Bian Bi asked, "Brother Tang?"


Tang Xiaofeng said, "Let’s go, too." Bian and Yan strode forward.
Out of the corner, another group of people came out of another street, first of all a man in a shirt.
Huan Yanfan took Tang Xiaofeng to introduce to him, "This is General Li, who is in charge of the Yulin Army. He is Tang Xiaofeng who is in charge of the Flying Cavalry Corps."
Tang Xiaofeng embrace fuels Li Duozuo also nodded his head. Now is not the time to chat and talk. Neither of them said more than half a sentence. Huan Yanfan is a civilian. Since it is impossible for him to take the lead and hand over the flying cavalry regiment to Li Duozuo, he hurried away.
Li Duozuo led a team to the palace, and Tang Xiaofeng quietly went to see him. Seventy-two of these people were the most conspicuous, divided into four rows, and ten people in each row knew that this was the seventy-two stars of the detective who was upgraded from the highest day of the earth.
After Tianjin Bridge entered the imperial city, Li Duozuo was in charge of the selection of general began to change shifts, and everything was planned in advance, and people asked more questions.
Through a temple door, I can see the Vientiane shrine in the distance.
A masked Huang Tiandao offered a drink in front of the crowd. "Those who live in the palace and fail to serve the imperial edict tonight are not allowed to go any further."
Chapter 46 mutiny! Bloody palace …
Li Duozuo’s heart shook at a glance, and around Vientiane Jingu, I don’t know how many Huang Tiandao sorcerers were around.
Although the former Wu Zetian asked these sorcerers to protect her, he was so strict in accordance with the original plan, and his identity was heavily arranged in advance. It was the last step to take everyone to Vientiane Shrine. However, it was a great surprise that he was stopped before he even got close to Vientiane Shrine.
Li Duozuo said, "If you don’t see the imperial edict, you dare not listen to it."
Huang Tiandao’s wine offering way "imperial edict this" takes out imperial edict.
Li Duozuo took the imperial edict without even looking at it, and directly shouted, "Is this imperial edict a fake imperial edict? Are you trying to rebel?"
In addition to his drink BianBiyan Ziqiong had already rushed to Gangfeng Shaqi, and at the same time rolled over Huang Tiandao’s drink offering, he was frightened and even jumped a few times to retreat. Tang Xiaofeng had jumped straight and cut his head with a sword.
Killing this drink offering is a constant trend. Seventy-two swordsmen are everywhere. Hundreds of began to rush to Vientiane Shrine. Vientiane Shrine protects Huang Tiandao’s sorcerers, but there are also hundreds of them far beyond the public’s expectation. Li Duozuo knew in advance that it must have leaked the news. However, it is no longer necessary to choose it except to fight to death.
Tang Xiaofeng leads the crowd to fly from the square to Vientiane shrine, and the blood and rain are shining like flowers all the way.
Yanziqiong even killed several people, and a broken body spilled blood all over her, but she hesitated at all. The sisters of Zaishi stepped on hot wheels’s gun shadow and even flashed to protect her sides.
Although there are many sorcerers in Huang Tiandao, they are the opponents of Tang Xiaofeng and Yan Ziqiong, and the seventy-two star generals are the elite of the Yulin Army. Although one person is better than Tang Xiaofeng and Yan Ziqiong, the pressure on these sorcerers to attack and defend in an orderly manner is far greater than that of Tang Xiaofeng.
Tang Xiaofeng even killed three people and felt the pressure and imagined it was great. It is reasonable to say that since Wu Zetian had prepared for this, hundreds of sorcerers could not escape the downfall even if they fought to the death. However, although they suffered heavy casualties, these sorcerers also stepped back.
He felt a twinge of discomfort in his heart, jumped to a high place and looked intently. He found that some of the imperial palace attendants who killed Vientiane with them were not from the Flying Cavalry Corps or the seventy-two earthworms, although they were also dressed in feather guards.
He was secretly surprised to think that Huan Yanfan Li Duozuo had hidden one hand and looked to see that Li Duozuo was also indecisive.
He fell straight to Li Duozuo’s side and Li Duozuo said, "Those are your people?"
Tang Xiaofeng said, "It’s not … these people have been hiding in the general feather army for a long time. I used to be a general."
Li Duozuo said, "They are not my people."
