Adaling fleet, sub-demon arrival, ancient text of awakening from deep sleep …

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There are visible and invisible threats hidden in the Nuoda Galaxy.
Like a poisonous snake buried deep in a pile of rotten leaves
No one knows where and when they will jump out and bite themselves hard.
This kind of unexpected situation makes Lara feel quite difficult.
Those endings were also a great blow to Lara.
There is a feeling that hard work will be swept by waves.
Even he has some ways to accept it.
In the end, unwilling, he looked at a document.
[Strong artificial intelligence experiment]
There is no doubt that it is a more dangerous thing to be a sealed special file.
But the future of the human Federation can already be dark.
so dark that you can’t see your hand in front of you
A few more steps and you’ll fall off the cliff.
Even if you don’t move, you will be besieged by beasts that come out everywhere.
This grim situation [strong artificial intelligence] is like earth times’s nuclear weapons.
Although a slight mistake may cause the enemy to take the lead in ascending to heaven unscathed.
However, if the experiment is successful, it will certainly create a strong enough deterrent and greatly increase the speed of human development.
This is particularly important for the human Federation, where the road ahead is dark!
Finally, after a long time of thinking,
Laura dialed a special com.
After a few seconds.
As the other person will connect
Pull the other party to communicate for hours.
A month later.
[Strong Artificial Intelligence Experiment] The scheme was taken out, and the number of closed rooms was opposed. Toughness was officially implemented by the federal government …
Chapter 441 Strong artificial intelligence of navigator
The earth time is 2277 AD.
The efforts of human researchers on semi-mechanical bionic human
[Strong artificial intelligence experiment] Progress has made a lot of progress.
Intelligent ai thinking mode is no longer as fixed as before, but gradually becomes more changeable and flexible.
And closer to life …
And with the continuous production of a large number of data, this trend is accelerating
And this kind of performance in addition to benefits
It also caused a lot of human anxiety again.
They feel that they are playing with fire and it is a horrible fire that can easily burn themselves!
The Federal Ministry of Human Beings was forced by the federal government to oppose strong artificial intelligence, and there is a tendency to germinate again directly.
Including a large number of scholars, government officials have repeatedly opposed further research.
They think this move is to dig their own grave.
However, due to the intervention of various hidden forces behind the scenes,
Despite the opposition to the strong artificial intelligence experiment, it is still going on in an orderly way.
There is another thing in this period that has also attracted widespread attention.
Since this special group was officially recognized thousands of years ago, the vast human society has always been quite concerned.
After the initial strangeness,
With the standardization of the ability education for the mentally handicapped, the incidents of losing control of their power are decreasing year by year, so they have long been accepted by the general public.
No longer treat different people.
Instead, they are gradually regarded as an evolutionary direction of gifted, lucky and human beings.
Countless ordinary people are sincerely envious of their strength.
After all, strength, longevity, health, intelligence and even appearance are generally better than ordinary people.
It would be sour for anyone to change such excellent conditions.
But now in the "psychic" observation experiment.
Another new discovery has been made.
That is, after a lot of repeated tests, a laboratory found that some abilities are special [psychic] actually has the ability to predict dangerous disasters before identifying directions in Asia and China!
They will call it sub-perception!
And this discovery can be said to be great than good news for people and ships sailing together without Asia at all times.
It means that every time you sail in Asia, you need to bring one of those types of [psychic] to avoid navigation risks to a great extent!
At that time, a large number of companies and government departments were rushing to grab those special [mental abilities] at a high price.
Their value is directly rising at an extraordinary speed!
Even more expensive than a spaceship.
And the official is also quite interested in this ability, and even recognizes it as a strategic level ability.
Without hesitation, I will list one of the key research items in the future!
Looking forward to being able to study the principle of neutrality by various researchers.
It’s been so slow for decades.