"I’m afraid it’s your handwriting that my cousin has disappeared for so long?"

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"He went to the right place, and maybe he will meet each other soon."
Wu Ming’s eyes sank and he was no longer in the three realms. It must have fallen into the realm of quantity.
The conversation between the two people made everyone confused.
"Buddhist king bodhisattva?" Walker can’t help but deal with the king Huang Mei once. He has seen it once.
Wu Ming didn’t expect him to come but shook his head. "It’s not enough for you two to kill me."
"Little beast, you don’t take yourself seriously too much," scolded the blue woman.
Seeing the appearance of Wu Ming, I immediately stopped talking about holding a painting halberd head-on and scratching at the Buddhist King Bodhisattva today!
Point guard here
The Bodhisattva picked up the mord to make Wu famous for fighting martial arts.
The mord is like a mountain and a halberd is like a dragon.
Aside, Monkey’s soul and others stopped fighting, but their eyes were fixed on the two men.
Pilan Bodhisattva took the avatar to look for opportunities, and she was a little surprised at how this king and bodhisattva improved so much.
Wu Ming knows in his heart that this Buddhist king bodhisattva has long been changed, but now it is manipulated by Purdue Cihang evil body.
In the blink of an eye, the two fought for more than fifty times, and finally the blue woman seized the opportunity to shoot a palm that seemed like sumeru’s collapse and the diffuse breath of the palm made Wu Ming move.
Huanghuaguan was completely in ruins, with huge handprints on the top of the mountain, and a blackened rock was turned into a black piece by high temperature.
"What a horrible slap! This old bodhisattva is so powerful!" Ring suddenly some drums in my heart.
"Cough-cough avatar is good, but it’s a little weak."
In the palm print, Wu Ming stood up and said, leaning on Fang Tian’s painting Ji, but he didn’t even break his clothes.
The blue woman in the cloud was shaking this evil animal.
"Amitabha’s brother’s way has soared. It’s really gratifying to congratulate the poor monk on his style. Please give me your advice."
Then Buddhist King Bodhisattva sat in meditation and looked around with a chuckle.
Wu Ming couldn’t help frowning when he saw this and immediately thought of something. "School sister, you go away."
Without hesitation, the seven spider spirits immediately raised a strong wind and took Sanzang away.
"Aliya, wow, Luigi, post-spindle, Bodhisattva, wow, wow …"
In an instant, Sanskrit sounds resounded through heaven and earth.
"Put a butcher’s knife on the ground and become a Buddha."
The strange Buddha’s voice suddenly made someone in the place look great. The walker seemed to think of being tortured by the incantation and fear. Duh ran away and disappeared.
Don’t be afraid to see this dark scold the dead monkey without loyalty, but the running speed is not slow. What dharma did the old monk practice that made him give birth to a conversion idea?
"Damn it, what does this monk read?" Sun Xingjun’s subordinates move slowly, but they can’t help but lay down their weapons. Fortunately, the sun has no spiritual wisdom, and a true fire from the sun made him wake up without turning around and leaving.
Walker and others are troubled by Bo Bian and are in Sanskrit. Wu Ming can imagine being under equal pressure.
The one left in the field, Pilanpo Najinwu, was taken care of by the king and bodhisattva, but both of them hated the name of Wu.
Wu Ming was imprisoned by Sanskrit for a while, and could not break free. The sun immediately opened his mouth to spit out the real fire, and the blue woman also made a strong move to get the blow, even if Wu Ming repaired the sky, born to die.
"Hum! Do you dare to show off your tricks? "
A light ring suddenly made heaven and earth dark, and the three divine lights rolled like the moon shining. Those are three divine eyes!
A huge ancient god emerged from the ghost gas, rising higher and higher, with a single horn and eyebrows and three eyes. The second yuan god, Jiu You Xuan Ling, beheaded the true king!
Pressing the palm of your hand against the blue woman is like a mosquito being patted down.
The Buddhist King and Bodhisattva were also a little surprised and angry, but they didn’t panic. It turned out that Mrs. Zhang and the four great gods were stiff as monsters at the moment, and I’m afraid they were killed unconsciously.
A full moon machete with a back arm flew out of the hands of the nine deep and remote kings, and in a flash, Mrs. Zhang’s head was cut off, and a silver hammer, a black fork, a god’s coffin, etc. were held in his hand, waving all kinds of magic weapons to chop people into chopping vegetables, and the four great gods were beaten into a meat sauce for a moment.