The three men came to a small room in the backyard, where an old wooden table and two benches had been set up. Taoist Qingfeng seemed to know that there were two guests before.
There are two meats, two vegetables and two bowls of white rice on the wooden table. Before Xiaolong, he was worried that Taoist priests could eat vegetarian food without killing.
When he smelled the smell of rice, his stomach growled and he would never care about counting the rice again, so he stuttered.
Lu Manwen stared at him and sat down. "Have you eaten Uncle Ji?"
The cool breeze long smiled indifferently. "I don’t eat it, but it won’t hurt you to be slow. I have to go out and get my clothes back."
"Take the clothes? But just before I entered the room, I saw a cassock still dripping. Why not hang it outside to dry? "
Lu Manwen looked up at Langlang Star outside the door again. "It doesn’t look like rain this day, does it?"
Suddenly, it occurred to her that the purple vision just now was not so terrible for rural thunder.
However, Taoist Qingfeng gave a somewhat mysterious reason: "It is a godsend birthday, except for last year’s birthday, when there will be a rainstorm in this mountain, just in case, I’d better put the eaves to hang clothes and quilts."
"Uncle Ji, let me collect it for you!" Lu Manwen thinks of himself as a prospective daughter-in-law, and he wants to behave well at this time.
"Miss Manwen, let’s eat first. It’s better to have a look around this mountain after eating."
With that, the cool breeze leader turned and left Rumanwen. It suddenly occurred to him that this is the place where Ji Tianci grew up, and it is really necessary to have a good look.
Two city people never thought that rural food was so delicious, mainly because the ingredients were fresh and polluted, even if they didn’t add too much seasoning, they would feel refreshing and delicious.
Putting chopsticks on the table, Lu Manwen went to the Taoist temple to look around and watch the breeze. Like a commentator, she told Ji Tianci interesting stories when she was a child.
Starlight is mixed with firefly light, which is brighter here than lighting a lamp.
After visiting the Taoist temple, Lu Manwen called Xiaolong to walk towards the top of the mountain. She saw that Taoist Qingfeng was too old to let him lead the mountain.
Climbing the mountain in the middle of the night, there are millions of little dragons in their hearts who are reluctant, but forced by the president’s arrogance, he can also put a bitter gourd face behind Rumanwen.
Chief Qingfeng told us that it is not difficult to walk along the firefly light to the top of the mountain road, and it can be reached in an hour.
The cool autumn wind blows away Lu Manwen’s tiredness. It’s a wonderful journey. The green light of fireflies turns the mountain road into a passage to the dream kingdom. Lu Manwen feels that Ji Tianci is beside her, but she can turn her head and see that it is Xiaolong’s bitter gourd face.
At the top of the mountain, there stands a signal tower, and the four characters of "Nine Deep and Remote Communications" are blurred. Looking at the quiet village in the mountain, Lu Manwen can’t help but enlarge and call.
"ah ~"
She wants this cry to wake him up in Ji Tianci’s ear through the signal tower.
Coming back seemed to respond to her cry, which relieved Rumanwen of her long-term depression. At this time, Rumanwen was in a much better mood when she thought of what Taoist Qingfeng said. Even she felt that she was going to meet God-given.
"President, do you think that Uncle Ji is a little mysterious? I have never seen such a magic stick. That map is really bluffing."
"How do you talk! What do you respect? The stick is not a stick. "
LuManWen bash elbows glaring at the little dragon was really angry.
"yes! Ok! Ok! I was wrong, not yet. Uncle Ji is a powerful Taoist priest. "
Lu Manwen said nothing. She thought of the extraordinary world and Ji Tianci said that the mood of doomsday became heavier than looking at the stars for a long time before she added, "Xiaolong, there are too many things in this world that you can understand."
Xiaolong was about to open his mouth when he heard this, but he abruptly closed his mouth and said in his heart, At this time, you can’t offend the president again and get another scolding.
Back to the Taoist temple, it was early in the morning, and Lu Manwen couldn’t stop sleeping any longer. Ji Tianci fell asleep in less than three minutes.
But Xiaolong was in the guest room. trouble sleeping was probably too tired. After half an hour, he felt more and more awake. Finally, he lifted the quilt cover and walked out of the room.
Sitting at the entrance of Xuanyuan Temple, Xiaolong looked at the fireflies in the courtyard with his hands holding the bar.
I don’t know how long it took him to watch it, but he suddenly found that there was one more person around him, and suddenly he saw that it was Taoist Qingfeng.
"This old man is really scary to walk."
Master Qingfeng walked over and asked, "Little Dragon, my dear nephew, do you want to see the star map?"
Little dragon calmed down the mood and nodded. "JiBoBo, you said that fireflies in the map are all godsend. Can any of them belong to me? I am a God-given roommate. What should I say? "
Breeze Taoist priest neither nodded nor shook his head. "There is a firefly that has always guided the godsend trajectory. Sometimes it is an ordinary firefly, and sometimes it is not a firefly in this mountain. I don’t know if it is you. It makes me unable to see through …"
Xiaolong doesn’t know what Taoist Bai Qingfeng said, but he thinks of the stick of God. It seems that it is always like this, and he doesn’t struggle.
"Uncle Ji, I’m a little sleepy. Go to bed first, and you go to bed early."
The sixth volume World War Chapter three hundred and fifty Rain
In the morning, the sky is clear, the air is fresh, and the fog surrounds the whole car valley, watching the birds singing and singing. Lu Manwen walked out of the house, and the breeze leader had cleaned the fallen leaves in the courtyard.
After chatting for a few words, Xiaolong also came to the courtyard with a face that didn’t wake up. Lu Manwen worshipped the Yellow Emperor again before leaving the cool breeze leader.
Returning to Wuyang Road, Xiaolong was asleep, but Lu Manwen was full of energy and enjoyed the roadside scenery.
A few hours away, she didn’t feel tired at all. She stopped at the gate of Wuyang University and shook Xiaolong.
"Um … President, where is this?"
Xiaolong squinted around and watched "Are you at school? President, I have to go back to sleep. Bye-bye. "
He didn’t want to say another word, and he didn’t have the strength to say another word, dragging his tired body towards the dormitory not far away.
Lu Manwen watched him stagger away for a long distance, so he also started his car and was ready to go home. Today, he remembered that Master Qingfeng predicted that he would wait for Ji Tianci to come back at home when he decided this period.
Just a few kilometers after driving, she found that it began to rain, which was very strange and just enveloped Luoshan and half of the school along the road of Beihu Lake. Half of the lake was full of raindrops and ripples, while the other half was calm.