"Take the initiative, you don’t. I want you to fill up the gas and the bomb and fly again. Then I have a goal here."

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿夜网 "Take the initiative, you don’t. I want you to fill up the gas and the bomb and fly again. Then I have a goal here."

"Wait for me and the horse will come back."
Send away 2 formations, 1 observation plane, and return to Shang Wei as planned. Tune the station to the frequency of ground troops again. "Tiger, tiger, eagle and dog, the second batch of formations will arrive at your department in 13 minutes. In the second wave, the hounds will support the forward flight control officer. Please determine the attack target as soon as possible and wish you good luck."
The attack was a great success. The G-head plane has become an adult. The ground troops in hell killed a carbine and are beating Reservoir Dogs hard
Zhu Wensong took the walkie-talkie, the signalman and the soldier’s cover and squatted excitedly and shouted, "Eagle dog, eagle dog, my tiger attack was very successful. I look forward to meeting the target of the second wave again. The enemy on the west coast is tentatively scheduled. Please help me coordinate with the hounds."
Chapter two hundred and twenty-six Brilliant results
The 5th Infantry Division captured 33 brothers, and the southwest corner of the village where they were taken is adjacent to the camp of the 2nd Company of Yue G Guard.
Although Yue G can’t treat prisoners as well as Xuan Zhong, he won’t deliberately abuse prisoners of war. The so-called water dungeon is a low-lying thatched wooden house. When it rains outside, the ground will become muddy, unlike the high-rise building, which is clean and refreshing. It will only be soaked in water and become famous.
Hu Zhengliang, the lieutenant captain of the 7 th detachment, was glad that the commander of the headquarters did not formulate a radical rescue plan and did not ask the brothers to sneak in at night or infiltrate from other directions to rescue.
The cell is located in the southeast corner of the T-shaped river, surrounded by a wooden fence nearly three meters high. On the left is a warehouse guarded by sentries, on the right is a guard, and on the south is a small river. There is a small wooden bridge with a checkpoint bridge at its end. There are two sentry buildings here, which are equipped with two shelters and cross-fire support on the other side. At the same time, the whole cell can be monitored from afar.
From the north village entrance to here, not only many Vietnamese live on both sides, but also four dogs are rarely seen.
It’s not so reliable to make night vision devices in the middle of the night, and the whereabouts of the detachment will be exposed if they are not careful.
Enemies are everywhere, the terrain is unfamiliar, and once the whereabouts are exposed, there will be heavy casualties.
It’s like the enemy’s attention that nearly 100 enemies on the east coast have just organized themselves and rushed to the northeast, even guarding prisoners of war. Several enemies are crazy to see the northern village blocked and throw prisoners of war, regardless of jumping into the river with those cadres and swimming to the east coast to support them.
Surrounded by enemies, but no one is interested in themselves, there will be a fierce battle. Hu Zhengliang will be so ridiculous that he will simply fortify himself on the spot and let Fang Le, who takes the route, go in with the gunman Xiao Wu to rescue the prisoners of war.
"Is Old Four’s arm all right? Wrap it when you can."
The grenadier lifted his right arm and shook his head. "It’s okay to scratch the skin."
Hu Zhengliang bowed his head and counted how many magazines were left to the right. Zheng Zhirao, the deputy detachment leader of reconnaissance, came running and panted, "There should be no one in the camp, but the two guards at the bridgehead are still there."
"Where’s the machine gun?"
On the north side of the pressure, Hu Zhengliang was planning to ask the signalman to ask about the situation of Team 6. The field commander Zhu Wensong ordered that "the support of the enemy troops on the east coast of Team 7 was defeated by me. Four teams here are cleaning up the battlefield, chasing down the beaten army, expanding the results and reducing casualties. After your team rescued the prisoners of war, immediately take the wooden bridge to the threshing floor and block the enemy troops on the west coast together."
To the east is a river and to the west is a large paddy field. It is expected that only in the south can we enter the forest and in the north can we enter the thatched land where one person is much taller. In the second wave, the support horse will go to the west bank, and the enemy running east or west will expose the pilot’s sight.
Hu Zhengliang realized that the battalion chief was ready to use the same trick to guide the fire to attack the west bank again without hesitation and promised "Yes!"
When the emergency 7 team immediately divided into three ways.
The deputy team leader took people to solve the enemy across the bridge. The first combat class alerted others on the spot and went in with Hu Zhengliang to solve the prisoners of war.
Among the Lalain prisoners of war dragged, there were 9 wounded and 7 sick.
Qiao Ren couldn’t believe it like a dream. He fought back the pain of the wound and choked up and asked, "Sir, which unit are you from and how many people are you here?"
"The special forces of the fourth war zone, the detective team of your fifth division is nearby. Now is not the time to talk. The horse will attack and withdraw quickly."
"If you are not injured, come and help two people to move quickly!"
After the robbery, 33 prisoners of war from the 5 th Infantry Division were so excited that they hurried to help and carry the cover of the 7 th team to the bridge.
Just heard the explosion, and the two enemies on the south bank were really solved.
Smoke billowed in the northeast, and the guns gradually faded, trying to hit the entrance of the northern village. The enemy finally reacted and gave up support for the east coast. The gun was turned to try to break through to the south.
The gunner Lao Jin said anxiously after finishing the last bullet chain, "Captain, there are too many enemies. We can’t stand it and just blow up the bridge!"
