The footsteps sounded and the female looked up. Yu Deshui came to the crowd with several cronies. "I have seen the landlord."

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿洗浴会所 The footsteps sounded and the female looked up. Yu Deshui came to the crowd with several cronies. "I have seen the landlord."

"Lin Feng is gone?"
"Take the girl away."
The woman couldn’t help sighing. The veils frowned slightly. Yu Deshui Yu Guang sneaked a look. A wind blew through the veils and floated with them, revealing a smooth neck. She was also curious about this full-fledged landlord, not only the identity of the other party, but also the veils to hide the beauty.
"Do you want to ask me to let Lin Feng go?" The female mouth gently moved a gown. How did it look like a pair of slender hands, white and flawless? The moment when fingers stroked the white blouse and skirt seemed to have a special magic.
"The landlord’s decision does not dare to have the slightest doubt." Yu Deshui’s greedy eyes will never leave his hands and gently touch his body from the top of his head to the soles of his feet, which is bound to be the most pleasant thing in the world.
A cold hum is pleasant to hear. Even a cold hum makes people feel pleasant at this moment. Tianjie created such a beautiful woman and man, and finally got three kinds of inexhaustible wealth, high power and beauty.
Finger back Yu Deshui couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.
"Don’t dare" doesn’t meanno. If it weren’t for you, it would be so difficult. At this time, Lin Feng is under my control. "The female voice gives a bit of anger. Everything is going well. The same layers of layout don’t want to be a bad move.
"Blame windson cunning Sun Biao do things carefully don’t want to or in his way, blame belongs to handle affairs is unfavorable, please punish the landlord"
"yes! Windson has been alert that forced moves will cause more casualties. The most worrying thing is to attract his attention from a security guard, which is even more troublesome. "
"Once the landlord painstakingly returned to Beijing, it would be more difficult for Lin Feng to get the secret."
"Lin Feng is very clever. Once he tells the secret, he will die soon, even if he returns to Beijing, the secret will still be a secret."
"Lin Fenggan disobeys the emperor?"
"It’s not against the whole ship. It depends on whether Lin Feng is willing to live alone."
Yu Deshui nodding this point, why didn’t I think not to underestimate this woman’s theory of scheming? I am far from being an opponent. No matter what means, it is the best proof that the building is full of flowers at an early age, which is the ultimate controller of Sanjiang County.
"If Lin Feng never said anything, wouldn’t it be a complete hope!"
Female laughs "It is a pain not to keep a secret. The best way is to get close to Lin Feng."
"Close to windson? Join the Royal Guards? "
"In addition, there are other ways, so don’t bother adults to worry about Yu Datong’s death. There must always be an explanation."
Yu Deshui corners of the mouth smile "just push everything to Lin limelight".
"It’s better to add four evils. The story is really flawed."
"The landlord can rest assured"
Outside the gate of Sanjiang County, two people are walking around like ants in hot bricks, eager to know the result. Windson is also worried about Rip with a sigh. "It’s all my fault that I’m too selfish. Which place is reasonable?"
"It’ll be fine. That officer named Yu Datong knelt in front of windson."
"I hope so"
Suddenly there was a riot at the gate, and two soldiers stopped a man. This man was strong as a black tower and roared. They flew straight out. It was Tongtian thief Tang Niu who saw the two men stop the way. His arms flashed and his heart hurt, and he directly shouldered the two men to fly.
Two screams, two people flying out far away, Tang Niu shook his fist and strode straight to the right side of the county seat. Seeing the figure go far, two people dared to climb up from the ground. This fall was not light, and it was lucky that his legs were slightly lame when he walked. If he ate his fist, the consequences would be even worse.
"If this person is a good person, he can go in and save Sa together if he has such a thing."
"It’s enough to have this heart. People can fish and feed their families. It’s enough to fight and kill." The two men quickly walked out of the guarding city. The soldiers did not dare to stop one of them from holding a bloody machete. I’m afraid I’ll lose my head this time.
"Show is a show"
In the reunion after separation, the emotion is extremely complicated, especially when Rip watched his granddaughter being taken away. It was really a natural strategy to put the only hope away from Lin Feng’s vast waters. Where can I find that moment? It’s really a dream. Everything comes to him who waits, and the real water finds Lin Feng.
