Four flying swords emerged from the virtual reality, and the ghosting constantly struck those worms.

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿品茶嫩茶wx Four flying swords emerged from the virtual reality, and the ghosting constantly struck those worms.

However, no sword penetrated the worm’s body and did no harm.
"How come!" Gu Qingshan surprised way
"There is really no way for us to-"
Curtain roar loud to release brilliant force is only to make the worm more agitated, but it doesn’t even kill one.
He said in despair, "This is the end of the unknown. We have no way-"
Suddenly a gust of wind blew from the long river of time and brought a little moist breath.
This breath blows Gu Qingshan’s body, which makes the insects feel restless.
Gu Qingshan tried his best to twist his body and fall in the long river of time.
Suddenly become stronger than.
Gu Qingshan’s clothes were blown around and danced endlessly.
Ji Ji Ji!
Light worm cried in fear.
They get together and merge into a monster Gu Qingshan, which is purely composed of light.
This is a skeleton covered with flame, and its miserable white light is like a cloak to completely block the surrounding wind.
Skeleton bowed their heads and looked at Gu Qingshan whispered
"sinful life, I went deep into the world door and let you disappear completely!"
Its bone arm becomes a long chain.
Deep in the long river of time, a time monster rushed out of the water.
This is a flying fish with nine pairs of eyes. It took a gust of wind and went straight to Gu Qingshan.
Gu Qingshan was about to struggle when the flying fish shouted, "Don’t move Gu Qingshan!"
I don’t know what Gu Qingshan thinks, but he doesn’t move at once.
The fly fish melted into a fog and pas through that skeleton covered by the light.
Skeleton was shaking.
Then flying fish jumped out of the water and flew towards Gu Qingshan.
They sped up and pierced the monster like a charge.
The monster froze.
It’s more bleak than regretting that the body is scattered into countless light-shaped insects.
All the bugs are gone and can’t be seen in the wind anymore.
Gu Qingshan broke into a cold sweat.
If it weren’t for those time flying fish-
He turned his eyes to look at the flying fish.
See those flying fish flying back around him again.
The first flying fish said, "Gu Qingshan, you saved the long river of time once in ancient times, and now we will save you once. Your time is clear."
They all nodded at Gu Qingshan and plunged into the long river of time and disappeared.
The long river of time has restored peace.
I can’t see where those flying fish have gone.