Hu Zhengliang shouted while shooting to cover his retreat, "Maybe he will come back to support the horse until it doesn’t blow up for a while and stick to it for a few minutes."
Don’t blow up the bridge doesn’t mean don’t make some preparations. Laojin threw the machine gun into the arms of a newly rescued brother, and took it out of the backpack of the rifleman and the sharp soldier. Captain Riley and his brothers braved the bullets to lay the bridge when they got a little precious.
This is the basic command of standard warfare procedure to deal with this situation.
When he finished setting up more than three people and crossed the river, the remaining team members alternately covered and retreated in pairs until they retreated to the south bank grove.
"It’s gone!"
"I have followed!"
The pursuers came soon, and another brother played an emergency bullet. Laojin realized that he couldn’t delay it any longer. He immediately pressed the detonator. With a loud noise, hundreds of directional bearing steel balls were ejected from each claymore mine to form a fan-shaped killing surface. The steel storm swept away dozens of enemies rushing to the bridge like autumn wind.
Compared with those who lie on the ground and cry, they are less likely to be killed, and they will have no more pain.
The powerful anti-personnel mines stopped the enemy behind the bridge, and it was very narrow. There was no guardrail on the opposite side, and there were "puppet troops" to stop it. No one wanted to say that there was sacrifice, and there was going back to find cover on the spot and fleeing to the west.
Hu Zhengliang wiped a sweat and asked back, "Is anyone injured?"
"Shi Chao was shot in the thigh, but fortunately he didn’t hurt the bone."
"Hurry up and pack up and count ammunition."
Special forces can fight well, but ammunition is not hit.
The signalman has the most ammunition, and there are four magazines left. The old gold machine has no bullets left, and the other machine gunner has more than three rounds left …
The deputy detachment leader is preparing to redistribute ammunition. Suddenly, the walkie-talkie calls "Team 7, Team 7, my tiger’s support horse will arrive, and immediately fire smoke bombs to determine the position."
"Team 7, copy that. Team 7, copy that."
Team 7, Team 6 and East Coast Grenadiers fired smoke bombs at the same time, from which the war zone was marked with a conspicuous white smoke triangle.
This time, the forward air traffic controller drove through the contact plane and swooped down from the southeast to aim at the center position like Shang Wei, who had returned to refuel, and fired two rockets in succession to mark the "bull’s eye" for the ff Panda fighter formation that followed.
Ff Panda Fighter was originally developed by the United States to deal with Japanese fighters during World War II. Unfortunately, it was ill-timed, and it was just equipped to the US Navy Day that it surrendered.
In Vietnam, the French army recognized the Panda as invincible in the Korean War of the US Navy-the ground support helped the Panda’s powerful power, maneuverability and short-range take-off ability by hanging bombs, rockets and * * * * * ground attack aircraft.
One, two, three, four …
Two formations of 12 fighters in the fourth tactical area, guided by the liaison machine, roared and exploded bombs, rockets and * * * * * * and poured the whole village into a terrible hell.
There are many civilians in the village.
But no one, no one will just pretend to be ignorant.
Even teenagers are helping to keep watch. In Hu Zhengliang’s mind, an enemy in the enemy-occupied area turned over for a long time and turned out two packs of cigarettes for the 5 th infantry division. He said jokingly that "it’s enough to light a cigarette and watch fireworks, and then go home after smoking one."
To avoid accidental injury, friendly pilots left enough safety distance when dropping bombs.
Fortunately, some people jumped into the river, fled to the west, and even surrendered to the 6 th detachment of the threshing floor.
Zhu Wensong, who has finished, is not even interested in chasing big fish like Ruan Zhiqing. Naturally, he won’t order the Ministry to chase those small fish. So the rice field suddenly became an army, and the pilots circled, dived and strafed until the machine gun department was finished.
A few prisoners were captured on the east coast, and Ruan Chundao’s achievements were quickly counted out, and the whereabouts of Ruan Zhiqing and Nguy?n V?n Linh were found out.
The news arrived in the headquarters of Johor Bahru Airport with great joy.
Ruan Gaoqi decided to make persistent efforts and cheerfully said with several paratroopers brigade officers who rushed in, "The base of the North Vietnam Bureau has been blown to pieces by us, and the ground troops have captured it. The G cadres confirmed that the former deputy chief of staff of the North Vietnamese People’s Army is now a member of the Military Committee of the South Bureau of the North Vietnamese Workers’ Party, and Tran Van Tra, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the Southern National Liberation Front, and Fan Taiping, the political commissar of the Southern People’s Liberation Armed Forces, were killed on the spot, and Ruan Youzhan, the deputy commander of the armed forces, Fan Wenshu, the logistics
Kill them both and catch their three generals!
Now it has been found out that Ruan Zhiqing and the Nguy?n V?n Linh Paratroopers Brigade want to make a turnaround and win their own honor, so they will send two battalions to areas 91 and 6 to beat up Reservoir Dogs to search for fish that have escaped from the net. If you like, I can be responsible for transportation and give you cover and reconnaissance. "
The Ministry of National Defense, the General Staff and the Military Aid Command have spent so much manpower and financial resources looking for the opportunity of the North Vietnam Bureau for several years. The scale of the attack was even larger than today, and it failed for dozens of times. Several officers were skeptical about Ruan Gaoqi’s success.
The opportunity to pull you together once is to give you a face.