Now I cann’t believe I can’t stun or seriously hurt. What’s the matter?

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Beasts are dumbfounded.
Duke suddenly said, "Let me go!" to be continued
Chapter 77 No? Come and bite me!
The situation is very bad. It’s not that the tribe can’t see rabbits without spreading eagles now, but that there is no way to deal with Mannoroth orcs. In the heart, they will feel that someone has put a dagger into their carotid artery.
It’s the second time to fool orcs into drinking demon blood!
Besides, Mannoroth is a burning legion striker, and his troops can’t show their roots until they get rid of it
Since it’s all about saving Grom, it’s better for Duke to be generous and take care of it.
For the magic circle tribe, this side is a stupid force. At this time, the tribe has not yet connected with the old shaman. Even the Sal people are a standard warrior, and they are not the magical talents of the later generations.
It is easy to find a powerful mana node in Duke Grey Valley, which is a moon well, and then release dozens of mage hands to dazzle and decorate the magic circle.
Seeing this, the tribe fell silent.
Woking gently encouraged Sal "Don’t lose heart! Human life is short, and there may not be a genie like Duke for a thousand years. "
The implication is that Sal is younger, and if he can’t make it to Duke’s death, Sal will come out.
"The alliance is too strong. If the tribe rises, it’s up to you, my young chief."
Sal nodded heavily.
Fifty meters away, Duke has a cross-shaped blue veins on his forehead. Although Woking is far apart, Sal will listen to troll language on purpose, but he can’t stand the wide listening range of elves and the cruelty of translation software!
Hey! If I say that I am immortal, the devil’s hand is eternal life, will your tribe jump into the sea and commit suicide?
Mm-hmm. Normal mind. Normal mind …
The magic circle doesn’t need too much time to say that it is a magic circle, but rather a simple exorcism magic circle. There should be enough Stansom holy water and moon well, and everything is auxiliary.
Moon well is a good thing!
As its name implies, the Moon Well is also inextricably linked with the Eternal Well. It turns out that after the Eternal Well exploded 10,000 years ago, the well water energy formed the magical network of Azeroth, which we are familiar with today, and some of its stars scattered energy all over the world.
So the night elves rebuilt the scattered energy into the situation of the moon well. The night elves said that the moon goddess slept in the eternal well during the day. The night elves in the lake believed in the moon goddess, so they named these wells built by the scattered energy of the eternal well as the moon well.
The purest energy liquid, the moon well, is purified if it is not polluted too strongly. Duke still remembers that in his previous game, the demon cloth was purified every once in a while and the moon cloth was mixed with a little money.
After everything was settled, Duke led the tribal scouts and led them to chase Grom and his warsong orcs for about an hour.
Looking into the distance from the biped flying dragon’s face, a night elf base has just been attacked, and evil beasts are madly destroying it.
Lexar’s anger is worse. The general language says, "Duke Marcus, look … they will also take part in the upcoming war against the Burning Legion … Please try to hurt them as little as possible!"
"No, you say I will." Duke walked towards the camp full of fire and blood without looking back.
over there
"kill! Kill! Kill! "
"Ow! Oh!"
A dark blue-skinned night elf hunter stared at the sky with eyes open. She had been dead for a long time. She and her compatriots fought against the evil orcs and died here after failing. However, the evil orcs were controlled by the demon blood and did not let them go. Even if they died, they seemed to practice knives. The evil orcs continued to attack the bodies with general momentum.
Suddenly it was dark.
It seems that there is no cold wind to extinguish the fire here in an instant, which makes every evil orc feel a tingle.
A huge Duke illusion, which was fifteen meters high, appeared at the gate of the camp.
After magic, the sound amplification immediately sounded.
Seeing that the cloak behind him is ringing with the wind, the figure of the human mage almost shrinks every time the evil orc turns back.
Especially Grom Hellscream!
Duke’s face, which made him more familiar than hate, easily reminded him of long-buried memories.
Duke sticks his hands flat and palms up to a pair of hierophant ready to embrace a lost lamb. Of course, this evil orc’s eyes are more disgusting than a scene.
Every time Duke spoke, his huge virtual image took a step forward.
"Who is it? Defeated the tribe’s plot to capture Azeroth? "
"Who is it? Let millions of tribes die in the sea, bait the loess and rotten meat? "
"Who is it? Defeated the great chief Ogram in your heart and turned him into a prisoner? "
"Who is it? Let you be trapped in the wilderness for thirteen years and live in fear every day? "
"Who else? Let your tens of thousands of compatriots become slaves! Let your generation of orcs grow up in a cage? "