"Donglong Ziyu symbolizes the royal family. I want to go to the palace to meet your emperor!"

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Rogge was too lazy to talk nonsense with him and shouted directly.
"This this …" The little guard was at a loss.
"If you don’t know, call your captain. I have a limit."
"What people that noisy noisy noisy I very fidgety …"
At this moment, a tall, burly and red soldier with a golden robe was holding a sword that cut iron like mud.
"This man is him. What does he say he is …" One side guard was just about to explain to his company when Rogge directly brought Dong Long Ziyu to the man and then Rogge didn’t speak.
If not, when the soldiers in this brocade robe saw the things in Rogge’s hands, their eyes became different, as if it were a different common thing now, as if the man hurriedly asked, his face was much more serious. "Are you from Donglong? Is it a messenger or someone who is here? "
"Please ask this guy to inform me that I want to meet him in person." Rogge said it directly.
Unexpectedly, the soldiers in brocade robes did not ask again, but invited Rogge to say, "Then here, please let us declare this issue immediately and please take a rest in the posthouse."
Brocade soldiers invited Rogge into the city gate, and then placed Rogge in a posthouse to receive foreign emissaries and officials.
Rogge doesn’t mean to wait, just wait, let it be natural. No matter how much I think about it now, I don’t need him. So I started drinking tea and eating red dates in the posthouse all the year round.
The horse has been led into the stable by the posthouse people to feed the grass.
Rogge waited for about half an hour when he heard the hooves ringing outside, which was obviously a gallop.
In a short time, a man came in from the outside, and he was also a soldier. The soldier was dressed lightly and didn’t have too much iron, and he was still panting in his mouth. Obviously, this call was also a tiring job.
Rogge certainly knew what would happen next.
"Holy decree … East Dragon emissary enters the palace."
(just) as expected/anticipated
"Good lead me to Malay" Rogge’s humanity to the posthouse
At the moment, a group of people, a group of men and a group of aristocrats are gathering in the place where the emperor of Yan discussed politics. You can tell from the style and material of clothes.
And the emperor of Yan Empire is still sitting in the middle of this moment, and this group of people are still sitting in the most important position, but they are not other people. They are all prominent princes and nobles. Most of them are close to the emperor, including the emperor’s uncle, the emperor’s brother and the emperor’s father-in-law. Obviously, the emperor has specially called this bunch of dignitaries to see what the envoys of Donglong Kingdom are doing here. This is, after all, the diplomatic relations between the two countries, and we must not slack off at all.
Rogge has come to the court at this moment, and everyone’s eyes are coming to him. Suddenly, pairs of eyes become strange and abnormal.
"This this this how is it possible …"
"My god …"
"My god, a ghost …"
At the moment, even the high emperor has a fixed expression on his face, and his eyes are strongly uneasy and suspicious.
The emperor of Yan’s empire has a face of stubble and looks handsome. When Fang Gang just came in, he took a look at Rogge. From those eyes, we can see how much this person is looking at.
But at the moment, all these things have suddenly dissipated. Emperor Yan and many royal nobles in Yan are all in a panic. Everyone seems to be more shocked than shocked by Rogge’s sudden appearance. What makes them so shocked and flustered?
"Who are the newcomers?" At this time, I listened to the high platform for a big drink, but there was a panic in this drink, dìdū even the emperor was frightened. Then who is this high platform?
"Long Fengdong Dragon King ordered to come here to serve the princess who married into Yan," Rogge said at this moment, and his face was expressionless.
However, the emperor of Yan and the people who belong to it are very different. Now everyone is in a panic, because for them, Long Langen should have been a dead man long ago, and now to their surprise, how can Long Lan return to the world for no reason? This is the source of their panic.
There is no doubt that even a person will be crazy in the face of this situation, because this is a long talk to them, but this long talk is real.
Wow, an uproar
Someone is already shaking.
Chapter ninety-five Lonely figure
Some people wanted to run away on the spot, and then the emperor drank a "live for me"
People who wanted to run outside had to stop at this moment, and the emperor was not able to resist.
However, everyone has fears. Can the resurrection of the dead make people not fear?
You know, people in this feudal dynasty were superstitious, and they often believed in these suspicious things.
"Then I ask you, are you a person or a ghost?" Rogge didn’t expect the high emperor to ask.
Rogge’s expression is frozen, because this question is really very difficult. One question is, are people ghosts? If the answer is people, then Zhenlong Lan must have been killed by them and the body may still be somewhere. If the answer is a ghost, then this is purely ridiculous! And this will be exposed sooner or later.
If so?
They watched their time Rogge worried.
Silent, the whole hall seems to have stopped, and a pair of suspicious eyes are looking at themselves. However, Rogge’s surface is stronger, and he can neither show panic nor have the slightest anxiety, because once he makes the slightest mistake, he will immediately get into trouble.
"People are ghosts!" This is Rogge’s answer. Rogge’s stereo is in the hall.
Then I just want to get the picture, and the faces suddenly show complicated expressions, because this sentence is really full of brains, is it a person or a ghost? Is this a person or a ghost? Isn’t it confusing?
However, this is Rogge’s main effect, and Rogge was forced by the form to suddenly come out boldly. This is also a temporary countermeasure, which may be fooled.