"Let’s talk about it when we go back"
After the forest wind breaks in front of the column, Ye Sun and his son hold a line of four people tightly and rush to the waterfront. It takes two hours to walk to Sanjiang Village. If you choose to walk, you need to go around and then turn over a mountain.
A small boat stopped at the shore, jumped out of the boat’s arm and pulled Rip. The two of them came to the near toe point with the jump of forest air, and the whole boat hardly shook. This kung fu is amazing.
"Did those people hit you?"
Li Xiuer shook her head. "It’s really strange that those people lock the backyard after they catch Xiuer. It’s not bad to be served every day."
"This is really strange."
It’s strange that Rip felt incredible. When he was taken away by the government, he had to send money to redeem it. When he came back, he was hurt all over. There was almost no pain in that place
"By the way, Brother Lin, why are you back again?"
"Look at you, let people take your grandfather away and worry about dragging me out of the water to find the Lin brothers." The iron column supported a small boat and the speed increased with the speed of seeing the dark night. Even these perennial water runners were equally worried.
"If it weren’t for your windson, I’m afraid I would really die at the bottom of the water."
"Windson saved Sa several times and saved the village, which is our benefactor in Sanjiang Village."
"If the iron pillar is a woman, this generation will follow."
Li Xiuer’s face turned red, and while the sunset was particularly moving, the whole boat had its own woman. These words formed a hint that she bit her lip and looked at her side.
"Windson is just like a boat in water, and he is used to drifting alone, and he doesn’t want to drag others down." These are all facts. There is a token that is a mystery. He was seriously injured and fell into the water. He also doesn’t know the way ahead. At this time, Windson’s mind is rooted in putting a woman.
Sa clenched her lips and smiled. No matter what, she was born a windson woman.
Iron column shouted one or three people at the same time, and looked back at the night. Rip’s eyes were wide open. "That’s the direction of Sanjiang Village."
"iron column, hurry up."
Chapter 39 Sin
In the night, the fire rises, and a boat flies forward quickly. The rising direction of the fire is the location of Sanjiang Village. The rising fire in the night makes people feel tight.
Where did the fire start? Was it accidentally ignited or was there another reason? Lin Feng’s bow was used to cold murder through the handle, and he must not be soft in the face of evil, otherwise more koo people would die tragically.
The boat quickly approached the iron column with round arms, which is my home. I vaguely remember the fire when I was ten years old. In the night, two boats quickly docked and jumped from the surface. Dozens of people rushed into the village with sharp swords to burn and rob, but these four words came to a slight resistance, waiting for the sharp machete to pass through the body. At that moment, bright red blood spurted out and reflected the fire, and the blood became redder.
The eyes were full of fire, and the dead, father and brother were all dead. In that disaster, the iron column was still young, and most of them escaped a bullet for this reason. How many times did they wake up in nightmares? When they saw the fire, they clenched their fists and couldn’t help but tremble.
As the boat approached and cried out, it was heartbreaking, mixed with venting scolding. At this moment, scolding seemed so helpful that Rip shook his head again and again and saw the two wooden houses near the waterfront fire house and the woodshed.
As the boat approached the shore, the iron column was impatient, and Lin Feng jumped a little more on his toes. All along the way, the wooden frame was cut off by sharp tools, and his left hand conveniently touched the surface to leave marks. As the wooden frame was scattered, the dried fish fell to the ground. At this time, he had no idea to pick it up.
The first time I saw the dead man in the firelight, my eyes were wide open. A woman knelt there and kept whining and cursing and shouting, which was heard by the method of shouting relatives in a pool of blood.
Windson’s figure flashed, and the fire came head on, and the heat was instantaneous and close to the heat wave. Without considering so many figures, he jumped and rolled into the fire circle, and the smoke billowed. He grasped one person by intuition, and the embroidered spring knife split out, not a person, but a fire with a burning crossbar blocked the way.
Knife can not only kill people but also save people.
Sparks splashed across the crossbar and instantly broke off Lin Fengshen. With his left hand, he caught a man and rushed out of the fire. Li Xiuer hurriedly lit the front gown with fire. Fortunately, the speed was fast enough.
Iron column force a catch windson saved is his woman say anything more than half is choked by smoke in the past eyes open "his father two column also inside".
"ah!" The road from the iron column to the shape is almost blocked by fire. If you are in a hurry, you will rush in directly "and so on"