The two soldiers didn’t see anything. They slowly fired their guns and prepared to go back, while the leading veteran had some abnormal expressions.
Old drivers who often run long distances should have heard a saying that it is better to walk at night than to walk in the dark.
What does this mean?
That is to say, if the car is going to travel very fast at night, the driver must steer quickly when he sees the gray area on the road and can’t see what it is, because it is likely to be a puddle, a pit or a gourd without a manhole cover.
It will be grayed out due to lighting problems.
At the moment, the veteran of the Northwest Line often found the anomaly of heavy snow in this way. He couldn’t see the snow clearly, but he noticed that there were many small black circles in the snow near and not far away.
This means that there is no snow and no reflection in those places, which are black circles from a distance.
The veteran experienced and unmoved turned around and continued to walk back with more than three soldiers.
About fifty meters away, the veteran suddenly raised his automatic rifle and turned it into a single-point mode, aiming at a small black spot on the side of the road.
"What are you …?"
"Don’t move like someone." The veteran was about to hug the fire with a gun at the little black spot.
Liang Xing suddenly got up with a gun in his hands.
The veteran stepped back three steps on the spot.
"Mom missed it," Liang Xing roared with eyes glaring. "Rush into the camp as quickly as possible!"
At the same time, more than 50 soldiers got up and started a fire beside the road.
"Dadada …!"
Fierce gunfire rang out and four soldiers were knocked down. The veteran of Zhongpu Legion, who was in a pool of blood, pulled his neck and shouted, "Enemy attack, enemy attack …!"
The distance between the two sides is very close. When the veteran shouted, Liang Xing had already rushed in with people, and two young scouts were close to each other when their brains were hot.
"Don’t get the fuck away from the gun!" Liang Xing glared at her eyes and yelled.
Sure enough, Liang Xinggang shouted the veteran’s body suddenly exploded, and his body was blown to pieces directly. He knew he couldn’t run, so he simply blew himself up, and if the two soldiers foolishly leaned over, they would certainly be gone at the moment.
Two recruits concerned eyes stare round origin at the other three soldiers a crazy chug will each other into a sieve in order to disperse the fear in my heart.
"Rush!" Liang Xing’s footsteps kept taking everyone straight to the camp.
When the rear fangs found that the front points were missing, they immediately rushed in with large troops.
After dozens of seconds.
There was a fierce exchange of fire in the camp, but there were too few soldiers left behind to burn the trench, which could not form an effective counterattack. When they met, they were broken, and the big teeth soldiers knew that the other side’s brutal fight was simple and careful, which did not cause any casualties
Yuan Liang Xing quickly searched all the camps with people around him. Soon, the last enemy soldier was found in a tent at the corner. His right hand was holding a gun and his left hand was holding a communication device. He was shouting, "Inform us that we have been attacked by an enemy. A group of enemy troops with fewer than 100 people have infiltrated the rear of our army. Please do a good job in all headquarters …!"
Two shots at the entrance of Liang Xing directly killed each other.
"hello? Hello? What unit are you in? !” There is also a response from the other party in the communication equipment.
More than soldiers rushed into the room and rushed to the messenger. The soldiers made up two more shots to be completely relieved.
The battle was over when Daya and others rushed in outside the hospital. Liang Xing and his people were checking the tents.
"What’s the situation?" Fang rushed to ask 1 with a gun.
"Report that the battalion commander wiped out more than 20 enemy troops and our casualties," a soldier replied after saluting.
Daya was relieved when he was about to continue questioning. Liang Xing had come out and said with a dignified face, "Mom, this encounter happened at a bad time."
"What’s the matter?" Daya asked
"There was a soldier inside who saw us coming, and the communication equipment sent the message out at the first time." Liang Xing frowned and said, "We missed it."
"Damn it," Daya gnashed his teeth when he heard this. "The point is true!"
"We inserted obliquely and have entered the large army of Pujuntuan withdrawal. When the gun rang, the news went out. If something goes wrong, someone will come and attack us." Liang Xing woke up quickly. "We have to retreat quickly."
Daya turned to look at the camp for a few seconds and then asked, "This seems to be a fucking supply point!" "
"Report to the battalion commander that we found ammunition in the supply warehouse." A soldier ran over and shouted, "There are still a few mortars."
Daya was dazed. "Is there anything else for him?"
"Lead the way ahead and have a look" Fang waved and shouted.
In just over a minute, everyone came to the supply warehouse next to four military vehicles. After Daya entered the room, the soldier excitedly pointed to the ordnance box and said, "There are still a few RPGs!"