With a roar of laughter, the momentum of Moxiao City has changed dramatically. Just now, the sticky tiger case rushed to Tong Mu’ an, and the head-on was a right whip.

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿夜网 With a roar of laughter, the momentum of Moxiao City has changed dramatically. Just now, the sticky tiger case rushed to Tong Mu’ an, and the head-on was a right whip.

Tong Mu ‘an’s eyes are dignified. He can already see that Mo Xiao City is really moving. It’s just a cover-up and fierce play, but he is definitely not a bully. When the tiger comes, he will also hit it.
quitting brave victory
Want to also don’t want to is a kind of consciously can Tong Mu ‘an hit xingyi five elements boxing middle horizontal fist and MoXiaoCheng right single whip stubbornly intertwined to see who is more overbearing who can play!
"Come on!"
Mo Xiaocheng stamped a deep footprint on the floor as soon as he pushed hard. He could feel that Tong Mu ‘an was really powerless and strong. He was a first-class master. When he saw his body arching like an ape, he made a move and presented a peach to a white ape.
Although the name of this trick is vulgar, it is very vivid. At the moment, Moxiao City is like a white ape with a bow and a boy offering a peach. But if the white ape is naughty, it depends on whether you have it or not. If nothing happens, it will be torn to pieces by the white ape!
Tong Mu ‘an didn’t dare to pick him up. He couldn’t afford to pick up Mo Xiao City’s peach garden. He was so angry that he sank to Dantian. At the same time, he put out his hands like a big fat bear to hug Mo Xiao City and strangle him alive!
This is a bear-shaped Xingyiquan. Besides five elements boxing’s fame, the top ten true shapes are equally good.
It’s a pity that MoXiao City hasn’t reached the realm of divine transformation, otherwise his trick of offering peaches by white apes will be shaped like a boy’s tree. No matter how capable he is, he can’t accept this peach. If he is to be hit, he will be beaten in a hurry and fall into the wind!
"hey! ……”
Swim around without looking at Mo Xiaocheng, clap Tong Mu ‘an’s fist, drill out of the bear-shaped encirclement, and the bird enters the water in Lin Long.
The two men fought hard and sent out waves after waves. Every time they joined hands, the ground would make a dull sound. Finally, after several moves, the floor could not bear to burst.
Take the lead in MoXiao City, he cracked a big stone brick when he stepped on his right foot, and he just bounced up when he stepped on it. He just kicked Shi Zhuan in the past half and he kicked him hard in front of Tong Mu ‘an!
"Carving insects!"
Tong Mu ‘an sniffed at the cannon boxing and broke a big piece of Shi Zhuan. Suddenly, the rubble was flying, and his body rushed out of the rubble and punched out in a sequential way. The pace was not big, but he took a big step. His half step was already equivalent to that of ordinary people. He went directly to Moxiao City to see how he answered it!
Hand like a steel file, hand like a hook rod
Hard work is like thunder and lightning.
Tong Mu has been fighting Xingyiquan for more than 20 years, and has already practiced Xingyiquan in his heart and bones, so that the charm of Xingyiquan can be vividly played to make life!
No wonder a few people dare to kick Hu Youyun’s gym in the sea. He is not afraid of being hit by the Haitian boxing gym. It turns out that he has great confidence.
Mo Xiaocheng has never met such a master since he died in Gaoye. He hasn’t played so vividly. He is a complete martial artist. Meeting a master is more heart-wrenching than meeting a beautiful woman.
Although he is gentle at ordinary times, there is no difference between him and ordinary people who make money every day, but his bones reveal a kind of unruly and dissolute attitude towards martial arts.
Everyone in the world is a contradiction and has two sides. Some people are bold and unrestrained, others are dull, and some people are cold and hot … And Moxiao City belongs to the latter. He is hot not for women but for martial arts.
Now Tong Mu ‘an’s martial arts are still a little worse than Gao Ye’s, but the difference is not big. It is still necessary for them to fight before they know that it is difficult to tell whether two masters compete with each other. It is very difficult to tell whether seven points depend on strength and three points depend on middle response. The environment has an impact.
The two men are getting tighter and tighter, and there are shadows of them everywhere in the lobby. The two men are too strong, and there are more and more cracks in the floor. If we go on like this, it will be completely destroyed sooner or later.
Mo Xiaocheng also saw this situation. He shouted, "It’s too narrow in here to play happily. Let’s go outside and play!"
"good! Who is afraid of who haha! "
Tong Mu ‘an followed closely behind Moxiao City and kept punching to take advantage of Moxiao City.
Mo Xiaocheng kicked out from a tricky angle, and Tong Mu ‘an evaded and retreated. He ran out of his leg and slammed it one by one, but he didn’t hit the concrete floor, but he was deeply trampled with a footprint of dozens of centimeters!
Bang bang bang!
Bang bang bang!
Knock, knock, knock
Their fists and feet are glued together, and every collision is extremely fierce. They don’t move luxuriously, they don’t look good, they don’t kick handsomely, they don’t kick handsomely, they don’t kick handsomely, and they don’t kick brilliantly. Every move is a brief introduction, a simple road front.
Pa … Click!
Mo Xiaocheng gradually took over the wind and pressed Tong Mu’s hit, forcing him to retreat two steps, two steps and three steps further. Mo Xiaocheng drew a single whip in the past and Tong Mu ‘an didn’t dare to connect hard because his hand had been shaken slightly by Mo Xiaocheng.
An old willow tree with thick thighs was knocked down by Mo Xiaocheng with a single whip.
"Let’s go!"
The old willow tree is in the opposite direction, just in the direction that Hu Youyun and them come out of the lobby!
Chapter one hundred and fifty-six Leave a line
Tiger quickly swept and kicked the collapsed old willow tree and was kicked by him.
That is to say, when Tiger kicked off half of the old willow tree, the fight between Moxiao City and Tong Mu ‘an, two great experts, has reached a white-hot level, and the two of them are playing harder and faster.
Tai Chi is a powerful boxing method. When Tong Mu ‘an is quick, Mo Xiao City will naturally be unhappy, or he will be beaten. It is difficult to do it at will because you can’t slow down and others’ fists will come. You can’t slow down if you want to!
They are like two destructive machines, where they hit, they will suffer, and the floor will be broken and cracked!
A huge fist collision came out from the central area of the two men, impressively, Mo Xiaocheng and Tong Mu ‘an collided with each other’s fists without reservation!
A touch of blood slowly stayed from Tong Mu ‘an’s mouth. He was beaten back five steps, but Mo Xiao City went back three steps, and there was no bleeding. It seemed that there was no injury. The gap between the two was left behind.
Tong Mu ‘an is not as good as Mo Xiao City!
Mo Xiao City held a breath and kept it, but the momentum was like a rainbow. Once again, I greeted Tong Mu ‘an with horror!
"You! ….. There was no power just now! "
Tong Mu ‘an seems to have seen a ghost. It’s unbelievable that he played fiercely just now. Mo Xiao City didn’t attack hard!
MoXiaoCheng didn’t speak, his eyes like condensed mercury a face of calm.
Shuttle from left to right, like a seal, move forward and beat, pull the tail of a bird from left to right … All kinds of tricks are displayed by him heartily. He has a kind of laughter in his heart. I’m afraid of who will surge!