swords chopped armor, crown and meteor hammer.