"This red-violet third commander-in-chief is a representative of the’ resistance faction’."
The broken sea has a long history, far from the’ young’ areas such as falling star caves and sighing mountains. Not only that, the broken sea experienced a great war in the past, which broke several large areas and then formed the broken sea today.
In other words, the small scale of the broken sea is equivalent to the size of several falling star caves.
There are many oases, large and small, scattered all over here. After several years of development, it has formed a stable order, and it is not like a falling star cave. The oases are very isolated. The oases here are closely linked and often married. You have me and I have you under the jurisdiction of the highest super oasis.
Therefore, the seven-star alliance, red-violet empire and other super oasis influence radiation range is also relatively large.
But it doesn’t mean that these super oases are worried.
In the broken sea area, the war described by the law collapsed several large areas in the past, and the influence is still residual. Today, these influences are good and bad.
Fortunately, the number of sea surface evils in the broken sea area is far less than that in its large area, and it is relatively easy to travel by airship, which brings the foundation for the prosperity of the broken sea today.
You know, when you go deep into the fog, the bigger the team, the more vulnerable it is to the attack of evil spirits. Therefore, most exploration teams are ten people, and only a powerful chamber of commerce can organize large teams to pass through.
There are disadvantages.
Most of the time, the broken sea area is peaceful, but occasionally, the remnants of evil spirits broke out in the broken sea area and set off a terrible disaster frenzy.
Natural disasters bring forth waves of evil spirits, and then there will be extinction-level evil spirits that will bring disaster to the whole region.
And this disaster has happened several times in the book.
As a result, several ordinary oases and large oases have collapsed and disappeared. Super oases such as the Seven Star Alliance and the Red-violet Empire are as stable as huge ships, but even huge ships face risks and losses in the face of huge waves.
Once, Xingluo Bay was hit hard. Is it prosperous or rebuilt later?
"The resistance faction is to urge the investigation of the cause of the disaster to prevent and stop the disaster from continuing. The group is not limited to the red-violet empire, but the red-violet empire is an oasis with a loud protest."
"Compared with the old school, they think that disaster is inevitable, and there is no need to explore the root causes. Now the losses caused by disaster are not great. If an evil god is offended in the process of exploration, that is the real disaster."

"That’s it?"
The impatient words of the deputy cabinet master interrupted Qianqiu’s rambling.
"If it is difficult, try to find a way. You are a killer, not a waste!"
"When I give you this for two months, no matter what the cost, you must do it. Don’t forget that it is because of the cultivation of you by the cabinet owner that you are today."
As soon as the voice fell, the body stung like a burning soul.
There seems to be a brand, a chain, his soul around his neck.
Half ring
That burning soul stings slowly and fades away, and a stuffy hum comes out.
Looking up again, the interwoven picture of light and shadow is slowly dispersing, and the light of the trap is finally dim and the link is broken.
Qianqiu looked at his eyes to make sure that the booby trap stopped working, so he raised his middle finger at the darkness in front of him.
"I’ll fuck you!"
"Why don’t you assassinate yourself?"
"Have a fight, old thing!"
Scolded for a while and sat down with a drooping head.
He can’t resist the assassination of cabinet. What should we do? You can accept it.
"hey ~"
He remembered the whisper that came to his mind yesterday-"an opportunity"-an opportunity to change his destiny.
Try or not?
There is a saying in the occult that being stared at by such a high position often has no good chance. The experimental material is just …
But from another angle, he’s already been stared at. What are you afraid of? The ambush pavilion is already a chain around the neck, and one more seems to be … so-called?
He hung up the killer training camp and cultivated it. He smiled respectfully and called out to that one in his heart.
Half ring …