Because I almost had an accident on my road, I received that message, and it was really a small purple number.

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If this little purple is real, but the little purple is fake, but why call me?
It’s not reasonable to think about it!
At that time, the logic department was in a mess.
Although I didn’t put my hand over my nose, even if I sneezed myself.
I think that my hands have just lifted the white cloth covering the body without gloves, and there are probably bacteria or something, and I will get it tonight!
For example, I’m used to some small hobbies, such as buttoning my nose or scratching …
Thinking of this, I told Zi Xuan that I would go to the toilet to wash my hands.
Having said that, I looked at Zi Xuan.
Violet looked at me and said, OK.
When I heard this, I nodded my face and smiled from my heart.
Suddenly I felt a stone fall to the ground.
Actually, my heart is very white. The morgue is a very, very scary place. I am very worried about leaving my mother from that place even for a minute.
I can’t be so happy when I think of this.
I walked out of the room at the corner of the building and saw the dim light in the corridor. I didn’t know anything, just like I was out of the clutches of death
But my heart is white. How long can I wash my hands in the toilet?
Ghost king game instructions have already been issued to protect yourself!
This means that I entered the game when I received the instructions.
This game seems simple but very difficult.
First, when there are no rules in this game,
Second, there is no place in this game.
The third is that the scariest part of the game is to copy the same person as me, and then I don’t know whether to protect myself or protect the ghost from copying that person
Now I wonder if this hospital also copied the sleeping ghosts!
If so, then I entered this hospital and entered the haunted house.
I dare not think much …
Maybe you can only leave this game if you find an escape in this game.
After repeatedly analyzing these things in my mind, I suddenly feel that this game is more difficult than the ghost game I have experienced before.
After thinking for a while, I sighed and said to myself, this is a small game, one of five small games.
Although I have experienced three before.
Those three game bases are all cracked by feelings!
For example, in the tattoo, the ghost killed the tattoo artist’s family and then lived. Later, because the wife of the tattoo artist was too angry, she became a worse ghost and fought with the water ghost.
Then there is the villa! The original Zhang Jie fell in love with that master, and after his death, he regretted serving the old lady, but when the old lady knew about it, Zhang Jie killed Zhang Jie’s soul and turned it into a ghost … Later, the ghost of the old man appeared …
The third doll this time … Yes, from the doll this time, I feel that the ghost has become very powerful and the game is very scary. The original ghost will disappear after cutting off my sister’s tongue, but it doesn’t …
The third time was a watershed … The ghost of Sister-in-law Miao Bige was still there.
Now my experience is the fourth little game, and this time …
Thought of here, I made a cold shiver all over.
Of course, I didn’t find a third time to make my sister live and live, saying that I know if I can find a way to live and live this time.
But what is waiting for me for the fifth time?
I walked while thinking, and before I knew it, I had come to the toilet door.
I was just about to push the toilet door, but suddenly I hesitated …
Because I don’t know if there is a ghost in it. !
Chapter 245 The world in the mirror (2)
I was slow to push the toilet door.
I thought to myself that it would be a shame if I died because of a toilet and washing my hands.
Of course, some horrible images have emerged in my mind. Although I thought of them myself, I have to admit that it may be like this.
For example, I bent down next to the faucet to wash my hand. At this time, the water from the faucet suddenly turned red, sticky and full of bloody blood. Then a bloody hand came out of the mirror and pressed my head tightly, and then pressed it into the pool to finally suffocate me.
For example, after I enter the toilet, the toilet door automatically, and then I can’t hit it again. A female ghost with no head or pale face walks up to me and kills me, whether nails pierce my chest or long hair wraps around my neck and strangles me.
I don’t know why such a picture would emerge in my mind … It’s simply terrible.
I seriously doubt that I have suffered from severe paranoia!
I have experienced so many psychic games since I signed the "Soul Contract". To be honest, I seem to be on the verge of collapse.
But I don’t want to die. My survival is stronger than ever. Even though I know that I may die in a certain game, I have to make a last-ditch effort to live and think.
But I finally pushed the door.
Into the toilet.
After entering the toilet, I looked at the absorption faucet.
Like all toilet designs, there is a clean mirror at the faucet of the toilet.
Seeing this mirror really made my heart water.
I don’t know why I always feel that seeing a mirror is no different from seeing a ghost.
A mirror …
Although the mirror is small in area, it can shine from the chest position to the head position
But it’s enough to climb out of it a female ghost or stretch out a bloody hand.
I can’t help but take a breath of air conditioning. After all, I am different from normal people in this environment, and now my heart is very vain. I may be alive if I am extra careful.
I’m not afraid to say that now I look at the long lamp cabinet on the ceiling and feel that she will suddenly fall or become a ghost and eat me.
I looked around but found nothing hard!
Because I want to smash the mirror hanging on the wall, because I’m really afraid, I think those pictures will appear
But there seems to be nothing hard around.
I was very careful not to face the mirror directly, because I know that the mirror is the most terrible weapon in the ghost wind world!
You were killed by a ghost in the mirror, and you didn’t even know it.
I leaned close to the wall and walked towards the mirror.
I hinted to myself that I must make sure that I don’t let that mirror shine on me.
I walked past the side of the mirror and then my hand slammed the mirror off.
The mirror fell to the ground and then there was a crackling sound … Yes, the front mirror broke into several pieces!