These people are many but not swordsmen. At first glance, they are intercepted. The skills of those Taoist priests in the Yellow Heaven are quite similar. However, if these people are Taoist priests in the Yellow Heaven, how can they hide in the feather forest army and help them attack the Vientiane Shrine together?
Seventy-two stars of the Flying Cavalry Corps and these mysterious people joined hands to kill these Huang Tiandao sorcerers everywhere. Li Duozuo whispered, "Don’t let these people advance to Vientiane Shrine."
Tang Xiaofeng naturally knows that these people seem to help them, but no one knows who they are. If they hijack Wu Zetian first, the consequences are unpredictable.
He leaped up and jumped forward like a flash, chopping out three knives with three hundred and twenty-four curved knife shadows. These three knives were originally changed from cutting on a cloudy day, mixed with firm but gentle, dark and violent, and five fine skyfires, killing more than 20 yellow-day Taoist disciples in an instant.
Those Taoist disciples are all frightened and retreating. Tang Xiaofeng drinks a "rush" with Bianbi and Yanziqiong stabbing like an arrow to kill her sisters and YanYong and others have followed them.
Li Duozuo is secretly to make seventy-two stars will kill the enemy when faintly blocking the origin of those who are not "one of their own", but these people did not do unnecessary things to kill people. Tang Xiaofeng and others rushed into Vientiane Jingu first.
Tang Xiaofeng entered Vientiane Shrine and looked back to see nearly 100 swordsmen behind him. Fortunately, more than 30 people have died in such a tragic killing. Fortunately, those yellow-day Taoist disciples have also died, and some stars have killed those mysterious people.
Although he took the lead in rushing through the road, he encountered some enemies, but the number was not much. These few sorcerers were all good players, but they were not his opponents such as Bian Bi and Yan Ziqiong.
Breaking into a door of the shrine, two Taoist priests were guarding it. Judging from the masks they were wearing, they were all offering wine to Huang Tiandao.
Two drink offerings were pounced on by BianBiyan Ziqiong, and they jumped out to help the slaughter’s sisters. Two people, Tang Xiaofeng, went through the two drink offerings directly, frightened and desperately wanted to stop him. They were originally killed by BianBiyan Ziqiong, a distraction of less to more.
Tang Xiaofeng pushed the door into the temple, and two ladies-in-waiting panicked and tried to stop him from being pushed by him.
A luxurious woman reclining on the dragon couch was afraid when she saw them coming in.
Tang Xiaofeng let BianBi and others scatter outside to protect themselves and come to the couch to stand with their swords.
Although the woman was seriously ill, she looked at him with a faint tunnel, "Are you human?"
He said, "Tang Xiaofeng, the last general" looked up at the history of only one female emperor … This later generation was criticized and abused by many scholars and won the respect of women by several later generations.
Wu Zetian said, "I’ve heard your name broken. I set fire, Ba Dao, You Shui and Bei Cai in the four arrays … but you came to kill me?"
Tang Xiaofeng said, "The last general was ordered to protect his position."
"Really?" Wu Zetian turned out not to be happy or angry and even coughed a few words "Help me to the window to see"
Tang Xiaofeng secretly folded, even to the point where the soldiers were forced to bed, she was still so calm. He helped Wu Zetian to the window and just could see the unfinished Buddha from this position.
Wu Zetian sighed, "This Buddha seems to have completed the dharma."
Tang Xiaofeng said, "There is still time to finish it," but he knew in his heart that it was impossible to finish this Buddha statue, because it was never really built.
Wu Zetian changed the capital of East China to demolish the main hall of Luoyang Palace, which is also called Vientiane Shrine. That is to say, he now stands in the north of the hall and wants to build a paradise and put a giant Buddha in it. However, this giant Buddha was built twice and collapsed twice. Tang Xiaofeng still remembers that he saw a movie called Di Renjie’s Heaven Empire in his lifetime, which was adapted according to this historical record, but it is nonsense to say that Wu Zetian wants to build herself like this.
He knew that once he controlled the Vientiane shrine, Zhang Cambodia, Huan Yanfan, etc., he would soon come in and force Wu Zetian to write a letter to abdicate and leave it to him. He said, "There will be something to ask at the end."
Wu Zetian looked puzzled and saw the young man. Looking at her eyes was respectful and heavy, as if she could see through her.
This kind of eyes is really strange. The young man respects her, but this respect is not because of her noble status or because she has a different position, but only because she is a person. Although he came to her for the first time, he seems to know her better than everyone else.